The Lord Desires His People To Come Close

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

I want to share with you something that the Lord has placed upon my heart. As many of you know, recently my wife & I became grandparents, as our oldest son & his wife gave birth to their first child on Dec. 5, 2016. They have truly had their hands full ever since, being new parents, they must rearrange, juggle & adapt to life with a baby. These first months have really been hard on them & they asked both grandparent families to help for a time. They asked Julie & I to come help take care of the baby for 2 weeks in March, so his wife could return to work for a few weeks…with her working they could pay their large deductible on the medical insurance for the baby’s delivery. Back in 1980 when James was born, we had Kaiser health insurance & only paid $4USD for his birth…yes 4 whole dollars! But, much has changed since then, as they face paying a huge hospital bill…somewhere around $6000USD. So, Julie & I agreed to help them with the baby for 2 weeks, so they could pay the deductible on their insurance.

Originally we were both going to travel to the Houston, TX area where they live & stay there for the 2 weeks to help with the baby, but as I prayed, I felt the Lord wanted me to stay here at home & Julie to go to Houston to help. I didn’t fully understand why the Lord wanted this at first, but now I understand His reasons. For one, that way I could continue working on remodeling\renovating our home, while doing the work of the ministry. The way things turned out, Julie left on Feb. 26th & stayed in Houston until March 17th, nearly 3 weeks. During that time, she was able to come home one weekend & then I went to Houston on the 2nd weekend.

Julie & I have been happily married for 44 & a half years now, this October will be our 45th anniversary. During all of these years, we have rarely been apart…I do not know the actually number, but it is probably less than 30 days total over these 44+ years. We never want to be separated, but over the years for various reasons, ministry conferences that only one could attend, spiritual retreats, as well as going to help family, etc. our days apart have been few. During this 3 weeks period we were apart, I began to feel deep emotion as intense sadness & longing for us to be together. As I prayed about this, the Lord began to speak to me & relay to me His heart…He gave me the following word for His people…a word that will touch each of you to various levels & degrees. Please prayerfully receive His words & allow His love to minister deeply to you:


“My Bride, I come to you with a heart of love, longing for you to know My heart. For My people do not know the depth of My love for them & how I long for My people to desire to be with Me! For I desire you to be close to Me…so close you will never want to be apart. For even as your pastor has relayed his feelings that he experienced over those 3 weeks, even so, the intensity of those feelings came from Me, as I was showing him My heart for all of you. You do not know the intensity of My love & desire for you to be close to Me, though you may spend time with Me & touch My heart. For as you would seek Me to know this for yourselves, you would never ever want to be away from Me ever again.

There is SO much going on in this present world & many are consumed with so many other things, the feeling of My love for you can take a back seat, as you attend to that which presents itself as being more important with your time. For as you wrestle with your daily problems…as you toil with your developing situations & circumstances…as you navigate through troubled waters, seeking answers, you do not recognize the importance of coming to Me & resting at My feet. So much is going on around you that you feel the necessity to keep yourselves “busy”, by trying to get to where you think you ought to be. I love you, My people & I desire for you to come close to Me & learn what I have for you.

For it is only as you will let go of what you perceive to be important & set your attentions & focus onto Me, that will you find the answers that you are looking for. As you will seek Me, for ME & not just for Me to do something for you, you will see the doors open & ways made plain. Do you not know that placing anything before Me, makes that thing an idol, no matter how important or justified your reasoning may seem to be? I care about the things that trouble you…I hurt when you hurt. I am grieved when you feel that you must concentrate your time & energies onto things that take you away from Me. For, the breakthroughs that you need will not be easily found doing what you feel you must do.

The answers that you need…the directions that you need to go…the provision that you are looking for can only be easily found as you dedicate yourself into seeking Me. For as you will come aside & rest with Me…as you will seek My face as never before…as you will find Me as your only answer to all things…THEN will you see the things that you are looking for begin to manifest. For I have already made all provision for you…I have already laid out every door for you to go through…I have already mapped out all the directions that you will ever need to follow. But none of these things can be easily found, walking haphazardly along in your life…they can only be easily found by your staying within Me.

As you will be willing to come close to Me & seek My face, spending time with Me just to be with Me, I will direct you into the way that you should go…I will guide you to the left or to the right, as I lead you in My way. I cannot do this when you only come to Me for the answers that you need…I cannot do this when you only come to Me for the directions that you seek…I cannot do this when you only come to Me for the provisions you are looking for Me to give…I can only do this when you come to Me for Me…for when you come to Me for only those things that you desire, you do not see that these things have come between us as idols & separate you from Me…there can be nothing between us!

You know that even more perilous times are coming…you know that My shaking has already begun…you know that the way things have been, is not going to be the way things continue to be. I need you to truly see this for your lives, so you can concentrate on what truly matters. It is vitally important that you move yourself into the position of coming close to Me…for very soon this will be nearly impossible to do. For if you find it difficult to be close to Me now, how do you think you will be able to come close when things really get hard? I say this so you will recognize the importance of what I am now sharing with you. I want you to be in the right place at the right time…you can do this only in Me.

I have treasures waiting for you in that secret place…I have a feast of knowledge & fulfillment…the true satisfaction that only I can give is waiting for you there. I do not want to be apart from you any longer…I need you to make the heart determination to come close to Me. I am not saying that the things you are doing are wrong or evil…I am only saying that many of your attentions are misplaced & much in your lives are not going as you desire because you are not where you belong…you belong close to Me. Do you sense My tears, as I say this? If you will only be willing to dedicate yourselves to come close to Me, you will be able to breakthrough into that place that I have prepared for you.

That is where you truly desire to be…there is no struggle there…only rest…there is no lack there, only fulfillment & satisfaction…there is no confusion there, only love & peace. I desire for you to be close to Me, as you never have been before…for time is running out & you have no idea what tomorrow may bring. But, as you will be willing, I will make it easier for you to bring yourselves to this place of love & fulfillment. I will make it easier for you to bring yourselves to this place of answers & peace. For I will give you sign posts along in your life to beckon to you. I will give you soft promptings along the way. These sign posts will be My way of helping you to know how to come close to Me & what to do.

For they will convict you…they will admonish you…they will warn you…but not in a harsh or angry way…no, not in that way, at all…but in a loving & gentle way…for I desire you to know My love as never before. Hear Me, My people & become the Bride I desire you to be…for the time has come, that the Bride make herself ready. She cannot do this apart from Me…she needs to be separated & close to Me for this to happen. That is why it is imperative that you heed My call to you & make the decision to be close to My heart…seeking My face & walking out My will for you. For if you will set yourselves to do this, you will not be disappointed…for you will be where you need to be, says the Lord”.


May the Lord bless each of you as you begin to seek Him more closely in your lives & allow Him to direct you into His will for you!
Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore