Prophetic Word – Choose This Day Who’s Will You Will Serve

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

During my prayer time over the last several weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me regarding a topic that He says many of His people need to hear. This very thing is something that many are greatly unaware of in their lives & because of this, many have removed themselves from walking fully in His will. Please prayerfully receive His sobering words to each of us…please let them sink down deep into your hearts:

“My children, I come to you this day with an everlasting love…declaring My will for your lives. Please hear Me as I speak to you & respond to Me with your heart of hearts. For as I look down upon My people I see much confusion & disorder & though My people think that all is well, many of my people are beginning to listen to voices other than Me…embracing these very voices & making life changing decisions, contrary to My will. For the voices that are being allowed in your hearts, go against that which I have already to you to do. Hear Me, My people & understand that I desire you to walk close to Me & to do what is pleasing in My heart, but many look away from this & walk out their own wills.

For the time has come that many of My people can no longer discern sound judgment…even making decisions contrary to what I have already said. Many will claim that it was I that opened a door for them to make “their decision”, not knowing that the enemy will many times side step My people with a counterfeit “door”. For truly this door of the enemy will usually appear to be the easy route to your answer, but many fail to discern that that doesn’t mean that the door is of Me. For as I walked on the Earth, the enemy appeared to Me & offered Me the kingdoms of the world in all their glory, if I would bow down & worship him…& to him I responded…it is written…you shall worship & serve only the Lord!

For truly the desire of the enemy was to take Me out of the My Father’s plans & to derail His will upon the Earth. Even so, today many of My people are deceived into making decisions that derail them from My true will for them. They see an easy way for them & boast of Me opening a door, instead of waiting for My door to open, so they could walk out My will for their lives. My people do not realize that every decision they make has consequences…consequences that not only affect them, but also affect others around them. But, many will take the will of the enemy for their lives & go the broad & easy way, when I have said that, narrow is the way that leads to life. Hear Me, My people & come back to Me!

I love you, My children & I desire for you to see good days…I need you to see that much of what My people have committed themselves to, has not been My best for their lives…but somewhere along the way, many have detoured onto paths that have ruined families & even ruined ministries…because they have not waited on Me to show them the way, but instead have followed the way that was easy. For truly, My people have made promises to Me, as well as to others…which they have conveniently forgotten, so they could allow themselves to be side tracked from My will for them. It saddens Me see them do this, not realizing that those who are truly Mine are to keep their word, to their own hurt!

But all of this comes because many of My people do not resist the flesh will, which cries out for ease & comfort. Like many of My people, I could of taken the easy way, but I chose to take My Father’s way…the hard way, which cost Me unbearable pain, suffering & torture, so you could experience My love & will for your lives. I speak of the things that dictate how you will walk out your lives…for I want you to make decisions that are truly of Me. But patience is a virtue…something that many of My people do not truly know. For so many decisions are based on what is quick & convenient & they think, “this is the Lord”, as I watch them turn away from what I had desired & ordained for them to do.

Hear Me, My people, for the time is short…do not listen to the voices who only speak unto you “smooth things”…for there is a spirit at work to keep My people from fulfilling My will for their lives. Is it any wonder that so many of My people do not walk in My true power & anointing? Of yes, there are leaders who have paid a huge price to do so, but even many of them do not see things of My will, as I do…for they still hold to beliefs & doctrines that are not of Me. But I still use them, for they are submitted to Me in some areas…but what I am speaking about here is about My body, who is suppose to be “doing the work of the ministry” in the world. So many do not walk in Me & touch others with My love.

For much of their lives are based on self…what is easiest…what requires the least responsibility…what will give them the best outcome. Sadly, this mindset is a deception, as many walk out this path & never enter into My best for their lives…because they of their flesh have “chosen” the way that they should go, putting a “stamp” of My approval on what they do, because they claim they belong to Me. For truly My people need to go back & embrace the Cross, as I intended for them…not with an ear tickling savor, but in the true humility & contriteness that I meant for them to be. Come to Me, My people & allow Me to lead you in My will…where I intend you to be…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

His word to us is powerful & soul shocking…it calls us to a time of soul searching, as each of us must reflect on what the Lord has said. There are so many “smooth words” going out lately…& these can seduce His people into a place to where they think all is right & they have no need for repentance in their lives. The Lord told me that in the months ahead there are going to be many “changes” for His people down the road from here…we all need to seek Him so we know which way we are to go. May the Lord touch each of your hearts & have His way within you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church