Prophetic Word – Choose This Day Who’s Will You Will Serve – Part 2

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

In my time with the Lord over the past several days, He has been speaking to me more regarding walking in His will. We who love the Lord & deeply desire to live for Him want to be sure that the will we are following is not someone else’s will or even our own…we only want to walk out the Lord’s will for our lives. Please prayerfully receive His words & allow them to penetrate your hearts & lives.

“My dear children, hear Me as I speak to you this day…I desire that you know who’s will you are following…for I love you with an everlasting love & I do not want you to ever be misled in your walk with Me. For as I have told you before, the enemy is using deception to mislead My people to change direction & go through doors that I did not open for them…many do not understand how this can happen. I wish to open up your understanding so that this will not happen unto you. For most everyone will think that just because some big “door” will open up, that the door is of Me…but few will recognize the truth in this & steer away from that which is counterfeit & to fully know the will of your Father!

When I appeared unto Elijah & passed before him, there was a great & strong wind which rent the mountains & broke in pieces the rocks before Me, but I was not in the wind. After the wind came an earthquake, but I was not in the earthquake…& after the earthquake came a fire, but I was not in the fire…then after the fire…came a still small voice…I was in the STILL SMALL VOICE. When Elijah heard My still small voice, he wrapped his face in his mantle, because he was ashamed that he looked for Me in those other things! Even so, many of My people today will still look to the things that appear outwardly & will miss My still small voice. I want My people to walk closely to Me, not looking at the natural.

For many times when such a big door has opened, even what I have already said to them by My still small voice will be totally overlooked, because of the greatness of what has appeared to them outwardly. For surely they will say…”this is the door of the Lord”, because of what they see in the natural. I challenge My people this day to choose who’s will, you will serve! Will you blindly accept any door that opens to you, just because of what you see, or will you stop & truly look within & allow Me to speak to you, out of a pure, humble & contrite heart? For surely, if you will look within with all honesty, you will see that I had already told you what to do, but because a door to My will delayed, you went astray.

Never forget that the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him…neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. You cannot discern things spiritually, when you have your heart, mind & soul set on that which is natural. But, many will become confused & walk through a huge door just because it is there, believing “the Lord will close the door if it is not of Him”. So, then, why did I NOT close the door on the prodigal son? No…I allowed him to go the way that he had already agreed to in his heart & he had to walk out that will that he had chosen. Even so, many who will walk through doors that were not opened by Me, have to walk out their will.

The thing that saddens Me, My children, is that when My people see such a great door open, they will pray that My will is done…but even while praying, they will keep their hearts fixed on that door in front of them. This is why they never recognize what I said to them in My still small voice…because they cannot see something SO small, when something so HUGE is fixed before them. It is just as if they never heard Me in the first place. I need you to understand that before the devil came to Me & offered Me the kingdoms of this world, I had already heard the still small voice of My Father…He had already told Me what to do & I kept what He said in front of Me – I didn’t let the enemy’s door distract Me.

I want you to learn the way things are suppose to be…I want you to be like Me…who for the joy that was set before Me, endured the cross, despising the shame & am set down at the right hand of the throne of God. I did not walk through that glamorous, shiny door…I went through the door that was small, hard & difficult. I didn’t take the “smooth” & easy route…I took the road that was painful & not glamorous. I want you to be like Me, My people…many of My people say that they want to be like Me, but forget that they must also suffer with Me, that they may also be glorified together. Many have missed My best for them as they went a way that was not of Me…but I allowed them to go their own way.

For even as with the prodigal, they must walk out their choices until they come to themselves…many times they can still return unto Me & obey what I originally told them to do…but sometimes things have changed because of the choice they made & what I had purposed for them may never be on the same level as I had originally planned, for they foolishly spent what that I had given them, being on the prodigal’s road. But, just as with the prodigal, they can still return unto Me & have a ring on their finger & the best robe on their back. Their reward will never be as great as it could of been, because of the choices that they made. But their lives will be hidden in Me & I will still bless them to some measure.

I offer to them a new beginning…as they will repent from going their own way, I will redeem them from what the enemy has wanted them to do. Hear Me, My people & stop looking at the huge doors…for that is not what I do. Did King David just walk through a huge glamorous door & become king? No, he went through a small insignificant door & became a sheepherder…he followed My still small voice. Did Joseph just walk through a huge glamorous door? No…he walked through a door filled with shame & indignity…for he followed My still small voice. I want you to be like them, My people…so seek Me & you shall find Me, for as you will follow My still small voice you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

The Lord wants us to walk with Him…we all have the opportunity to seek His face & hear His voice. We are all accountable for what He tells us to do. May we hear His words & respond to Him…we will please Him, as we walk towards Him in obedience to His still small voice!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church