Prophetic Word – It’s Time To Enter Into Who You ARE

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

During my time with the Lord, early this morning, He began to speak to me about the condition of His people. Please prayerfully receive His powerful, transforming & loving words:


“My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day, for today is a day for change to come! I truly love you with an everlasting love & it is My desire that each of you rise up into who I have created you to be. For truly, many of you, My people seem to just lay back & allow the time to pass & remain in the places that you have succumbed to be, instead of actively reaching for the high calling, that I have made for you, in Christ Jesus, your Lord. It is time for you to arise & shine, for your hour has come!

Many of you know the truth of My word for your lives…many of you have embraced what I have spoken to you during deeply loving encounters & also from the intimate words I have given to you over time. But for some reason, much of what I have said to you…much of what I have shown that you are to be, has fallen to the wayside & has not brought forth the harvest that I have longed to see. Oh, My people…how long until you will truly SEE yourselves as I have created you to BE?

For surely, My word says that you are already seated in heavenly places in Christ, yet in actual position, you remain tied closely to this world. How long until you will truly SEE yourselves, as I see you? For I await for you to rise up & do the exploits that each of you have known would come. For I have already raised you up, by the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead! I want you to see yourselves, as I see you…for I see you as My mighty army of warriors who will perform all of My will.

Do not think that I am not well pleased with many of you, for there are those who know in their hearts where they are supposed to be in Me & are actively seeking to enter into that reality. But, for many others, the embrace & reality of My word, is something that is more like a fairy tale & not the word of God, that is alive & powerful & sharper than any two-edged sword. For to many, the truth of My words, seem as if they are far from them, in their ability to enter into those promises.

I come to you, My people, with a heart of love for you…I want you to know, that you know, that you know, the truth of My word for YOUR lives…not as the enemy would have you believe…that maybe “someday” you will enter in…that maybe “someday” you might be worthy to walk in them…that maybe “someday” you will see yourselves, as God sees you. These are all deceptions, My people…designed to hold you hostage…designed to keep you helpless…designed to hold you back from Me.

I want you to know My heart & desire for you…for I LONG for you all to rise up into your positions…for I have called each of you to your places. Yes, in these places, there are times that I will train you. Yes, in these positions, there will be times that I will trim off the dead branches, so you will grow anew. Yes, there is a time for everything under the sun, as I have ordained them to be. And even now, I have ordained for you, My people to stop casting off the confidence I have planted within you.

For this is your time, My people…this is the time you have all dreamed of. No longer see yourselves as you have in times past…for yesterday is gone…those things are now behind. Today, you must hear My voice! Do not allow the enemy to keep your heart hardened to My truth, so My word is not activated in you. For as you will truly embrace all that I have said about you…for as you will humbly take your place, in position as I have declared you to be, you will see things as I do.

For you have entered into the time of My divine reset…this pause that you have been in has been for a reason…so that you could truly look within & embrace Me, in your heart of hearts. I challenge each of you to take a long look at what has happened over the past weeks…over the past months & discern what I have been trying to instill within you. Not what the enemy would say, to keep you cast down…not what the enemy would imply, to keep you bound up in fear…but the truth of My word.

For surely as the sun does arise & set each day, I am speaking to My people that their time has come…the time for old things to pass away & for all things to become new. I want you to see yourselves as I see you…strong IN your Lord & IN the power of His might! For My anointing is even now falling upon those who will receive My promises this day. As you will stop listening to the fear & distractions that are in the world & start hearing the voice of My power, you will arise & shine in Me!

This is your day, My people! It is time for you to enter into who you ARE…it is time to enter into who I have called you to BE. Take you place, My people…actively embrace My words this day & shake off all the complacency, compromise & confusion that the enemy has bombarded you with & you will see what I have said…My words will become a living reality within you & you will shine in this last hour. Activate My living words within your whole heart & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC family….wow! Oh, to embrace the words of His power! We receive His divine wake-up call…the time for revival has come! The time for repentance has come! We as God’s people must recognize that the world will never change, until the church arises to it’s place & shines the light of His love & power. We are truly living in exciting times & are quickly approaching the end.

We mustn’t hold back any longer…no matter the reasoning…no matter the justification…we must grab hold of His Truth & become ONE with Him. This is our time…we cannot afford to miss it…we must actively pursue His reality for us this day & SEE what He has declared become the reality of our lives. If we were to compare much of the “church” of today, to the church in the Book of Acts, we would be shocked to realize how FAR many Christians today are from them back then.

Today’s “church” is almost unrecognizable to as it was back then, as many churches has become not much more than “bless me clubs” & “entertainment stations”, not seeking to mature God’s people into His army, but only to appease them, to build their own kingdoms. But, that is beginning to change, as each of us does our part to shake free from any of this oppression that the enemy may have tricked so many into receiving.

As we will actively seek to do this, we will surely see much begin to change, both within us & around us. As we are vigilant to do our part, we will truly BE who He has called us to BE. Let us join our hearts together to seek Him & to receive all that He has for us, in Jesus’ wonderful name, amen!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church