Prophetic Word – Rise Up In This Christmas Season!

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

During my time with the Lord earlier this week, He began to speak to me regarding this coming Christmas season. As I drew near to listen, He began to share vitally important things regarding the remainder of this month. Please prayerfully receive His powerful & potent words into your hearts:


“My people, listen to your Heavenly Father this day, for this day in which you live is the time you have been waiting for. Many of you have heard words from several of My servants concerning this coming season next year, that I am going to bring forth the harvest & the fruit to the many who have patiently awaited for My promises to be fulfilled. These things will come, My people, so be encouraged & know that you have not labored in vain in your Lord. For as I have promised, even so will I fulfill what I have said, as you do your part in My plans – there ARE things you must do!

Understand that many times there are conditions to My promises. Many times I say “if”…many times I say “whosoever will”. You get the idea…yes, the fulfillment of My promises many times require action on the part of My people. Even when I delivered My people from Pharaoh, My people had to put blood above & on the doorposts & then eat the Passover lamb. Had My people not heeded My words, they too would of befallen the fate of the 1st born of Egypt. Even so, in this hour, it is necessary for My people to do as I say, so they will receive their harvest.

For in this coming Christmas season, there is a GREAT need for you to reach out to others…there is a GREAT need for you to make Christmas known to those around you. You must keep Christ in Christmas in a far greater way this year. For this season is pivotal to what is coming next year & if you do not shine your light before men during this month, it may have a devastating affect on the outcome of what I plan to do for you in 2019. I do not say this to scare you, but only to let you know the importance of what I am about to say. This is a serious time & must be treated as such!

Many of you know that at this time of year, the world is MORE open to the Gospel than any other time of the year…”tis the season to be jolly”! My Spirit of love is released greater than the rest of the year altogether. People are more open to what I did 2000 years ago in bringing My Son into the world…the joy that had come, peace & good will towards men. This is why people are more open to My word during the Christmas season. But this season is unlike any other before it, because of the lateness of the hour. You must treat it as such, to see greatest results in 2019.

Come to Me & seek Me as to what I will ask you to do, in order to touch other’s lives…for you must make a difference this month! Yield unto Me, as I will lead you in what to speak…a word fitly spoken in season, will change a life! You must impact others this month with My love, for this season will directly affect what is going to happen next year. Many of you are aware of the evil that has risen its ugly head, through the recent political sphere. This is part of what will change for the worse, if My people do not rise up in this hour to show My love to this lost & dying world.

For if My people will not show the world the love of God this month, a great evil will be released next year that will cause great fear within many. This is not the time for My people to fear, but to trust Me to bring forth revival in the land. As you will listen to Me & do as I say, you will set into motion things unseen by man, as My angels are sent on assignment to do exploits against the powers that will attempt to derail My plans for what is ahead…the fulfillment of My promises that many of you have long awaited. This is the time to rejoice in Me & let you light shine abroad!

For as you will do this, you will come into a REST that many of you have never known & you will know that you know, that you know that I love you with an everlasting love! Rise up, My people & let Me love others thru you…for this will be a time you will never regret, as you take to heart the words that I impart unto you this day. For great are the blessings that lie ahead & great success will be to My people, as they see the rewards of obedience. Speak My truth in love & do what I will show you to do…shine your light before men & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC Family, I cannot adequately put into words the sensing the Lord gave me regarding the importance of this word. I could tell that even in what He shared above, that He held back in giving the details of what would happen, if we do not do as He has told us to do. The only way I can put it is…I sensed that if we do not rise up & share His love & His word with others during this season, there would be a terrible dread coming ahead, in the new year. We all need to seek Him for what we need to do in this time.

Don’t feel overwhelmed over this, just ask Him what you are to do & then do it. He may have you buy someone food…He may have you give a word of encouragement to someone in their time of need. What ever it is, please do it…don’t hold back! Don’t let the enemy lie to you & say it is not important that you do these things. Remember, he is a LIAR & only wants to steal, kill & destroy in our lives! God has spoken to us JESUS…His Word was made flesh! We must take His Word into us, that He may be made flesh within us.

The Lord just dropped a revelation about this into my spirit. His word was made flesh & dwelt among us. Jesus coming in the flesh was part of HIS obedience to His Father. As we, His people will take His words within us (our obedience to Him), His word will be made flesh within US, so that ALL flesh will see the salvation of the Lord! This Christmas season is unlike any other, because of the lateness of the hour on God’s time clock. We must embrace what He has said & prayerfully apply it to our lives in the days & weeks ahead this month between now & the end of the year.

Many will see God do extraordinary things during this month as we will “launch into the deep” & cast our nets. The lives we touch will have a detrimental effect on next year & will be planting seeds to the soon coming revival we have all been waiting for. Remember…He said “a little leaven, leavens the whole lump”. That was in a bad context…but the inverse of this works just the same, except is a VERY good thing. As we will sow into others, we will see God’s grace & power released into their lives. Only He knows the ripple effect that this will have on this coming new year!

We will be sending out His Christmas message in the weeks ahead as we approach Christmas day. Until then, may we all stay in obedience to Him during this month & allow Him to work powerfully through us.

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Please leave a comment, if you want, but if your comment is to argue, to be rude or to in any way attack, it will not be posted or responded to. God commands us to walk in love & to speak the truth in love. May the LORD richly bless you!

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