Prophetic Word – I Desire To Give You A New Heart

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

As I was meditating on Monday night’s message & content that the Lord poured out during that service, He began to speak to me about His desire for His people. Please prayerfully receive His powerful & loving word for each of us for this season:


“My people, listen to your Heavenly Father this day, for I come to you to give you a future & a hope…I come to you to direct you forward in Me…I come to you that may shine as lights in a dark place in this last hour. I love you with an everlasting love & it is My desire that you BE like Me…so come to Me with all that you are & let Me show you what needs to be done within you. For this I say to help you, as you will truly seek to desire to be one with Me. For, as you will delight yourself in Me, I will give you the desires of your heart & these are the TRUE desires, to really know Me.

I am coming to My people in a greater way than ever before, for I hear a cry within My heart rising up from My people beginning to resonate the NEED for change…the need for things to be removed…the need for lives to be truly conformed by Me. For MANY of My people are beginning to shake themselves free from the compromise & complacency that that gripped the church at large in the world & are now seeing with their eyes & hearing with their ears, the things that they have never heard before & are now crying out to Me that I may show them My ways anew.

Hear Me My people…do not allow the things of old to hold you back, for surely you have seen & have now been illuminated by the truth that I have declared to you. For as you look upon your lives, many of you can now see how your lives have been molded & shaped by your life situations…every trial, every trauma, every disappointment,
every disaster that has presented itself to you has taken hold in THAT place which exists within you…in your heart. For as I revealed this truth to many of you during last Monday night’s worship service, the journey can now begin.

For many of you are beginning to start to press into what I am saying…many of you are beginning to press into what I am wanting for you. For as you will see & understand that your heart was shaped by your life experiences, you will begin to understand what you need to do, to change what you have become of old, to what I desire for you to be today. For your hearts have been deceived by the evil one, just as he deceived EVE in the garden of Eden…he has robbed many of My people of the lives that I have wanted for them, because they have listened to him & not Me.

For I have told you to trust in Me with ALL your heart & to not lean on your OWN understanding, but in ALL your ways to acknowledge Me & I would direct your paths. But, many have been deceived to believe your own understanding in many things…causing many to have suffered losses, many to have suffered grief…many to have suffered SO many things, because they listened not to Me. But, as My people will see that their heart has not truly “believed” My words, nor followed My will for them, they can repent unto My love & I will bring the change of heart.

For as you all, will see as I see & know in your hearts the words that I have spoken unto you, you will no longer live according to the deceptions of self trust that the enemy has confused you to ” believe”, but will begin to order your heart & lives according to what I say about you. For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. For so many have been persuaded by the things they have experienced as being the truth about how I loved them…but this is just the lie of the enemy & as you will know this within your heart, I will take away the stony heart & give you the one from Me.

This is a new day…old things are past…it is time for My people to rise up in newness of heart & be like Me! For truly you have been destined for this time & many of you have special assignments that I need you to fulfill. Shake yourselves, My people, like Samson did & break free from the chains of self trust that have limited you, as if by prison. For truly all in your lives & how I love you are NOT dependent on the things that you suffered…I love you all the same & My word is just as effectual to you all, but you must know this intimately in your hearts & walk with Me!

Don’t let the things of the past hold you hostage any longer…it is time to step free from all of that & instead step into your destinies. For the enemy fears what you will do unto his kingdom, so he fights to hold you captive…but as you will take My words deep within you, you will know the truth & the the truth will set you free. For with the heart you believe unto righteousness & with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Begin to confess My truth about you & see Me change your self image into what I desire…you do this & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC family…WOW…I was visibly shaken by the Lord’s words as He brought them forth. I could sense His immense love for each of us…He deeply wants each of us to know that He has GREAT plans for us all. As we will work along with Him & begin to shape our hearts, as He has declared for us, we will see Him move on our behalf in ways we never thought possible. Yes, we have all have been “through the ringer” in many & different ways over time.

We can all admit to ourselves that His words of truth, have deeply affected our lives & have helped us to see many things on a different level. We know many others can relate to this, because we have all gone through various hardships & situations that others have not. We have seen how “others” have been healed, blessed, promoted to greater things, but we always stayed behind, looking on & wondering “why” weren’t experiencing any of them.

Can we ALL agree here, that this is one of the enemy’s devices? This may be one of the enemy’s greatest weapons! If we consider the depth & understand the full ramifications of His message about how the enemy has molded many of our lives through our life circumstances, we can look back & see each step that was taken, to reinforce this stony heart. Honestly, we can do this & be amazed at how the enemy has limited us by those life situations over time.

We may of not of even ever considered it as such…but now that He has given us this UNDERSTANDING, we can take God’s wisdom (His words to us), agree with Him & trust His words ARE for us. As we will do this, we will see CHANGE come…we will no longer see through a glass darkly, but begin to see “face to face”, as we are looking into His eyes of love, we will know that we are truly BLESSED in Him! He wants us to have a heart to believes only His best is for us.

Think about it…He said “as a man thinks in his heart, so IS he”. These difficult life situations literally molded & shaped our hearts into who we became. We can look back & see for ourselves…yes, hard times, bad times…we endured, wondering “why” the Lord “did” this to us…as we watched other Christians be blessed, yet we went without & were in our own hearts…miserable…but, His seed remained & we persevered unto this day, for this.

THIS being the day of new beginnings…if we can admit it to ourselves & see the truth in what He has shared, we can shake free from the lies of the enemy, which told us that all that we “experienced” was because “He didn’t really love US” & what we experienced was PROOF of this…His word was true for OTHERS, but not for us! Somehow we deserved what we were going through…we somehow displeased Him…He didn’t truly love US. The lie is exposed!

May the Lord help each of us in the days ahead & open our understandings so we will be able to see ourselves as He sees us. Let’s renounce that heart of self trust that the enemy has formed in us which caused us to devise wicked imaginations & believe what the enemy wanted for us. Let’s be healed of all of that & take on the heart that God desires us to have, so we can truly as never before go deep within His heart of hearts & become more like Him!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church