Prophetic Word – The Time For Breakthroughs Has Come

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

On Monday, as I was seeking the Lord for that night’s worship service, He began speaking to me about the current season we have entered into. Later, during that service, He shared a portion of what He said & said that He would be releasing me to send out the rest very soon. Please prayerfully receive His powerful & loving words to us for this time:


“My people, I come to you this evening, I come to you where you are today & I speak from a heart of love unto My own. Hear My voice & yield your lives unto Me, for in the days ahead you shall see wondrous things as I reveal things unto you. For the time is coming & now is that you should enter into a place that you have sought after, but could not attain. For I have brought you unto a season, a season of change & a season of breakthrough, says the Lord. Open your hearts to Me in expectation as I come unto you this day…for this is the time for you to rise up in faith.

I love you with an everlasting love, My people & it is My desire for you to see yourselves, as I see you. You must let go of what is behind…you must let go of your failures…you must let go of your shortcomings, you must let go of all the things that would keep you from rising up in this hour. For many of you are held back by things from your past & even though you do your best to let them go, you never seem able to be free from them. For I tell you that the time to let them go has come. You are NOT defined by your past…you are not defined by your failures or shortcomings.

You must only be defined by what I say about you…by how I see you through the Blood of My Son. See yourselves through the effectual working of My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave His life so that you could be MORE than conquerors through Him. You must STOP seeing your definition by the lies of the enemy…yes, those “Ites” that would argue with you…those Ites that would defend their position, to keep you from being free in Me. Begin to see yourselves as I see you…for I only see you COMPLETE in Me & all ready established to do exploits in My Kingdom.

My people, the time for breakthrough has arrived…you have long awaited for this time to come. And now, you will see a beginning of things happen, as I show you things breaking forth before you. Some of you are already seeing the “beginnings” of these breakthroughs start to come forth…there are more on the horizon…just keep yourselves in position to receive of Me. For this I say…do not shrink back into what the enemy would whisper into your ears. Do not listen to the voices that go contrary to My words to you. Stand in faith & see the mighty hand of your God come.

For you have entered into a season for things to spring forth & just as a seed will begin to shoot up out of the ground, many of you will begin to see things in your lives begin to change. Do not look for things to happen according to your own understanding, but allow Me to show you. Remember, in all your ways you are to acknowledge Me, so I can direct your paths. For in this season, it is imperative that you follow the leading of My Spirit, so that you will know the steps to take…do not step ahead without the Amen of My Spirit telling you to go.

I need you to begin to seek Me with quality time…just you & Me…begin to seek My Face. Many of you come into My presence…you feel My love, you feel My peace, you feel My joy…but many times you fail to press in so you can see My Face. Do not settle for what you have done in the past…press in unto ME & let Me take you deep within the inner chambers of My love. So many of you are missing such GREAT times of changes & breakthroughs, just because you do not go deeper in Me. I need you to go the extra mile, so you will step over into your times of splendor & awe.

You will be astounded at what you will find as you will press in to do this. For I will change you into who I have called you to be. Your destiny lies ahead of you, do not let this time pass you by…follow Me. And as you will yield your lives in obedience, to turn the direction that I have for you, to make the decisions that I will prompt you with…you shall see doors open, you shall see things turn around in a way that you never thought possible before. So listen unto Me this day, My children…yield your hearts & lives…hearken unto My word & you shall not be disappointed, says the Lord.


Dear Saints, we are living in exciting times! As we will honor the Lord with our obedient actions in the days ahead, we will see Him come through for us on a level we have long awaited to see.

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church