You Are The Light Of The World

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

This month the Lord has been speaking to me about the church. Earlier this week, as I was praying during His 3-6am window, He began to ignite what He had already told me…I went to my office & wrote down His words. The truth in His words are powerful & sobering for His people. Please let His words sink in & impact your hearts, as He has impacted me:


“Hear Me, My people, as I come to you this day…for I come in the love of a Father to speak to you words of guidance & wisdom. I come to you this day to speak unto you words to redirect you…I come to you this day with words that will edify you & build you up, in Me. I need you to know that you are living in a time unlike any other in history…for you are entering into the time of the end. When I say “end”, most will think I am referring to the chaos, destruction & tribulation that My word has declared will come. This IS true, but is NOT what I want you to hear this day…for when I say you are entering into the time of the end, I speak of the time that My people will change & become manifestations of Me.

For this is the time that My people are to truly rise up & be who I have called them to be, as the whole creation increasingly groans & travails for the manifestation of the sons of God. This is the time you are now entering into…this is a time for My people to come before Me with their all & take Me deep within their hearts, so I can manifest Myself through them, to a lost & dying world. Many will say…”when will this happen, Lord?” I will tell you this…as you will open your hearts unto Me & allow Me to truly speak into your lives, you will “know that you know that you know”, where you are in Me…who I have called you to be & what you are suppose to do…for this is the time for My people to arise & shine.

For have I not said that “you are the light of the world”? Look at the world as it is today…look at what the world is doing…look at how good is now evil & evil is good. The world is becoming increasingly wicked & perverse…the world is spiraling into perdition & My church is not doing much of anything to turn things around. I have called you to BE the light of the world…but when I say this, I am saying that you are suppose to shine MY light unto the world around you…everywhere you go. If this were truly the case, My people would be seeing things change, for good…evil would be seen as evil & good would be seen as good. But, instead, the enemy has bewitched many of My people to listen to him.

For My church is not really shining MY light…instead My people are shining the light OF the WORLD. This may shock you, but it is the truth. I want you to know the truth for the truth will make you free! Look closely at the “church” today…the church looks just like the world, in SO many ways. Just as much divorce happens within My people, as in the world. Many in My church will marry when I have not “joined together” & others who I HAVE joined together, will divorce because they allow the enemy to destroy what I have willed for them. These will justify their actions, saying that I “ok’d” it…but have really just turned a blind eye from Me, because it is easier for them, then to fight to save My will.

In My church there is just as much pornography & perversion as in the world…what many do in secret, thinking that no one sees, even ignoring that I am ever present with them. How can I say this? Because had they been aware of My presence, they would not do the things that they do. Just as with those who justify their lives & drink alcohol beyond “moderation”, getting drunk & thinking it is something normal that I approve. Many of these will even also use narcotics…justified of course…they are in denial of the truth of what has happened to their lives. These things that I speak are happening even in leadership…pastors, prophets & others do them & think that I wink at their actions…this grieves My Spirit!

What hurts Me most of all, is that these leaders somehow have come under delusion to think & believe that the things they do are “ok” because of what positions they hold. They know not that spiritual pride has blinded their hearts & minds! These are they who are suppose to usher My people unto Me…but instead they do what they will to do. My people have become stagnant, while these leaders will say within themselves that they are obeying the Lord. How can these things be!!! Oh, My people, hear Me this day & allow Me to take you deep within My heart! For the time has come for judgment to come to the house of God…I cannot judge the world, without first judging all within My church!

Many in the church heap up many debts, when I said “owe no man anything, but to love one another”. Know you not that the borrower is servant to the lender? But, many will walk on blindly & be penny wise, but pound foolish…instead of paying off their debts, they will heap to themselves, even MORE debt! And these will justify their actions, making excuse, instead of repenting of their pride & surrendering unto Me. I have called My people to be good stewards in this life…to be examples unto the world…well, many are proving to be examples alright, for they look just like the world! But, these will claim to be “in My will”, walking about, not knowing that they are deceived & just have a religious spirit.

