Behold…The Bridegroom Is Coming…Go Out & Meet Him (Part 2)

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

The Lord has released me to share the next part of His words concerning the 10 virgins & what we are to do to prepare for His coming. Please let His words penetrate your heart…allow Him to lead you into His secret place, where you will find all the answers to your need:


“My children…I come to you to bring you hope…I come to you to bring you life…I do this because I love you with an everlasting love. There SO many words going forth in this day, which are said to come from Me…but many of them give My people the impression that what I say will just drop down out of the sky. Words of blessing…words of victory…words of the miraculous, all with no responsibility on your part…all with no action on your end. This is just not true…for everything that I have promised requires you to act…it all requires a response from you. Sometimes the response is in repentance…sometimes the response is in standing in faith…but it is always required that you be obedient to Me.

Be careful of the words that you allow into your spirit…for there are many who will only speak smooth words…words that tickle the ears & stroke the flesh. If the word does not challenge you, you should beware…for there are many false prophets that are gone out into the world. I told you that he that prophesies speaks unto men to edification, exhortation & comfort. This is what prophesy is suppose to do. I desire for you to be edified…I desire for you to be exhorted…I desire for you to be comforted…My words are suppose to build you up…My words are suppose to urge you forward & encourage you…My words are suppose to comfort your hearts. My words are to do these things…do you hear this?

Behold, the bridegroom is coming…go out & meet Him! Behold is a command…yet, so many of My people are not looking for Me…I AM coming. I show that My coming is near in SO many ways around you…how is it that your lives do not reflect the reality of My nearness? You  MUST go out & meet Him! This means, go OUT of the way things are…where you are right now & begin to seek Me like never before. What is important in your life…is not the reason you live, to worship Me? You sing your songs to Me & speak such things…so how is it that your lives do not reflect what you sing? You must not truly realize what is happening all around you & the importance of where you are in this last hour.

Again I remind you…remember the 10 virgins…5 were wise & 5 foolish. Only FIVE had OIL in their vessels! You need to fill your vessels up now, before it is too late. You do not want to be like the 5 foolish virgins…for when the door was SHUT, then they tried to come to me & I told them, I knew them NOT! So wake up…fill your vessels with oil & stay with Me! While you have time, you must do this…you must come unto Me…you must enter into My REST…you must cease from your own labors for self & labor to enter into My rest. I cannot over emphasize the importance of your doing this…for the time of My coming is getting shorter everyday…you do not know the day or the hour that the Son of man will come.

I know that as you read this, MANY of you are crying out unto Me from your hearts…many with tears, saying…”Lord HOW can I enter into Your rest…how do I fill my vessel with Your oil? Oh, My dear ones…My heart rejoices to hear this from your heart! For, the answer to this is for you to come unto Me & spend time at My feet…just basking in My presence…just like a battery that is connected to a charger…even so, I will fill your vessels with My oil, to your delight! For this is the Secret Place that I have long desired for you to be. The problem is, so many will not take the time to do this to be truly effectual in their lives. You can’t just come for a few minutes of your time & expect Me to give you a full charge!

I need you to truly begin to dedicate your time to do this…for if you will, you will begin to see WHY the enemy has worked SO hard to keep you away! For he knows that the longer he can keep you away from My presence, the longer he can work against you in life. Once you will truly begin to seek Me, with all your heart…once you will truly begin to desire to be with Me, with all your life…then you will realize the importance of this time & nothing will be able to keep you away from Me. What so many of My people do not know is, that what they consider “feeling My presence” isn’t really accurate. It is My presence that is being felt…its just that what is being felt is not where I want My people to truly be.

For most, this feeling they have is only from being near…the very “edge” of My presence. This basically is the equivalent to being in the “inner court”…I want My people to dwell in the Holy of Holies! I understand that what many feel is a wonderful feeling & I do not deny that. But what I truly desire for My people is to come into the DEEP presence of God. Many have gone past the outer court…past the brazen altar & into the inner place & this is where most will spend their time with Me. This is not bad…its just not My BEST for you…it will keep you from most of what I have called you to be. I need you to press in, OUT past where you are…into the Holy of Holies…for this is where your lives will change for good.

