Prophetic Word – Don’t Limit Me In This Hour

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

During my time in prayer earlier this week, the Lord began to speak to me concerning this hour. Please prayerfully receive His powerful & transforming loving words:


“My people, listen to your Heavenly Father this day, for I bring you glad tidings of joy to catapult you forward in your destiny in Me. For this I say to help you, as MANY of you are stuck in a place that I do not desire for you to be. I desire that My people abound unto all good works, but so many are mostly BOUND from participating in My desire for them. I speak this because I love you with an everlasting love & as you will receive this, you will cross over from where you are, to where I desire you to be…you will break free from the enemy’s mindsets that hold you captive.

For I come to you to show you that there are things yet still for you to do & as you will give yourselves over unto Me, I will help you to come into this place…the place where you I can use you for My glory & show the world that My people are rising up in this hour. For My word declares, arise & shine, for My light has come & My glory is risen upon you…but to many, this promise is a mere thought that is for others, but not for you. No, My people…I want you to be free from these mindsets so you can rise up into your callings & show the world I AM here through you this day.

For many of you will spend so much time fretting & wondering about what I am going to do FOR you or what My will for YOUR life will be…but truly these thoughts are not helpful, but only hold you captive so you are unable to move along with Me. For truly I tell you, that if I were to tell you details of what I am planning to do in your lives, this would hinder many from My will. I do not want you to limit the Holy One of Israel as THEY did with Me, before. If you will just trust Me with your lives & allow Me to move you from where you are, you will see My will be done.

Do not limit me, in these last days, for to do so will keep Me from showing Myself strong on your behalf in ways you do not want to see. For just as My people of old, limited Me in their hearts & minds, you don’t want to do the same. I desire My people to know Me, as I AM…not as what I might be. I want My people to know Me as never before…for the hour is soon coming that My people will rise up & do exploits that this world has never seen. In all of history, My people have shown the world MANY things from Me, but none of these will ever compare to what is about to come.

So, open your heart & will unto Me & allow Me to walk in you & through you. I need you to come to the place in your hearts & minds that you will BE so close to My heart, that My thoughts will be your thoughts. This is NOT an impossible place to be…it is just one that takes the dedication to come close & then closer, then closer still…not allowing anything to distract you…not allowing anything to take My place. Many will start off & begin to make this decision…many will truly dedicate themselves & start to press deeper into Me, but then the distractions will come.

Many are unaware that most of these circumstances will then tend to cause you to give in to them & then the dedication that started will begin to go to the wayside, but some being pulled even further away, will turn back around & not press in at all. This is why it is imperative that My people are aware of what is going on around them & in their lives during these last days. Those who will hold fast to their dedication will be catapulted deeply into My heart & they will cross over to the immense realms of My glory to a place that they have never known before.

But to do this, it is imperative that you let go of all of your preconceived limitations of who you are. You will have to let go of desiring answers to things…these will only limit Me. But, as you will just trust Me with those things, you will open yourselves up to the place where I can do the extraordinary. Yes…the place where I can enter into your lives as you have never seen Me enter before. For this is something that I have long awaited for My people to do. It is time that you know for yourselves what it means to be carriers of My glory…for the hour of My glory is coming to many.

It is necessary & vitally important that you enter into My rest. You have heard Me say this before, but it is your understanding of old that has kept you from even doing what you knew. For My rest, is ceasing from your own labors…but many of you still continue to labor for things that I never told you to labor. I told you to rest from your own labors…I told you to cease! Understand that by resting from your labors, you will enter into MINE…you will be able to walk in My power in these last days. I need you to do this, so let go of your own wills & come close unto Me!

For in so many of your thinking & understanding, you do not realize that you limit Me, you do not realize that you you are keeping yourselves from entering into My best. Do not settle for the minimal mindsets that the enemy holds over you…shake yourselves free from them & instead embrace My will for your lives. I want you have a different mindset…the mindset that I am able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think, according to My power that works in you…I want My glory to be IN My church, unto the ages of the ages & ultimately beyond.

As you will seek Me in the days ahead, trusting Me for what I desire to do in & through you, you will see Me do greater things. For as you will be sensitive to My directives & unto My soft promptings, you will enter into a life that you have long awaited for. Do not limit Me in this hour, My people…for as you will let go of your way of doing things & begin to do things My way, you will arise as never before…you will know My love in a magnitude that will astound you & My power will flow as a mighty river that can not be held back…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear Revival-Fire Church Family, all I can say is to this is wow…I know exactly what the Lord is talking about…we too have felt the pull of these things in the recent weeks & have had to stand our ground & hold our course to keep hold onto His will. These are trying times that even the most innocent “distraction” can be used by the enemy to pull us off course to where we can find ourselves in a place that we will look back on & see that we have indeed lost ground.

Each of us must be aware of this & be sober & vigilant, because our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour. Many think that this is talking about the enemy making some violent or obvious attack against us & at times this can be true, but much of the time, he uses tactics that are not so obvious & can actually be MORE effectual. For the word “may devour” here, is a permissive word meaning that we give our permission for him to devour us.

Yes, we can make the choice to let him do this or not do this. Our permission comes from how we respond to “distractions” & other things that he may send our way. As we will become increasingly aware of this in the days ahead, we can stand with Paul the apostle declaring that “we are not ignorant of the devil’s devices”. As we have shared in the past, the word “ignorant” here is not talking about us NOT being aware of what he is doing, but we DO know, but for some reason we have chosen to ignore it & thus we fall into his trap.

We are living in a time which God’s people have never experienced before. Throughout time, His people have gone through many things, but in the day & age we live in, we MUST make a stand for our faith. For as we move closer & closer to the end, we will see many such distractions & other things come our way. We need to be aware of them & begin to act appropriately, by choosing to step aside from each of his tactics & to trudge forward as we continue to press in unto the will of the Lord!

In His love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore