Troublesome Clouds On The Horizon

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

Thursday night, as with every night, I was praying before going to sleep. When I had finished praying for everyone, I laid there & just couldn’t sleep. After some time, I realized that the Lord did not want me to sleep. The next thing I knew, He began to give me a prophetic word for a brother in the Lord. So, I got up & went into the other room & began to type the word on my laptop. As His powerful words flowed unto me, I knew that this was a word that He wanted me to share with His people to hear also. I am posting this word below, so each of you can receive it for yourselves as the Lord speaks to each of your hearts:

“I love you, My son…be of good cheer! Everything will be alright, as you will continue to seek after Me. I need you to know that there are clouds forming on the horizon & even now, the fog of despair is beginning to creep in & disturb many who are not aware of what if going on. Do not allow yourself to fall into what is coming on the Earth…for confusion is already beginning to be released & you will see people begin to get angry & frustrated over such simple things…for fear is taking hold of all those who will succumb to the tactics of the evil one. But, as My people will stand in this hour, looking unto Me, the author & finisher of their faith, I will uphold them with My hand. Know this for yourself, My son…for I need you to get this deep within your heart…for soon you will truly need to know that I AM able to keep you from falling.

Be of good cheer, My son…for though things have begun to change silently around you, very soon there will be an increased awareness of that which I am speaking to you. For just as with a frog on the top of a hot stove, so many are being lulled asleep…not knowing that it is to their death. You must guard your heart, My son…you must take a strong stance knowing that I am greater within you, then what is going on in the world. Do not be fooled into becoming fearful, as you see many doing so all around you…for only as My people stand in faith…the faith that I have given them…will they be able to withstand what is coming in the evil day. For My people must now walk more circumspectly, than ever before. I tell you these things to prepare you, so when this begins to happen, you will not be taken by surprise or fall in with them.

Hear Me, My son & know that I have chosen you for this time, that you might be a vessel of My honor, in this last day. For I have tried your faith over time…I have hand picked you to stand in what is coming. I need you to know that you have more than enough ability to stand in all that there could possible be, walking towards the end. I know that in yourself, you do not feel that you have this strength, but I assure you, that you do…you just have to begin to access it. And this I say to help you…for the strength that I speak of will not be seen, while there is no need for it. That is why it seems to you, something that just cannot be true…but when the time comes that this strength is needed, you will be able to access it & you will see the difference in your life. For where there is no real need, there is no demonstration of My great power.

Look in My word & you will see this truth in action…for all the miracles…all the signs & wonders…they all came because there was a need for them & you will see this, as you will just trust Me & keep your eyes & heart fixed upon Me. For I tell you this now…that if people are already becoming angry & frustrated, losing their tempers while things are still good…what will they do when things become bad? For if they do these things in the green tree…what will they do in the dry? Things are still good, though much change is happening all around. A great majority of people are totally unaware of there being anything wrong…these are ‘sheeple’ who have been lulled to sleep by the media. But those of Mine have kept their eyes wide & have their ears open…not falling into the trance that most people are…these will see My power come.

For this I say so you will know it for yourself…that where sin abounded, My grace did much more abound…even so, in the time ahead…as things get worse & worse…My grace will MORE abound, as My people will continue to look only unto Me. They cannot allow fear of what is happening on the Earth to deter them from the faith that I have given to them…they MUST stand strong in Me & in the power of My might. That is why I keep telling you…you must seek My face & spend time in My presence. For as you will do this now…it will greatly benefit you, in the time ahead. This is because I am doing a great work within your heart…& you really need Me to do this! I must prepare you completely, so that you will be able to fully withstand all in the evil day & flow with My love, joy & peace, regardless of what is happening around you.

For I desire you to be a beacon of light in a dark place…so let My love surround you & take you fully unto Me. I am working on things that you are only knowing a small portion of…but the end result will be greatly shown when it is really needed. For I am creating within you a great peace, to ride out the storms, as they come…I am creating in you a great joy, that cannot ever be taken away from you…no matter what may happen…I am creating a great love within you, so that you will not only be unmovable in your heart, regarding My love for you…but you will also be able to minister this same love to those who will be drawn to you down the road. I am doing this, because I have not given you a spirit of fear, but one of power, & of love & of a sound mind…for truly a sound mind will be few & far between in the coming days.

Be of good cheer, My son…for nothing shall be able to take you out of My hand…no matter what happens down the road, you must remember this. For it is by the prophetic words that I speak to you, that you will be able to war a good warfare. You must not let them fall to the ground…for even My servant Peter knew this, as he was bound in prison awaiting to be executed the next day. So,what did he do…he slept! How could he sleep, when his “execution” awaited him in just a few hours? I tell you why…because I spoke prophetically to him & told him that when he was old, someone else would carry him where he didn’t want to go. So, how did that help him to sleep? Because he believed My words to him, were more real than what man could do unto him…he knew that somehow, he wouldn’t die the next day, but would live.

For I am not a man that I should lie, My son…My words will not return to Me void! That is why you must hold on to what I say unto you & embrace My words, for they will keep you, even as they kept Peter. For Peter did not die that next day…he trusted me to somehow free him, because he knew he would live until he was old. I had things that I needed him for…many years later! Even so, My son…I need you for the time ahead…you must stand strong in Me, trusting Me for everything to be alright. Just trust Me to take you forward & lead you in the way that you are to go. For as you will obey Me, you will have nothing to fear. Let My love, joy & peace take hold of you & carry you forward unto what is ahead. You just need to do your part, My son…obey Me & stay sensitive to My will & everything will turn out alright, says the Lord”.

We are truly living in exciting, but also troubled times. God’s people must now truly take heed to what the Lord is saying & seek Him while there is still time. May the Lord touch each of you & bless you, as you receive what He has for you, from this word!

In His great love & blessing,

Pastor Mark

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  1. Amen….. Thank you so much for sharing. This is very encouraging.

    Love ya,


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