So many have never made it to this place I speak of…some think they have, but actually they have only partially broken through & for whatever reason, didn’t press in all the way…what they experienced was only momentary. It may have seemed glorious to them…but it didn’t make any lasting change in their lives…for just like Moses, who had My glory on his face…he eventually lost it & he put a veil on his face to hide this. I need My people to PRESS in to where My glory is…this is where ALL the oil you will need is. This is where your lives will be changed & you will NEVER be the same again! For as you will truly enter into this place…the place of My true presence, you will be changed to BE just like Me.

My desire is to use My people in these last days to bring GREAT revival to the land. Many boast about My presence in their church services, which in reality is only a mere fraction of what I have for those who will truly begin to seek Me & enter deep into My secret place. You cannot fathom the reality of who you are called to be! For I have plans to use you to save multitudes in this lost & dying world. So many of you have such low expectations of what I will do thru you…for the enemy has limited you, from within your minds to keep you where you are, so you will not come into My presence…My TRUE presence…deep within My heart. Do not let him keep you where you are any longer…come unto Me!

For as long as he can deceive you to think “all is well”, with you “feeling” a few goose bumps & the warmth & peace of My love for you…he will keep you from KNOWING Me as I truly desire you to. I do not want you to be like the 5 foolish virgins…for I told them “I never KNEW you”. These never made it into My true presence…these never could get their vessels filled, because this will only truly happen going past the inner court, into the Holy of Holies, where My deep presence abides. Oh, My people…come into My presence…break through all the barriers that would keep you away from Me…press in to where you belong & you will never be the same again…but you must hurry…time is growing short!

For as time goes on, the enemy will devise even MORE plans to keep you from coming to that place…he doesn’t want you to go there, for he knows that once you do, he will lose control of your life & instead of you being his pawn, you will become a formidable weapon against him. Why am I saying this? Because it is time that My people stop being mere “sheep” & instead become like Me…the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Sheep are not aggressive…they are passive…just like so many of My people are today. I need My people to truly become the ARMY of Warriors that I have ordained them to be…so they will do exploits everywhere they go…I need them to fully SHINE with the true light of My glory!

Can you imagine what it would be like for you to shine with My glory? Everywhere you would go, you would carry My presence with you…on the street…in the marketplace…everywhere! And My glory would surround you, so that everyone within the sphere of My presence will be affected…demons would scream as they came out…bodies would be healed…multitudes would be saved & no one would need to lay hands on anyone…for I said that GREATER works would you do, than I did while on Earth, because I went to the Father! I desire to encourage & excite you…hear Me My people & come unto Me…press in to My deep presence…let Me CHANGE you & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear saints…His words to us are mighty & we indeed have awesome days ahead of us as we will respond to the Lord with all of our heart. Once we can breakthrough, past the mere goose bumps & warm feelings of His love & peace, we will find ourselves right where we need to be…in His true presence. Sure, we can stay where we are now…we can bask in the warmth of His love & peace, lifting our hands, with tears of joy…but doing so we may miss out on what He has for us ahead…I would rather KNOW the Lord & be KNOWN of Him. The thing is…few have truly entered into His presence as He has told us today. Why do I say this? Because the word “presence” in the Hebrew also means “face”. In Ex. 33:20 God said NO ONE can see His face & live…He only showed Moses His backside!

So, how can we TRULY see His face then? Because of Jesus’ death & resurrection, we now have the ability to do so, because if we are truly in Christ, we are supposed to already be “dead”. When we will put aside the things that try to keep us from where He is & break through past where we have never been before, we will find ourselves in that place He desires us to be. The process of truly entering His presence will “kill us”…for we will TRULY die to self, in ways & measures that we have never seen or understood. Going deep into His True presence is where we will see the “real” refining that we hear so much about, but never see it come to pass. This is because mostly no one will press & push in, denying everything else, to get there.

It is a real commitment…I have heard stories of how people have tried to go there & the “heat” was too much for many of them & they crawled out of the room, away from His presence! But, I know had they persevered they would of broken through unto the realm of His true glory & they would never turn back again! Imagine being like Peter, who’s mere “shadow” passing by healed the sick…or like Paul, who people took handkerchiefs or aprons unto the sick & the diseases departed from them & the evil spirits went out of them. THIS is an example of the glory that God is talking about…for us all & I do not think I have heard of anyone walking in such glory in this day! Otherwise, such things would be reported all over the news. Can you imagine God’s people walking around with His glory like that?