Then there are those who walk in spiritual pride in other ways…judging & condemning anyone who doesn’t fit the mold that they have taken unto themselves. No true grace is in their hearts, though they claim to be so…these point the finger at others, but refuse to look within their own hearts. Do you not know that to do this, is evidence of your guilt? For when you should be examining your own hearts, you balance your guilt, with blame…pointing at anyone else, so you do not have to look at YOU! So called “prophets” who judge others, justifying themselves, for what they do…all because “they are God’s servants” & they need not use the same magnifying glass on themselves, as they do with others!

Their hypocrisy has reached unto Heaven…they will answer for for the things that they do! How can they think that they can escape, when the very things they accuse others, is done WORSE in them, pointing ONE finger, but not seeing that 3 fingers are pointing back at their lives. How can these things be! Do you not know that I, the LORD, your God am a God of grace? I AM love…I am reconciliation…I am the restorer of the breach. But, many in the church do not see Me as this, but instead hold to the ideology of the Old Testament…these refuse to move into who I AM…a God of love! It is time for all of My people to hear My voice & repent unto Me…so you can truly shine MY light, to this dark, evil world!

I do not say these things to hurt you…I say them to wash you & cleanse you, for I love you with an everlasting love. Open your hearts unto Me & let Me make you whole. Do not fall into the same places as the leaders who can no longer see rightly. For they see things as they have chosen them to be. I want you to choose to be like Me! For right now there is taking place a dividing line in the Spirit…a line has been drawn for these last days. Each one will have to decide which side of the line they will stay on…the side close to Me, which shines humility & obedience…or the side of self will & rebellion…the side that does what it wants to do. The choice is there for each of you…I desire for you to truly side with Me.

For those who will turn away from their self will & will run hard after Me, I will use in these last hours…for by their humility & contriteness, I will establish My Kingdom within them & they will walk on earth, shining as lights in a dark place. Where there will go, darkness will flee…where they will go, My power will be shown…where they will go, they will usher in change in the way things are & many will come unto Me because of them, for pleasing only Me will be the desire of their hearts. You are entering into the time where I will greatly manifest Myself on the earth…something that this world has never seen…for over time, this world has only seen a foretaste of what is yet to come. So, are you willing?

In the days ahead I will cause many of you to come to a place of “breaking” that you have never experienced before…you will see GREAT freedom & healing deep within, as I walk you through this time. For I have waited for such a time as this that I may manifest Myself through those who will truly say yes unto Me. I am not looking for “yes men”…I am looking for those who’s “yes” will be shown by the response of their hearts, not just by their words…for talk is cheap. So many of My people promise Me this & promise Me that…these are only deceiving themselves, thinking that they will change ‘another day’. Today is the day of salvation…the time for change is now, so run unto Me, My people!

Do not fear the process that I will take you through to accomplish what needs to be done…only trust Me to do what is needed, knowing that I will work all things together for your good! You may not understand the “whys & hows” of what I do, but you will see the fruit that results from your obedience. You will be drawn closer to Me than you ever thought possible, as you are a partaker of My sufferings. For the fruit that will result will captivate your heart, for that “fruit” will actually just be more of Me in your lives. Be willing to look away from the light that the world has been shining unto the church…instead look unto Me, embrace My TRUE will for your lives & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


The Lord is looking for those who are truly His. Not who are His “in word only”, but who are His also in deed & truth. As the Lord moves upon us, His people in the days ahead, may we all yield our hearts & lives unto Him, as well pleasing…desiring Him to shine His light through us. We MUST BE the light of the world…the light that this world needs to walk in…the light that we have received of God. God wants to use His people in the time ahead…a time of revival that this world has never seen. It’s time to stop shining the world’s light of compromise & rebellion!

Can you imagine how it was in the early church, where God’s people went everywhere preaching His word & sign, wonders & miracles happened everywhere they went! Now envision this on a much larger scale, as His people will be filled with His Spirit, walking in His Presence…carrying His Presence, where ever they go! This is what we are called to BE! Let’s seek Him as never before & allow Him to do what is needed in our lives to accomplish His will…as He said…we will not be disappointed!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church