Arise, Shine!

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

The Lord has been speaking to me more concerning the state of the majority of the churches that exists all throughout the world today. While there are pockets of believers that truly love Him & are truly submitted to His will, a great majority know nothing of what it means to be His. God is speaking to His people to shake themselves free from the darkness that is overtaking the church. Please prayerfully read the following prophetic word from the Lord & allow Him to minister to your heart.


“My people…I come to you this day to bring hope…I to you this day to bring encouragement. I come with the sword of truth…I come in the everlasting love that I have for each of you. Many of you truly know what time it is…many of you are aware, but are not acquiescing with Me in the ways that I want you to. For many of you have been compromised by the spirit that exists in the church & that spirit is not of Me. You have heard Me say that a spirit of compromise & complacency has taken hold of many…but most do not know that they are also taken hold of by the same things. Today I come to give you light, so that you may arise & shine in this last day & be the church that I have called you to be…in Me.

For surely you know that My word says “arise, shine, for your light has come & the glory of the Lord is risen upon you”…but to most, this is only a statement from My word & has no real meaning or impact on My people. It is more a thing of hoping for…it is more a thing that may someday come…but I say, it is a living reality right now…for now is the time for My people to rise up & be who I have called them to be. To some, this word may cause puzzling, because to you, you are living in My will, as you have perceived it to be…but even then, you have been limited by this wave of compromise & complacency. For you know that My light dispels darkness…for darkness cannot overtake My light, but darkness will flee.

You are called to BE the light of the world, for a city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. But, most do not know of this. Have I not said that no man when he has lighted a candle, places it under a bushel? But, this is exactly what My people are doing…My people will mostly hide in their churches, where few may see My light, rather than going into all the world to preach the gospel to every creature. Yes, these will praise & worship Me while inside the 4 walls of the church…they will speak all about Me there…but when they leave, they leave the great majority of their Christian testimony there inside the building. This should not be so…for I am with you where ever you go…you must let your light shine!

Look in My word…is this not the way that I lived? For the great majority of miracles & healings…the great majority of Me impacting people was not done within the 4 walls of the church building…they were done outside in the world. There were done in the fields & mountains…they were done in the streets of the marketplace…they were done where ever I would go. This is how My people are suppose to be…they are suppose to be like ME. For even prophetic words & words of knowledge came more from My lips outside, than they did within the building…for it is My desire to reach a lost & dying world…most of these will never enter the building…they must be reached from outside.

Hear Me, My people as My heart cries out for you…sense the love in which I speak to you. For I come as a Father to give My people wisdom & instruction for this last day. This is not the time to “go to church & play church”…this is the time to rise up & be who you are called to be…you are called to be the light of the world. For if My people do not begin to arise & shine, soon, before long it will be too late & many will have to go into hiding. All you have is NOW…for now is the time. For tomorrow may never be…there is no guarantee of tomorrow…all you have is today. So, today, if you will hear My voice, you must stop from hardening your heart…respond to My heart of love while you still can.

To those who would resist My words, do not stand in pride, thinking that this word does not include you, for it is for all of My people, no matter who you are. Do not think that just because you can minister the things of My Spirit within the walls of a building, that you are exempt from this word…for I do not want you to fall. I need you to see that your ability to minister in church is done solely in a protected environment. What is going to happen when you are thrust out of the building & its safe environment…how will you “minister” then, when you are found standing “outside”? My people need to shake themselves free from the complacency & compromise gripping the church now.

My people need to exercise themselves unto “godliness”…you are to BE like Me. Shake yourselves free from the “comfortable little boxes” that exist…which is called “church” & begin to go outside, into the world & bring change! What did I ordain the church to do? I gave some, apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors & teachers, for the perfecting of the saints, so the saints could do the work of the ministry…for the edifying of the body of Christ. The 4 walls of the church exists entirely for this purpose! So that My people will be trained up in the things of God & then go outside & change the world. Why are not My people going outside & doing what I have called the church to do?

A religious spirit has afflicted My people, to keep them from doing what I desire them to do…for even many of My prophets & apostles have come under this spell & are speaking words of comfort, instructing them to continue as they are & that all is fine. But, all is not fine…for My people are liken unto the frog that is on top of a hot stove, being lulled into sleep, unto their death. My people need to shake themselves free from this spirit & arise while they still can…it is time to arise, shine…for your light has come…for the glory of the Lord is to rise upon you! Hear Me, My people…seek Me, allow Me to wash & cleanse you from this contaminating spirit…seek Me & I will turn things around, says the Lord”.


We are indeed living in exciting, as well as troubling times! As we look at the condition of the world, we must recognize that we, as the light of the world are responsible for the world’s condition. God’s people do not see this & do not even remember that the church “used” to be involved in everything outside of the church. Christian parents were heavily involved in PTA & the School boards…Christians were involved in city councils & local govt. Christians made an impact everywhere they went, because they were “shining the light of God”. BUT, somehow, God’s people have lost their impact…somehow we are not shining our light, as we used to. Somehow, we have become complacent & compromised, but do not even see it!

Jesus said “because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold”. He was not talking about people in the world…He was speaking of His people, for only His people have the AGAPE love being spoken of here. He was speaking of His people being compromised by increasing iniquity, so that these “roots” of sin would destroy the growth of love in their lives. It is evident by the lack of God’s people influencing the outside world, that God’s love has truly grown cold. It is time for God’s people to shake themselves free from this paralyzing spirit & trim their wicks so that their light will shine brightly! Trimming the wick speaks of more than just adjusting ones doctrines…it also speaks of cleaning out anything that would keep our wick from burning bright! Once we have done this, we need to begin to go outside & begin to shine our light in the world.

There is still time for God’s people to shine…yes, cities can be changed! It is a fact that when God’s people get together & begin to “shine” the love & truth of God, they make an impact on the outside…entire regions are radically changed…crime rates diminish…bars close down, etc….this is what history shows! It is all up to God’s people to make a difference! The church can continue forward on its present path & will see severe persecution & trauma ahead. Many will fall away…many more than have already…because Christians are not where God wants them to be or doing what God called them to do. The church is not a “religious social club” of activities or programs…it is suppose to be a venue for activating the saints, to DO the work of the ministry.

The apostles did the work of the ministry…the early church did the work of the ministry. The work of the ministry is to “go into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature”. But, somehow the church has lost its savor…it has become addicted to serving “self”…it no longer hears the cry of the Spirit to save souls. The sad truth is, most Christians have not even led ONE person to a saving knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Most feel that is the pastor’s job…or the missionary’s job. God’s people can never forget that THIS is ALL of our jobs…it is what He has saved us to do! God says that EVERYTHING reproduces after its own kind! Sheep beget sheep…we are saved, so we can actively be used of God to save others!

We have had a sign hung up above our front door at home for over 20 years…it reads, “you are now entering the mission field”. It is a reminder that once we go out doors, we have entered the mission field. The truth is, we are either a missionary, or a mission field…we either need ministry of we will minister to others. Which do we want to be? Many people say that they want to be like HIM…will those same people do as Jesus did? Please pray & ask the Lord to use you for His glory…outside of the 4 walls…outside where He ministered. Jesus ministered to the woman at the well…He ministered to Zaccheus, who was up in the tree…He ministered to the impotent man at the Pool of Siloam…Jesus ministered where ever He went.

Let’s begin to actively take our place in shining the light of God to those we come into contact with everyday…everywhere we go, we can be a vessel of His love!

May the Lord have His way in each of our lives, as we daily seek to please Him!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore