Prophetic Word – “It Is My People Who Will Usher In What Comes In The Future”

Dear RFC Family,

As I shared during last night’s worship service, we would be soon be sending out a prophetic word that the Lord gave me during my recent time with the Lord, I had asked Him concerning the diverse prophecies that have been released regarding the time we are now living in, regarding revival, the coming election, this nation, the time ahead, etc. Knowing that we only “know in part & prophesy by part” (1Cor. 13:9), I asked Him about this & His answer was sobering. I felt it needful that the Body Of Christ hear His response. Please prayerfully consider His powerful & loving words:


“Hear the words of your Heavenly Father this day, for I bring you words to comfort you…I bring you words that will challenge your heart…I bring you words that will ultimately catapult you closer unto Me. For this I say, as you have asked about the many prophecies that have gone out concerning the future ahead, I need you to know that ALL of these words have the potential to come to pass, for it is My people’s response to Me in the time ahead that will or will not bring these words to fulfillment. I need My people to take their place before Me & stand as lights in a dark place. For so many of My people do not realize that they ARE the light of the world & the truth that this really means (Matt. 5:14)”.

“I love My people with an everlasting love…I come to you in this love so that your hearts might truly be open & respond to Me. Look around you, My people & see all that is happening around you…see the decay of society, the chaos, the confusion, the disorder, the destruction. Sin has become rampant & many of My people, instead of looking at their own lives & repenting, are looking down on those they see, not realizing that the world can only walk in the light that they give them. My people need to open their eyes & come to grips with reality…for it is my people who will usher in what comes in the future. For I asked you…if the light that be in you be darkness…how great is that darkness (Matt. 6:23)!”

“For truly in the days ahead, it is My people who will see the results of their actions, as things unfold ahead. For so many are praying that My will, will be done in the coming US election & many have declared that I have told them that the current President will be re-elected. Yes, that IS My desire, but My people need to know that this can only happen, as My people will wake up & stand up for righteousness sake. I cannot wave a “magic wand” & make the election go one way or another…it will take My people doing their part! So, My people must stand up & be counted…My people will have to pray & they will have to be as ONE & VOTE to see My will come to pass”.

“Look at all of the abomination & perversion that is rising up in the world. This has happened because of the sin & compromise that exists in My church! For, after the last wave of My glory faded, many of My people grew complacent & compromised & lost their savor. And just like salt, many of My people have lost their saltiness & My people are now being cast out & trodden under foot of men (Matt. 5:13). With SO many of My people living today, this should not be! But, now many are praying for revival to come…this is good, but My people must realize that revival can only come through repentance. It is time for My people to seek Me & shake off the complacency & compromise from their lives!”

“Remember My words…if MY people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves & pray, seek my face & turn from their wicked ways…THEN will I hear from heaven & will forgive their sin & will heal their land (2 Chron. 7:14). I have been waiting on My people to do their part! And now slowly My people are beginning to hear the cry of My Spirit & are responding unto Me…many are starting to be stirred up & slowly repentance is beginning to come. This is why I allowed the recent Covid virus to be released, for I knew it would change the way things have been & cause many of My people to return unto Me”. Hear the cry of My heart, My people..this is your time…begin to truly run hard after Me!

“For this time is critical to what lies ahead…My people need to be sober & vigilant, as never before. For I am causing My people to rise up & take their places in Me. I need My people to stop focusing at the things around them & to start looking unto Me, the author & finisher of their faith (Heb. 12:2). For as My people will respond unto Me as I desire, things will turn around & My people will see a season of revival & repentance in the land, as they themselves will repent & be revived…for judgment begins at My house (1 Pet. 4:17). It is your time, My people…to truly make a difference in the way things are…take your places…it is time to rise up in Me”.

“Do not sit idly, waiting for this to “happen” to you…for I tell you that it already has! Did I not say: Arise, shine; for your light IS come & the glory of the LORD IS risen upon you? You are seeing the darkness cover the earth & gross darkness the people (Is. 60:1-2). It is time that you see this…that you are THE light of the world. It is time that you recognize that My glory IS risen upon you. For the words “upon you” mean “above, over, upon you”. All you have to do now is reach up & take hold of it! As you will shine My light, you will change the way things are! This is your time, My people…receive My love, responding unto Me as never before & watch what I will do, says the Lord”.


Dear family, the Lord says that it is “us” who will usher in what comes in the future. We have the ability, by His love, power & grace to turn things around. As we will take His words to heart & do our part, shining His light…not the light of compromise & complacency, we can see many good years come ahead! If we stay in complacency & compromise, well, just the opposite will happen & we do not want to see that! It’s time for us to rise up, saints! Amen!

Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church