We are about to enter into the time that so MANY have been waiting for…so many have been crying out to God for, but never have seen. It is our time, dear family…behold, our Bridegroom is coming…it is time for us to go out & meet Him!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Behold…The Bridegroom Is Coming…Go Out & Meet Him (Part 1)

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

Over the past week, the Lord has again been speaking to me about the Church. We are living in a time where spiritual wickedness is greatly increasing…many people are reporting that they feel disconnected from God & that the Lord has moved away from His people. He is actually closer than ever. The point is, many are feeling this way, because of the impotent church that exists today. The fact that spiritual wickedness is increasing, is evidence that the church is not walking in the power that God intends it to walk in. The Lord has been addressing this issue to me this week & given me His words of exhortation to help His people to prepare for His return. His desire is for us to walk in the power & authority that He walked in while on Earth. Please receive His powerful words & allow Him to help you to walk forward in this time:


“Hear Me, My people, as I come to you with words to help you. For I see what is happening among My people…I see that turmoil & unrest that many of you are going through. I come to encourage you, as you walk towards Me in the days ahead. For the cry is going out in all the world…”behold the Bridegroom is coming…go out to meet Him”. When you hear these words, know that they come from Me, as I desire for you to know what is happening in the Earth. Many have heard this cry…many have responded to Me…many are still asleep. For I speak to you concerning the 10 virgins…5 were wise, but 5 were foolish. Know that wisdom builds the house, but knowledge alone only puffs up with pride.

I desire for My people to walk in wisdom, but many are being carried to & fro with every wind of doctrine. Many boast of their spiritual authority, but there is no real spiritual foundation in them, so they bounce back & forth in things that profit them nothing. Not that these things are wrong, for most are not…however, it is the reality that they are not cleaved to, that makes them of no effect. How can one profit from My words, when they do not cleave to them? For I have said for you to enter into MY REST…so why do so many of My people bounce back & forth, in so many doctrines…when I have already FINISHED the work? For I labored 6 days to create EVERYTHING that you will ever need in this life.

Then I RESTED on the 7th day & I hallowed it. My word says that all 10 virgins slumbered & slept…all had given in to the outside wave of complacency & compromise. But, when the cry went out, they ALL arose & trimmed their lamps. It is time for My people to wake up & make their lamps shine with the brightness that can only come of Me. Trimming a lamp means more than to just adjust it to make more light…it also means to “trim” off the burnt part, so no smoke will be made. The problem with many today is, they have not trimmed their lamps…they still cannot see clearly, because their lamps are giving off too much smoke! So trim your lamps so you will be able to see clearly in the days ahead!

Many of My people need to adjust what they believe, so that their foundations will be firm. Never forget the parable of the house built on sand & the rock. In both scenarios the house was build on the SAME substance…sand is the same as rock, except it has not solidity, as it is fluid & unstable. So are the lives of many of My people today…for they are tossed to & fro, with every wind of doctrine. I want you to enter into My rest. In the 6 days that I labored, I made provision for everything you will ever need…EVERYTHING! There is no need for you to wrestle with anything…just come unto Me & let Me give you rest. Somehow many of My people seem to still forget that when I died, I said…it is finished!

My people need to to look at their lives today…what are you wrestling with…healing?…provision?…situations out of your control? Whatever the need, remember that I shall supply ALL your need, according to MY riches in glory, by Christ Jesus. It is not your place to struggle…it is your place to enter into My rest. THAT is where the real fight is…for the enemy is hard at work to keep My people away from My rest. Look at the things that My people wrestle with…these are meant to keep you busy, fighting, so that you will not be able to let go & let Me work in your lives. For as long as you continue to labor to “fix” things, I will be limited in what I can do to bring change that will cause My provision to come.

Are you fighting for healing? You know that I am your Healer, for it is by My stripes, you WERE healed. So, why the fight? I already did the work…so enter into My REST…cease from your own labors. Are you fighting for finances or some other provision? You know that I am Jehovah Jireh, your Provider…I SHALL supply ALL your needs. So, why the fight? I have already made provision for everything you will every need…so enter into My REST…cease from your own labors. As you will do this, you will free Me to work on your behalf…you will see Me lead you & guide you to do what I need you to do, so that the changes can come. Fight the good fight of faith…faith SEES the need, as being done & provided.

