2017 Word From The Lord & This Year’s Daniel Fast

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

We will be starting our annual 21 day Daniel fast on January 10th & will continue through January 31st. The purpose of this annual fast is to seek the Lord for His directions for the new year. We have been seeking the Lord through this fast each year for nearly 25 years. We invite you to join us, as we seek the Lord during this time, expecting breakthroughs to come & open doors to manifest for His glory. We felt led to start this year’s fast on the 10th, as we want to be praying & warring over the coming inauguration which is on the 20th.

The Lord has given me this word to share with His people, to prepare them for what is ahead…please prayerfully read His words & allow them to penetrate your hearts:


“My children, let not your hearts be troubled…know that I love you with an everlasting love. For the past several months many of you have felt a weighty pressure & have wondered what was going on & why this was happening. Over those months there has been much activity in the spirit realm & much change has occurred during that time. In this time, many of you have been called into war to pray concerning recent events & this time of warfare has left you heavy & without strength. But now, in this new year there will be great change for My people as you will shake yourselves free from complacency. This year will be great for you as you get out of your comfort zones & draw close to Me, anew.

For now is the time to forget those things that are behind you & to begin to seek Me afresh in this new year, as you have never sought Me before. For this I say to help you to understand…all of My past warnings, My words of edification, exhortation & comfort have lead up to this time…for this is the time for you to truly SEE Me come in your hearts & lives. For as you will truly seek Me, you will see Me bring forth My promises to pass before you…but you must consecrate your lives before Me, desiring My will to be done. Behold…I speak the word “surprises” to you…for many of you will see Me begin to bring forth surprises into your lives as you continue to do what I desire you to do…so be faithful!

Just be faithful in your hearts & lives towards Me…this is vitally important at this time…for the enemy is attempting to draw many of My people back into old patterns & old habits…for these are “distractions” designed to draw My people deeper into complacency, so they will not seek Me, as they must during this time. For this I say to help you, so that you will not find yourselves shipwrecked in your faith. Never forget that judgment begins at the house of God! If you will notice, the house cleaning has already begun…for it began on the leadership level. More & more you will hear of pastors & leaders falling away…being ravaged in their bodies & many dying…but this will also soon begin in the body.

For many of My people are being lured away from Me, back into old ways…these never truly surrendered to Me & very soon these will see My hand of correction come…this is because of My great love for them. For many say in their heart that they are close to Me, feeling My presence in times of corporate worship, not knowing that this in itself is only touching the edge of My presence. For the love, joy & peace that is felt during those times, where My presence is manifest, is only the beginning…for this is when I desire consume My people & come greatly into their hearts & lives, to change them. For if My people will truly allow Me to refine them during these times, they will never be the same again.

Never forget that if anyone be in Christ, he is a new creation…old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new! When all things become new, there can be no going back to what is passed away…for such a one is dead unto sin & alive unto Me…how can My people live any longer therein? Hear Me, My people…the time has come for you to enter into Me as never before…there can be no more playing games. I love you, My people…please run unto Me in My love! My desire is for you to rise up in this hour…for things are about to change. There will be that which is good…there will also be that which is not good. Where you will stand during these times will depend on where your heart truly is.

My desire is for you to see only that which is good…so let your heart be found in Me! I speak to those who say they are Mine…hear the love in My voice to you. I do not want you to stand in that place where the “not good” will be…so run unto Me & My love…shake yourselves free from that which would tempt you. Find it in yourselves to break free from that which will cause offenses, for I have given you the strength to do this, you just have to assert yourselves, nothing wavering. For many of you are like a wave of the sea, driven with the wind and tossed…I want you to see yourselves, as I see you in the Spirit…for I see you standing firm, unmovable, always abounding in the work of Me, your Lord.

I have given each of you the ability to rise up against all that would torment & deceive you…remember…My strength is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness…but you must access My strength through submission…you must make the decision to do so. Choose this day who you will serve…for I set before you this day, life & death…please choose life! For no one can force you to change…no one can make you come close to Me. Only you make the decision…only you can go the way you decide to go. I have good things in store for you, as you will come to Me…for there is nothing that can compare to what I am & have for you. Please choose to come close to Me…let go of all else!

For in this year you will see many changes come…good changes…but also some bad changes, but I will keep you through the bad, as you will humble yourselves before Me. Do not let fear take hold of you or cause you to fall…you must come close to Me, while there is still time to do so. I have good things that I desire you to see come…you must stand fast in the liberty in which I have made you free…do not allow any yoke of bondage to take hold of you…keep yourselves free…to be all that I desire you to be. For My army is about to arise & make a difference in this world…you must do all that you can to be there with Me. Surrender all you truly are unto Me & watch what I will do, says the Lord”


May the Lord speak to your hearts, as we walk forward in this new year…begin to seek Him deeply for His will in this new year…2017 is going to be exciting! If you would like to join us during this fast, please let us know, so we can be praying for you. If you want to fast with us, but are unable to follow the Daniel fast for any reason, you can still fast something…just ask the Lord what He would want you to fast unto Him…we know He will honor your sacrifice.

Love & blessings,

Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church