Prophetic Word – Prepare Yourselves…The Great Exposure Is About To Be Revealed

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

During my time with the Lord yesterday, He began to speak to me about the time we are now entering into. Please prayerfully receive His powerful & penetrating words of revelation:


“My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day, for I have begun to reveal the hearts, minds & souls throughout the world. Know that I love you with an everlasting love & only wish that you would prosper & be in health, even as your soul prospers. I come to you today to let you know what is about to come forth upon mankind…for in a very small amount of days, much is going to be revealed. For I have said there is nothing secret that shall not be made manifest, neither is anything hid, that shall not be known & shine publicly. Very soon, I will show you all just what I mean.

For in the days ahead, I will reveal My hand to the nations, as I demonstrate what TRUTH will accomplish…for I have set a trap for those who would not listen to My loving cries for repentance. Soon the truth will shine abroad for all to see & very many will be devastated by the outcome of this truth. For I will have My way in the land of the USA & My righteousness will be reestablished again in the land. For even as these traitors say they desire to bring unity & peace, My heart of mercy has cried out to them to repent & be saved, but they just continue doing things worthy of death.

Think it not strange at the events that are about to come, for though this time may be frightening & cause anxiety in many, nonetheless, it will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness in those who are exercised by it. For I will bring great repentance across the land as the demonstration of My holiness exposes all of the crimes & evil these traitors have done. For I tell you now, that many of these will not even try to repent, but will continue in their own deception & bring upon themselves swift destruction…but some will respond to Me & repent & I will save them from this death.

Hear Me, My people & know that what I say now is for you as well…for I have promised that judgment begins at the house of God. Do not think that because I am exposing the great evils being committed by those in govt that I have winked at what you do. This is a time that each one of you must seek Me to know what you must do, to deliver yourselves from the coming exposure. Truly My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. As you will come to Me, within your weakness & repent to Me within your heart, I will perfect you in Me.

For I am causing My bride to make herself ready, so that I can return for her & SO many of My people are far from being ready! So many have listened to man’s doctrines & teachings that tickle the ears & do not provoke a changed heart…all they do is make My people feel good about themselves, the way they are & nothing really ever changes. Same old, same old…continues as usual & the darkness around My people continues to grow, when My people are suppose to be overcoming the darkness by their light. I need My people to shake themselves from this & follow Me!

Come to Me, My people…I need you to truly give your hearts to Me! I need you to be focused on Me during the next 3 weeks, for in these 3 weeks much of what I am now saying will manifest. There will be great sights that will present themselves & great horror will even grip many, who have not fastened themselves securely in Me. But, as you will seek My face in these weeks to come, I will prepare you to go through this time, as vessels of My honor & you will be equipped to stand & do exploits, when the enemy tries to overcome you with fear, doubt & unbelief, trust in Me!

For I tell you that there is about to be a “birthing” of sorts within My people…many will breakthrough unto Me, as they never have before. My people will truly begin to arise & shine, for their light will truly come, as the glory of their Lord will truly be risen upon them. For very soon, I will release My anointing & presence of the 3rd great outpouring across the land & the harvest will begin to come in. This will be a time of anointing & power that the early church only saw a small token of, but as My people will rise up in Me in THIS time, they will dispel darkness as never seen before.

2020 was the year that caused My people to begin to look within their hearts & see clearer than they ever had seen before & now in 2021 My people will walk forward in that clear vision & execute My judgment against the powers of darkness. For as I tear down the evils that are perched in govts, along with all of the corruption & fraud, even so My people will walk in the power of My Spirit & they will not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ ever again! My people will now take their places in the marketplace…they will now take their places in local, state & federal govt, as well.

The time for Me to setup My kingdom has come & My people will now make preparation for My soon coming. For as they take their rightful places, I will use them as they have never been used before. Revival will be commonplace, everywhere you go. My power & presence will go where ever My people will take Me, for they will stand as My ambassadors on the Earth. This is the time…the time that so many have longed to see. As you will stand strong through these coming weeks & pray as I ask you…as you will fast as I will declare, you will see My results in you come.

Stand with Me, My people…do not sloth off & think, some one else will do it…YOU must take YOUR places! Do not be like the servant who hid his Lord’s money & buried it in the ground. If Christ BE in you, you will stand in this time & allow Me to use you. You will take your place in My Heavenly army & be strong in your Lord & in the power of His might! The time for My people to hear My voice has come…follow Me! Be ready, willing & obedient in this time & watch what I will do. You will see My demonstration come forth across the land, as I raise up My people on Jan. 6th.

For the call has gone out & many are heeding My cry! My people will stand as multitudes across this nation & their prayers will surely avail much! People are responding to My call, that have never responded before…the tide is rising & I will show Myself thru My people in the weeks ahead. This time is expedient for My people to take their places, as never before…for it is literally the tipping point on My calendar of destiny. My people must take their place & truly seek to please Me, obeying Me from within their hearts. As you do this, you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.


Dear RFC family…whoa! What a sobering & challenging word! We are entering into a time we have never seen before. There can be no more “same old, same old”…we must rise up in this hour. We are about to see MUCH revealed very soon. What is going to come out will be shocking & will also most likely cause much turmoil. We pray that what is about to come will happen without rioting & such, but it is very possible we will truly see Psm. 2:1 manifest as we see “the heathen rage & the people imagine a vain thing”.

All we can do is stay close to the Lord…be willing, open & obedient! We will get through this time…what is important is that we do our part…whatever it is the Lord asks of us. He may ask you to fast & pray…please be sensitive to His heart at this time. Anything He asks is for our good & for the outcome of what is coming to be the best case scenario. We will get to the other side of this & we believe we will enter into the “golden age” the Lord showed Me.

What do I mean when I say “golden age”? Well, several months ago, I was praying about the soon coming revival & the Lord showed me something. This was before He gave me that vision 2 weeks ago. Anyway, what I saw was something I couldn’t put into words. It was as if I was looking forward in time & all I saw was a “golden glow”. The feeling that came with it, was a glorious peace & blessing. When I tried to put it into words, all I could say was a golden age.

Lord, we desire to enter into this wondrous time you have revealed. Please help us to do our part as we stand with you & do as You please. Help up to ready our hearts for what is ahead…help us to surrender anything & everything that You desire from us at this time, in Jesus mighty name we pray…amen!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie More
Revival-Fire Church