Important Prophetic Message

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

As many of you know, we have been very busy the past several months, with a lot going on in our lives. This prophetic message was originally sent out as an email to many of you back in Jan. 30, but had never been posted to this blog. So, I am posting it now, so that others can also receive the content & impact of this message.


There has been much talk about God bringing visitations of His Spirit to the body of Christ. Most of us have been “visited” by God over time, in some truly awesome ways & my wife & I can say that these times have been wonderful & life changing! Visitations are wonderful…but the truth is, the Lord isn’t wanting for us to have a visitation…that has never been His plan! Below is what the Lord is saying to His people today:

“My children…hear Me as I come to you this day…for I want you to know that I am not wanting a “visitation” within My people…for the time for visitation is over. For truly if you will understand in your heart, you will know that I want to have a “habitation” within those who are Mine. It is time for My people to receive My habitation into their lives! For in times past, My people have seen My visitation…for even as My word speaks of “visitation” in which I would visit My people of old…but, many of those visitations were actually speaking of judgment upon My people Israel. But, then many also saw My visitation through the birth of My Son, which I fulfilled as He walked on the Earth…for truly then, I had visited My people!

But, even then I said that My people did not even know that I had visited them & so I declared to them that it was their NOT knowing the time of their visitation that literally brought the destruction of Jerusalem that followed years later. For even then, I moved upon Peter to speak of “the day of “visitation” & this was in reference to My saints as they would have a visitation of God in their lives, so the world would behold their “good works”. For indeed I have visited My people at many times…yes, both throughout their lives & also throughout history. For the visitation that Peter spoke of speaks of the numerous times that I have visited My people…both personally & also in the outpourings that you have seen over time.

All of these visitations were only “foretastes” of what I am truly desiring in My people…for I have told you in My word that you are to have a habitation of God through the Spirit. And many of you will ask Me…what is the difference between a visitation & a habitation of My Spirit? A visitation is just as it seems to be…it is a “visit”…it is a short time that I come & visit My people. And yes, many do embrace My visitation at that time…but as My people have always seen, for some reason…that visitation just never does last. Each of you can know from your own personal experiences…it was only a time of “visitation”. For you did not stay in that place….you only experienced it for a short time & then it was over.

The reason My people have only seen “visitations” is because My church does not really have the “new wineskin” that I spoke about in My word. That old wineskin refers to the corrupt religious system that still exists in various ways in My people today. For it is in My church’s administration & it is in My people’s personal beliefs. SO many of My people’s “faith” has been compromised & corrupted by that which is false & that is partly why the wine that I am pouring can never be kept in…its because your wineskins are old & broken & thus, My wine will always spill out! For, even those who have left the corrupt church, still have serious problems in their own beliefs…they have some things right, but some they have missed.

And that is why even though they have rejected the corrupt church & have “come out of her”, they still cannot hold in the wine of My Spirit. This is why My people only have a “visitation”. If you will look, you will see the evidence of this “old wineskin” as it is today. You can see it in the “move” back into religious legalism…you can see it within those who embrace a “works mentality”…you can see it in the “hyper-grace” that now exists. But, the main reason that this is still happening is because, even in those who have left the false religious system have not left many of their false beliefs. And this is because My people have failed to come back to the TRUE structure of My church, which I have revealed within My word.

For I said that My church was to be “built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone”. This speaks of My true church government, as it is really suppose to be…it speaks of true humility, honor & integrity within My body…for My body is to be structured according to My word. For My word does reveal to you, that it is ONLY as My church is “fitly framed together”, that it can grow unto an holy temple in the Lord. Some of you know this, but have not applied it in your lives, as your own. For it is only THEN that you will see My church being built together for an habitation of God through the Spirit…for then My people will rise up in the power of My Spirit, for all to see!

For as you, My people will receive this into their hearts, you will understand that I am not wanting a visitation of My Spirit within you. No…the time of visitation is over…it is now time for Me to have a habitation within My people. And as you, My people will truly come out of your old wineskin mentalities & be changed in the its makeup & will truly receive the wineskin that I have for you, then you  will be able to hold the wine that I am pouring out & it shall no longer be spilled! Come to Me & allow Me to change you…for then shall you will know My habitation as I have longed you to know & the world will see the true manifestation of the sons of God, which so many of My people have known was to come, says the Lord”.

The Lord knows each of our hearts…my prayer is, that each of us will seek Him to bring change to the wineskin of our beliefs. May each of us, allow Him to show us what it is within us, that we need to change…so His true wineskin can be in us!

Love & blessings,

Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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