Prophetic Word – Be Of Good Cheer Regarding The Recent Election

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

We must admit that when the Dems took the House in the recent Midterm election, we were somewhat perturbed, because just like many of you, we didn’t think this could\would happen. But after going to the Lord about this to get His mind, He gave us His peace & He began to explain to us why this had happened. Please open your heart & receive His passionate, loving words:


“My children, do not be dismayed or fretful because of the outcome of this election…things are not at all, as they do appear. For though some things look as if righteousness had lost…I tell you truly, that it has not! For I love you with an everlasting love & your fervent prayers are always effectual to Me…never forget that they always avail much! And though outwardly, it may look as if things are going to get darker in ways, I need you to understand that there are things going on underneath…things are going to turn out alright…for I WILL work all things together for your good!

Never forget this promise to you, for it needs to be an anchor to your soul to keep you in the days ahead. For I tell you that in the coming days, things are going to change & though at times it may appear that things are going the wrong way, I need you to trust Me that things are going to turn out alright. For I have instituted a plan into effect that over time will turn the way things look, to the exact opposite direction. I must tell you that there may a time of sorrow or sadness in your hearts now, but I assure you that in due time, your sorrow & sadness will be turned to joy!

For I am working through My servant to bring the things of evil to nothing…this is going to take time to do this, but I tell you now that it is necessary for this to happen so I can restore this nation on the right path for the time ahead. For I desire there to be a time of peace & a time of revival before the end comes, so it is necessary to bring a lot of changes to this nation for this to happen. For it is by My grace that I have made known unto man, that I will do this, for I desire to wake up many who have been lulled asleep into a political slumber, where blindness has blinded many.

For as you have seen in recent time, the political climate has changed SO drastically, to where it is easy for most people to discern how there is a strict contrast of good vs evil & those who have become increasingly demonized are causing more & more people to wake up to what is really happening in this nation. This is truly a spiritual battle that is being waged…it is not merely “politics”…this nation has NEVER seen things so drastic as they have become recently. So it is very necessary for Me to enforce My plans, so that My banner of righteousness can rise here again.

I need you to trust Me as you have never trusted Me before, because if things seem to look bleaker & darker around you in the days ahead, I need you to know that there are reasons for this, but things will turn out alright & for the better. For I have things going on underneath, out of sight that will cause things to spin around in the opposite direction…you just wait & see! For you will see My grace ignite around you & My peace shall be your portion. For this I say that even now there are many who have discerned this & are enjoying the beginning of what is to come.

For this I say to help you, for I will not leave you comfortless…I will come unto you! You will come to know & understand what is going on around you, as you see things unfold. As you will rest in Me & trust Me with all things, My grace will open your eyes to many things & you will see as I see & understand as I understand. Just rest in Me & let Me do what I need to do in these coming days…it will be well worth the wait & the outcome will bring a rejoicing unto your soul. So, be of good cheer for what is about to come, for you will be amazed as to how things will turn out.

For even now, many are beginning to see the first fruits of what I have begun around them & they are beginning to understand the “whys” of what has happened in the last political race. And there is more on the horizon as My light continues to shine in darkness…the darkness will not be able to resist My light. I will bring things out that have been swept under the rug for many years…I will do a great house cleaning in this nation & My people will rejoice as My Spirit is seen publicly there again. Trust & rest in Me during this time & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear Saints, we must tell you that since we sought the Lord last election night & He began to open these things up to our spirit, we have received His peace & know deep inside that everything was going to be alright. We didn’t understand “how” but we knew it would happen. Ever since the election we can tell you that we have slept more peacefully than in the weeks before…we knew that things have changed in the spiritual atmosphere around us & we know this is true with several others.

We are living in very exciting times! We know people will always say that, but we say it now because we KNOW we are about to see a great awakening take place all around us, as the corruption, fraud & hypocrisy that has run rampant in this nation sees its due reward. We are REALLY living in an exciting time…a time that may very well appear at times like a ride on a roller coaster…with many ups & downs…with many twists & turns! But, when the ride is over we will see something wonderful has been done in our nation, as well as in the world around us.

Welcome to this time of wonder & awe as God begins to reveal more & more to us…as we watch in earnest expectation of the many events that will soon surround us…for many good things are going to happen!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Please leave a comment, if you want, but if your comment is to argue, to be rude or to in any way attack, it will not be posted or responded to. God commands us to walk in love & to speak the truth in love. May the LORD richly bless you!

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