So many of My people spend SO much time “fighting” for things that I have already made provision for in their lives. “So, why am I not receiving it then?”, many will ask Me. You just answered your own question…you are not receiving, because you are not truly believing. When you truly believe Me for something, you will be at rest, knowing that it will come…for it will come at the time appointed by Me. So many ask Me for things & expect Me to just drop it down to them immediately. I am not Burger King…I am the King of Kings! I work all things after the counsel of My own will. My people need to understand what it means to enter into My rest, for your futures depend on your entering & remaining there.

How can I use you for My glory, when you continue to wrestle with things that you have no power over, in yourselves? I cannot fill you with My presence, if your attentions are on other things. I need you to forget those things that are behind & instead reach forth unto those things which are before you…press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Many are not even aware of the increase of spiritual wickedness that has taken hold around them, because they are so engrossed in the affairs of this life. I need My people to look unto Me, the author & finisher of their faith…for as they will, I will be able to work in them & thru them, so they will do great exploits on this earth.

I need you to know that it is only as you will rest in Me, will the answers come. Yes, you may have a part in the answers, but your part will only be as I lead you forth, day by day. So many are so consumed by the affairs of this life that they are not much usable for My work in the Kingdom. Again, I will remind you…many of you still have a Martha spirit, controlling you & keeping you from entering into My rest, as Mary did. So many of your answers will come, if only you will resist wrestling & struggling in your own strength…just sit at Me feet & draw from My presence. It IS My desire for you to carry My presence where ever you go…but how can you ever do this, if you are always wrestling with the cares of this life?

I am closer to My people today, than ever before…this is a mystery that few understand…for as My return draws closer, even so, am I closer to you. But many do not know this, because of all that is going on in their lives & around them. Their concentration & care is more fixed on these things, then on Me. Did I not say, draw close unto Me & I will draw close unto you? By My grace, through My blood I have made you close…yes, I have come close to you…but I am awaiting you to do your part to come closer…past what My blood alone has done. This requires effort on your part…that is why I said to labor to enter into My rest. Only as you will truly do this can you know what I have prepared for you, yet ahead.

Do not let the affairs of this life keep you from where I desire you to be. I see your hearts…I know all that you are going through. I keep the universe in order…can I not also work great things in your lives? The creation answers to My words, because there is no will…My people have a will…they must choose to obey My words. This is where the truth of your life lies…for there is nothing that can separate you from Me, except yourselves. That is why it is necessary for you to labor to enter into My rest…you must resist your struggles with this life. Remember, the kingdom of God is not meat or drink…it is not something tangible…it IS righteousness, joy & peace in the Holy Spirit…this is where you belong.

For when you enter into My rest, you are righteous, receiving what I accomplished on the Cross & your life will reflect My righteousness in all you do. When you enter into My rest, you have true joy & nothing can take your joy away. When you enter into My rest, you are at peace, for there is no struggle within you…the things of earth, will grow strangely dim, in the light of My glory & grace in your lives. This is what I desire for you…this is where I desire you to dwell. For you will need to be there, in the time ahead…time IS running out…it is time for you to lay aside every weight & sin that easily besets you & come unto Me. Respond to My words with your lives & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.


May the Lord’s words encourage you & catapult you out of where you are now & take you more deeply into Him in the days ahead. Remember the Lord’s last message…never forget that the increase of spiritual wickedness has come because the church is not truly shining the light of the Lord. It is time that we as a body of true believers rise up, as we hear the cry in this night hour…Behold…The Bridegroom Is Coming…Go Out & Meet Him.

This word is NOT saying He is coming right now…He is telling us that He IS coming & we must ready ourselves for when He comes. As the time grows closer to His appearing, we can expect to know His closeness…if we will do our part to come closer to Him. Do we want to meet Him, as we are today…or do we want to meet Him, as He desires us to be? Only we can make that choice…we must respond to His words with our lives.

As we will let go of the things that keep us from drawing close to Him & seek HIM, we will enter into His rest & begin to see His glory & power REST on us. How can He place His glory & power on us, when we are not at rest? It is not going to just drop out of the sky upon us…we must do our part…we must respond to Him! The Lord says He will soon open this up more to us, as He is starting to speak part 2 of this word.

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church