Prophetic Word – 2020 A Year Of Unveiled & Fulfilled Vision

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

During my time with the Lord right after Thanksgiving, He began to speak to me this word for the coming new year. As I continued to seek Him concerning 2020, He added more to what He had already said. Please prayerfully receive His eye-opening & victoriously visionary words:


“My people, hear the words of your Father, for I come to you to give you a future & a hope! I want each of you to know that I love you with an everlasting love. I say this because there are some that deep down question this as a reality in their lives. They believe this because of things they have experienced…they believe this because of things that have befallen them…they believe this because of things that the enemy has used to trip them up from fully entering into the freedom & liberty that My love, joy & peace does bring. 2020 is going to change this for many, so enter into My joy!

Over the past many years, so many of My people have been buffeted by trials, circumstances & situations that have left them empty & bewildered. Their cry has reached My ears…”if You truly love me, why would you let all these things happen to me?” Hear Me, My dear people & understand that many of these things were necessary & allowed for reasons that you will soon find out. For it is expedient that just as with My Son, you learn obedience by the things that you suffer. Believe it or not, I have allowed these things to help you to be strong…for I have answered your prayers to Me!

For have you not prayed & asked Me to make you like Jesus? Have you not deeply desired to walk like Him? Has not your heart hungered & thirst for righteousness? Rejoice, O My people…for many of you I have allowed to go through so many things because of your own heart’s desire. I have purposed you to partake of His sufferings, so you could be conformed to the image of My Son. For, to many this is the only way, because of things that have not been dealt with in the heart & mind. But, as you have gone through these many experiences, many of your have responded to Me with a humble & contrite heart.

For you have seen these things, as I have allowed them to come, knowing that all things work together for YOUR good. Many of you didn’t fully understand this…many of you received this, because only pleasing Me matters most to you. But, in any case, you received it, because deep down in your heart, you trusted Me to bring you through to the other side. And to you, this day I bring you glad tiding of great joy! For just as you have just celebrated the birth of My Son, even so will you very soon be catapulted into your destiny, as you embrace My words to you this day for the year 2020.

Many of you are going to cross over in understanding for your lives, as you never have before. Because of My working within your hearts over the past years, I have caused you to yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness, by all that you have gone through. And through this process, you have become vessels more fit for your Master’s use & will now find things opening up for you in ways you never thought possible. For in this coming new year I am going to open your understanding & VISION as never before. Before, you only saw as through a glass darkly, but very soon you will see face to face.

For I will show you things to come as you submit your lives to Me in this coming year…I will open your eyes to know what you couldn’t see this last year. And for many, a huge frustration will be removed from you, as you begin to see things as they truly are…you will say, it was as if you were blind, but now you see! Many of you will find yourselves compelled to begin fasting next month, as the drive of My Spirit rises up within you & you will be amazed at what is soon to come, for as you respond to the inner working of My spirit which is soon going to be revealed, you will rise into your place in Me.

For all that is behind you will be past & only what is ahead will matter. For many shall be made free from their “pasts” & will walk in unhindered liberty for the first time in many, many years. Only do not look for how this is going to happen, because it will not come by observation…for the Kingdom of God is within you, so look within your own hearts! For there is where your answers will come from. For I will speak to your hearts & minds a new…you will not consider things from your old mindset that has hindered you by fear, doubt & unbelief…but you will see things as I want you to see them.

For I will open up your VISION & you will see things in a way, that was not possible for you just a short time before…this is because you have entered into the place of My change for you…change from that which was old, to that which always has been, but was unseen. For it will be your mindset that will be renewed…as old things are passed away & behold all things are become new. Many of you will be astounded as this veil comes off of you, that has kept you in this bondage for many years! You will see with unveiled eyes…you will understand with an unveiled mind & you will walk with an unveiled heart.

The truth is, the greatest breakthroughs are about to come to you…but not because of your circumstances changing…not because of your situations changing…the breakthroughs will come because of your unveiled vision of how things really are. For truly it has been your corrupt understanding…truly it has been your compromised faith in Me…truly it has been your complacent obedience that has kept you back. For when your understanding, faith & obedience are in line with Me & My will, there is nothing that can be withheld from you…for your heart will only desire to run hard after Me.

Please do not try to “figure” this out…for that will only complicate things…I need you to just trust Me for your lives. I need you to truly know that I love you with an everlasting love & no matter happens, this love will be resident within you, unshakable. I want you to enter into the joy of your Lord! You must be found faithful in all you do…never forget the stewardship that each of you has been given, which should show your life response & faithfulness of your love to Me. Let the scales come off your eyes, even now & see as I see & know as I know, so you can walk, as I walk. This you can do, but only through Me.

For in a very short time I am going to take the scales off many of your eyes…very soon you will feel as if you are as light as a feather, as My freedom erupts from deep within you & you come face to face with My love, as never before. There will be joy unspeakable & full of My glory! Many of you will soon possess My anointing in ways you would never thought of, as My glory surrounds you where ever you go. You will carry the kingdom of God around you, as a cloud & others will know this, as they witness My love & power through you. Your lives will never be the same again & your joy will be full!

2020 will be the year this happens. To some, it will come quickly…as those who’s hearts truly cry out for more of Me, become even more desperate! To others, it may take longer, depending on your sincerity & the response from your inner man…for there will be things that must be dealt with on an inner level for some, that still haven’t been reconciled to Me. Nonetheless, 2020 will be a year, unparalleled in each of your lives…just be sure to let go of all you are & allow Me to mold you during this time. You will not regret this, at all…you will come to the place that you have longed for, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC family, the Lord has given us such powerful words for the new year! I am literally shaking from the impact on me…for He has showed me many other things pertaining to this word, which shall be revealed as soon as He releases me to do so. For now, let’s just take what He has given for us & allow Him to work within, as He desires. For in what He has just shared, there is a LOT of revelation & wonder…for He has told us many things that we need to meditate & come to grips with. He wants us to “reason together”, coming into agreement with what He has given.

2020 will not be a disappointment to any of us, as we will make place & allow Him to work…as we allow Him to lead us…as we will allow Him to show us His ways. 2020 is going to be a year of unveiled vision, as we begin to see things we could never see before. 2020 is going to be a year of fulfilled vision, as we watch Him bring to pass the things He has promised…for He will do this in His ways & in His timing. Our job is just to be His clay & allow the Master Potter to mold us & shape us after His will!

We are going to find freedom that we have never known. For our reality is going to be “unwrapped”…the facade that has kept us from entering into where He desires us to be is going to come forth & we WILL see anew…for we will not see things as we have before…but our eyes will be opened…the blindness of yesterday, will be removed & we will walk as His vessels in 2020 & we will do the exploits that He has promised would come. Rejoice, His people…for next year is going to be powerful, as we securely take our place in Him!

Happy New Year & Happy New You!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore