Prophetic Word – Its Time To Go Deeper

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

As many of you know, last week we completed our annual 21 day Daniel Fast. We thank everyone who was able to join us during that time! May the Lord bless each of you as you obeyed the Lord’s will in doing this. We know that everyone has different schedules & life situations & many may not have been able to keep this fast with us or for all of the 21 days. The Lord knows each of our hearts…He is a rewarder of those who will diligently seek Him. We thank each of you, for all that you do & pray His blessing upon all of you!!!

In our time seeking the Lord, He began to seek to me concerning the weeks & months ahead. We have entered into a immense time of change…we will begin to see many things turn around…we will see many things go in opposite directions than what they had been in the past. May each of us receive His prophetic word for this time & respond to Him with our hearts as He desires:


My people, listen to your Heavenly Father this day…know that I love you with an everlasting love. My love will never change. I want you all to BE like Me. As you will receive My words & allow them to go DEEP within your hearts, you will know the depths of My love for you on a level that you never thought possible. For even now, I am touching many of you, as the depths of who I AM flows over your souls. For this is a time for My people to know Me for who I AM, so I can show them who they truly ARE. For as you will know My love, as it really is, you will find yourselves desiring Me more than anything else that there is…for the very depth of My heart will becomes yours, as you seek Me with all your hearts.

DEEP calls out to DEEP. I AM calling you, My people to come closer to Me…for you have come to the time that I desire to use many of you in the Earth. For as you will hearken unto My voice & take My words DEEP within you, you will understand the time that you are living. This I speak, not referring to the time of the end…but of the time that My people will shine as lights in a dark place. Please understand that this will not just happen…it will not just drop out of the sky…you have a part in doing this…for your response unto Me is always the deciding factor. Many of you desire to be used of Me, but many times fail to recognize that that I must first do a work within you, before I can use you on the level I desire.

Hear Me & understand…I must do it TO you, before I can do it THROUGH you. Every one of My servants have gone through great times of development, each according to their need. Moses, Joseph, David, to name a few, ALL had to go through a time of change & development in their lives. These things took many years. But know that I have been at work in many of you & you have developed greatly over time, but there is still more that needs to be done. This is the time for you to see that work fulfilled, so I can use you. Understand that the taller & greater My “building” within you for Me to use you on a great & powerful level…the greater My working through you…the deeper the foundation must go.

I must work My foundation DEEP within your hearts & lives…these things take time. I worked on Moses for nearly 40 years. I know to hear such things can intimidate many of you, but be of good courage…for I will do a quick work in these last days & as you will yield your lives unto Me, you will see great things happen in the days ahead. But, you must be willing to seek Me as you never have sought Me before. Deep calls out to deep…you must become DEEP like Me. Do you hear Me…you must BE DEEP like Me. This means that you must grow beyond what you already know…you must allow Me to work greater within you, to take you past where your faith now is…your faith must be deeper than you now know.

It is time for My people to seek My presence, as never before. Many will talk about My presence, but most really have no idea of what I mean when I say come into My presence. Most of the time, My people will feel My presence, during a church service or at times during prayer, but soon afterwards, that sensation fades & there is no lasting change. Many do not understand what I am wanting to do within them. I want you to BE Carriers of My presence. Most do not know what being a carrier of My presence will do. When you carry My presence, it will change your lives…you will never be the same again…you are wrecked forever. You will even see people be overcome by My glory as you walk past them.

In order for this to happen, I need to go DEEPER into your hearts. Many of you will say, that you have opened up your entire hearts unto Me, but believe Me…there are depths DEEP within you that you have not given over to Me, but as you will purpose yourselves to come DEEPER unto Me, you will quickly realize just how true these words really are. This will shock many of you, as I show you areas of your lives that you thought that you have given over to Me. Do not be afraid for Me to do this…there is nothing to fear…for I only desire to free you from all that would keep you from being who YOU truly desire to be. For deep down within each of you, there is a great desire for you all to be just like Me.

Now let Me share something important with you. Some of you are very close to seeing My victory & breakthrough in your lives…just a few more “steps” forward, as you are led by My will, to enter into what I have planned for you. You have gone forward in many ways & have taken profound stepping to seek Me…to listen to My voice & to allow Me to direct your paths. For many, this has been a trying & difficult time, as you have witnessed Me take you through things that you never would think I would do. And by this I mean…you have gone through difficulties…you have gone through disappointments & trials…you have gone through hard times, only to see Me move you forward by just a very few steps.

Hear Me now & know My heart for you…for I care deeply for you & only want good things in your lives…but because of your callings…because what I have planned for you to do, it is needful for you to take the steps in this “stepping”…to see My victory & breakthrough come in your lives. For truly, Moses needed to go all of those years, tending sheep, so I could use him to be a leader of My people & deliver them out of bondage. For truly, Joseph needed to go through that time of unjust punishment & imprisonment, so I could lift him us to be 2nd to Pharaoh & save Egypt & all of his family from the famine that had struck the land. Truly David needed to fight the lion & the bear, so he could kill Goliath.

Even so, those of you who I have called for such great purposes, must also go through such times of hardship & even times of pain…so I can work a work in you for your good. For My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. Lift up your heads & rejoice for what I have prepared for you. Know that I have begun a good work in you & will perform it until the day of Christ. Those who feel like you are not getting anywhere, please understand that things ARE happening – work IS being done. You just need to recognize that what I do isn’t always something you are even aware of. Just trust Me to take you ahead in your walk & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Our hearts are ablaze with the power & the passion of His awesome word to us. May each of you receive this word for yourselves, that He may take you forward in the stepping that He has for each of you. Do not fear or fret…as we desire to do His will, He will use us greatly in the time ahead…just be sure to be open, available & obedient to how ever He may lead us…this way we will not miss out on His plans.

In His great grace & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church