Prophetic Word – Your Time Of Greatness Has Come

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

Recently during my time with the Lord, He began to speak to me about this season we are entering into. Many are not aware of what is truly going on in their lives, as well in the world around them. Please prayerfully receive the Lord’s powerfully focused & enlightening words:


“My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day, for as you do, you can alter things within you & ultimately in time, the things thing around you, as you allow Me to impact you with My life changing words this day. For I truly love you with an everlasting love…I need you to know that all of what you are seeing all around you, is not final. For this is not the time to allow fear, worry or negativity to affect or change you. You MUST know in your heart, that I AM with you always, even until the end of the world. As you will embrace this vital truth deep within you, things will change!

For you are My Church, My called Out Ones & I have called you out from that which is not of Me. I have called you out of that which the world embraces…I have called you by My name & you are to become like Me. Did I not tell you to “be followers of Me, as dear children” in Eph. 5:1? I need you to understand that…the word “follower” really means “imitator” & you are to literally “mimic” Me…you are to imitate MY works! My children, I ask you to look at your lives today. Are you mimicking Me…are you imitating My works? I’m showing you that there are things that must change!

For truly as you will have an ear to HEAR, an amen in your spirit will arise up & you will bow your own will, before Me. For truly I say, there are few that have fully bowed their wills unto Me with all their heart. Yes, there are many who say they have…there are many who will bow some things & there are many who only bow by giving me lip service. I desire for My people to truly let go of the foolishness that is bound in their hearts, so I can come in fully & setup My Kingdom within them. For then can My people rise up in Me & show the world My glory & love that comes from Me.

I am grieved that so many of My people only allow Me to dwell within their lives, on a “as needed basis”! Yes…when things are convenient for them…when they can find the time, they will give unto me a short time to pray…mostly only to give Me their “needs” list. I am waiting for My people to come before Me, just to be with Me! Where is the “full surrender” that so many talk about giving to Me? Where is the devotion to Me & My purposes? I tell you this, My people, because it is necessary that you know what is in My heart…for so many do not seem to care how I even feel!

Time is fleeing…the time I have given you is drawing shorter. It is high time that you stop looking at your own lives, as you have done & begin looking at My life, within you! For I have promised you that judgment must begin at the house of God, but so many do not seem to believe this, or take Me at My word, to do so! Do you not see, the things that are being exposed all around you in the media? I am showing you these things now, as a warning, to get your lives in order before Me & allow Me to truly rule in your hearts…for very soon much will be exposed, beginning in My people.

I have allowed some things to be exposed around you to wake you up & know that it is time to wake up from your slumber. It is time for you to trim your lamps & truly walk before Me. For the Bridegroom is soon coming & the time for you to make yourselves ready is come. Now is the time for you to cast off everything that is not pleasing to Me & allow Me to fill you with My glory & truth. Many think they “know the truth”, but most only know “of” the truth…for when you know the truth, the truth will make you free. I do not see much real freedom within My people today!

I hear a lot of talk…about “freedom”, but see very little fruit! I hear people “talk the talk”, but see few that can truly “walk the walk”! Where are My “called out ones” today? When will My people hear My voice? I said “My sheep hear My voice & the voice of a stranger, they will not follow”. Why are so many of My people following so many voices other than Me today? It is time to purge out the “stranger” voices from your mind & heart & for you to begin to BE who I have called you to be. Your time of greatness has come, My people…it is time for you to do the greater works!

Many say that they believe in My words, but most only believe they ARE My words. I need My people to believe IN My words, so that I can manifest My words through them. Didn’t I say “He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also & greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto My Father”? I am waiting for My people to do the greater works. Do not think that I am speaking only of the 5 fold mantle on My servants in ministry…this word is not talking only about them…they are talking about who ever “believes on me”. Your time of greatness has come!

Will you answer & be My Called Out Ones? Will you purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, in Me? It is time…your time My people…it is time for you to seek Me as you never have sought Me before! For the time has come for you to take your place. There is SO much for you to do & I am waiting for those who say they love Me, to let go of the way things have been & allow Me to take them to new heights, deeper depths, in Me…where I need them to be. For the time for My glory to be revealed in My church is come…it is your time to truly arise & shine, in Me!

I need you to come unto Me NOW & truly seek My indwelling presence to arise within you. I need to come in & bring change within you…to truly bring change, as you never have seen change before. Will you allow Me to look deep within your hearts, with you, there with Me? Will you truly be willing to die to self, so I can make you who I need you to be? For as I gave Myself freely so you could live, even now, I must truly purge self deep within you, so that I can be magnified in the Earth. If you will yield unto Me, I will take your all & make you who I want you to be, says the Lord”.


Dear Revival-Fire Church family, we cannot adequately express the enormous love that the Lord is conveying in His words. With all that is going on in the world, in this nation of USA, He needs us to take our place in Him, to establish His Kingdom in the Earth. His desire is for a time of great revival to come. He needs us to become the vessels of honor, fit for the Master’s use, so He can fulfill His promise, at this time. We cannot remain complacent or compromised any longer…we must be willing to lay our lives down & do as He has told us, while we still can. He needs His people to do the greater works that He said would come. We must make ourselves ready, so He can come deep within us all, as never before, so we can be His light shining in a dark place.

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore