Happy New Year – 2019, The Year Of My Presence!

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

We want to wish you all a very happy new year, as we approach 2019! This coming new year has the potential for being the best year we all have ever seen, but as always, it will be up to us as to how far we will go in the Lord. His desire for us to come close to Him has caused an excitement in the Heavens, as we will respond to His heart & fulfill His desire within our hearts. Please carefully & obediently receive His loving & sobering words to us:


“My people, hear Me as I come to you in My heart of hearts…for I truly love you with an everlasting love. I come to you this day, to reach deep within your hearts that you may know Me as never before. For what you have known previously has only been a glimpse of what I have in-store for those who will take the time to do as I say during this time. For it is My great desire to take you deep into My heart of hearts, that you may know Me as I AM. Nothing that any of you has ever experienced before can even compare to where I am wanting to take you during this new year.

So come unto Me, by your obedience & let Me fill your entire being. Those of you who have had the pleasure & delight of being in My presence, I tell you now that what you may have experienced in the times past cannot even compare with what I have planned ahead for you, for those times of My presence have been nothing but a foreshadow of what is to come…I want you to get ready to receive My presence anew. For many, those times in My presence has been a time of intimate closeness unto Me…I now want to take you deeper into My heart of hearts.

For what most have experienced as a time in My presence has only been a taste of what was yet to come. The joy & the wonder of those times changed your hearts & lives, but very few have yet experienced what I am about to release upon the face of the earth. For the time has come for the harvest of those who have sown into My presence to come forth in their lives. This is a time like no other…for as you will begin to seek Me in this new year, you will know I have much for you to do. I will need you CLOSE to Me, in order to utilize you GREATLY in the time ahead.

I tell you this NOW, so that you can contemplate your heart even before this new year comes…for I will cause an excitement & anticipation to arise & you will know the joy that I have prepared for you, as you will come to Me with an unbridled heart. I have seen your heart & lives fettered & held back in SO many ways…in so many ways that have held you captive from what I have desired for you. But, as you will now receive My will, you will know the freedom that My word has promised to you…it will no longer just be something that you have read of..it will be part of you.

For this coming new year will bring the opportunity for you to come into a realm that I have long prepared for you…the realm of My secret place. Many of you know of this place…many of you have been there many times…but few of you have made that place a place where you abide…but this coming year, you will have the potential to cross over into that place & all that has tried to hold you back…all that has attempted to derail you, will be left behind. You will cross over into your place…next to Me & I will keep you there…for the things that once held you away are gone.

I speak a newness to each of you…a time of new beginnings. Never mind about the past, with all of its troubles & failures…never mind about all of the disappointments & losses. I want you to let go of that which has held you back & look unto Me, the author & finisher of your faith…for you have no idea of what I have prepared for you. I need you to be free from all that would keep you from My secret place, for this place that I speak of is the place where you will know Me as you have never known Me before. It is there that I will take hold of you & embrace you with all I AM.

This place that I desire to take you, is a place where I will be the very air you breathe…you will know My holy presence, LIVING within you. This will be unlike anything you have known before, for My presence will captivate your lives & usher you into that place that I desire for you to dwell…My secret place, where My presence is abiding within you…every moment, of every hour. Yes, your lives will never be the same again, for nothing will be able to take you from being within My secret place. You will have a totally different outlook on life, for your life itself will be IN ME.

This will be a year of New Beginnings for you…as you come to the place that I now speak of…no longer being a place one only dreams of being…but a place where you will actually dwell. But, I will warn you, the enemy will do what he can to deter you from seeking Me…he doesn’t want you to come to this place, for he knows what it will mean to his kingdom…he wants the powers of heaven to be shaken! But, as you will set your hearts to seek Me & do all to come close to Me, I will take you deep within Me to dwell in My presence & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear family, we are entering into an extraordinary time! We know that the Lord has MUCH in store for each of us, as we will walk out the steps He lays out for us in the days ahead. We really need to acquiesce with His words to us & do all that we can to seek Him & come close during this time. We sense that this coming year is paramount to our standing in His presence as He SO desires for us BE. We are excited to dwell in this place, as we have known His presence in a huge way over the years & knowing that this is our future should cause a glorious excitement to spring up within each of us.

As we step into 2019, may we hunger & thirst for all that is Him & let this be the drive in our lives, day after day! In part of what He shared, He gave us the sensing that as we will seek Him as He has directed, we will open up things within our lives that will cause us to do many things & will usher us into places where we never thought possible…as we see Him live through us in the time ahead!

Happy New YOU, in 2019!!!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Please leave a comment, if you want, but if your comment is to argue, to be rude or to in any way attack, it will not be posted or responded to. God commands us to walk in love & to speak the truth in love. May the LORD richly bless you!

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