Prophetic Word – It’s Time To Position Yourselves For What Is About To Come

Dear Revival-Fire Church family,

In my recent time with the Lord, He began to speak to me about the time we have entered. Please prayerfully receive His powerful, loving words for us, as we walk forward in this time:


“My children, hear the words of your Heavenly Father this day, for as you do you will be able to walk forward in all that is coming. For as you will truly look on the horizon, you will see clouds forming…for this I say, to encourage you. For as many of you have waited expectantly, for Me to release this last day revival, I have heard your cries & am releasing My angels on assignment, to prepare the way for revival to come. For surely as I bought the early rain & then over 100 years ago, I brought the latter rain, even so I am about to release the early & the later rain together.

Many of you have cried out to Me to release My glory upon the earth…many of you have fasted & prayed, seeking Me to do this. And your prayers have impacted Heaven & those prayers, accompanied by tears, have been stored up in My bottle. Lo, the time has come, My people…the time for Me to do what only I can do. I need you to know this…I need you to stand fast in the liberty that I have made you free. For many of you have felt the onslaught of the enemy attack your faith & you have felt the fierceness of his exploits & these things have caused many to lose hope in Me.

Many have struggled during this time & your cries have increased unto Me, only some of those prayers have been prayers of discouragement & of lost faith. I need you to stand fast at this time & know that everything is going as I see fit. Do not look at man’s time tables or think that any certain date really matters, for this I tell you, is necessary. For what I do, no man knows the day or the hour, but that day & hour WILL come! I need you to focus on Me & not that which is not yet come. Fix your eyes upon My Son- receive His glory…for it is His glory that you now really need.

For this I say to help you…for believe it or not, the glory that has been promised HAS already been released…the glory of the LORD IS RISEN UPON YOU! Unfortunately, most of My people are so fixated on all that is going on around them, that they do not see it…they cannot tell that it is there. For this I say to help you & to snap you out of what the enemy has done. For even as My word declares the things that the enemy will do, I shared those things so you would not be compromised or pulled from your positions of grace within Me. You must pull yourselves together.

I need you to see that all that is going on around you is nothing but “smoke & mirrors”. Why do I say this? Because nothing that is going on in the natural realm is of any consequence to My people. That false administration that has risen up against My chosen servant is not real…it is only a lie & deception. I have allowed this to happen, because of the greater good. For truly as time passes by, more & more people are waking up & seeing things as they really are. Many of them are now seeing things, they once denied & it is the very 1st time they realize they had been deceived.

So many of My people have cried unto Me & asked Me to bring revival…those prayers have bombarded Heaven. And I am responding to those prayers even now. However, what many do not seem to understand is, that the very answer to their prayers is being overlooked because they have their eyes fixed on certain things & not on the greater good. For there is more going on than what any one can know. At most, any of you can only see a very small portion of what I am doing. For what I do is for eternity…not for this small moment of time…not to accomplish a smaller view.

Set your sights higher, says the Lord & know that what I am doing requires you to see on a higher level. You cannot see or understand what I do, unless you will let go of your preconceptions of how things are to be & allow Me to show you. I can only show you as you will come closer to Me. For it is in My secret place that I can give you a better understanding. And as you will take the time to seek Me, I will help you through all that is to come. For surely as the sun will arise tomorrow, even so will I do what I have promised you I will do, so trust Me fully now & come unto Me.

For I am calling many of you into a important time of FASTING…& those who will hear My voice NOW, will receive the greater glory that will be revealed. For truly I tell you that as you have prayed for revival to come, even so, you must now understand & receive the truth concerning what you ask of Me. Many of you have come to the realization that revival can only come by repentance…this is the starting point. But now I want to give you greater understanding & in this you will be helped greatly. F-A-S-T = REVIVAL. If you want revival, you must now come to Me with your fasting.

Look to Me to lead you in this, for this I say, some will need to fast technology & distractions…some will need to fast certain things that they eat. But, all must come at this time & fast before Me. For this is the time that I will release My glory & those who desire to walk in that glory will have to free themselves from things that do hinder them in their walk with Me. I do not say these things to ridicule or rebuke you…I say them because I love you & want you to be part of this last day outpouring. I do not want you just sitting on the sidelines, watching others do exploits in Me.

Arise, shine, for your light HAS come…it is time that you arise into what I am doing in this last day. For this is the season that My people have cried out for, but, many have thought that it would look differently. Many thought that I would just wave My hand & change would be. Things are more complicated than that…I have given mankind freewill, so man must chose what to do. Even those who are called by My name & follow Me must choose in this time. My people will either let go of the things that are holding them back, or hold on to them & miss out on what to come.

For I say, in 2021 will My people take their place in Me…they will take their place in society…they will shine as lights in a dark place. It is time for My people to make a difference. You can not just sit there any longer & wait for something to happen. You must realize that the reason nothing is happening is because you are just sitting there. Arise, shine…for your light HAS come…My glory IS RISEN upon you…you must now TAKE it by faith…you must take your place in Me…you MUST do what you have not been doing…you must come unto Me & let Me shine thru you.

Take your place, My people…do not sit there complacent & compromised any longer. I have told you for a long time that this must change. My people are now on the precipice…you will either go one way or another. The great falling away is already beginning & many have felt changes pull on them, from deep within. Many who have called upon My name, are now retreating & going in a way that is not of Me, even into sin. I love you all with an everlasting love & desire for you to be with Me. Heed My words, My people, do as I say & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC family…I cannot adequately put into words, the emotion & heart that I felt as the Lord spoke these words to me. I can only relay this as best as I can & it keeps going back to what He told us many months ago…it is His people will usher in what is to come. We have entered into the time we have all prayed for, but what we now see, seems opposite of what we envisioned the answer to our prayers to be. We must now see things as He sees them, so we can understand what is happening. It is time that we enter into a extreme time of warfare, beginning with self, then going outward, to pull down the strongholds that exist around us.

Because the reason we see things ‘as they appear to be’, is because we still have areas of complacency & compromise in our lives that has given the enemy power to do the things that he is doing. Unfortunately, many will not understand what this means or what has caused it. That is why it is vitally important that we all go to Him & seek Him by prayer & fasting. We all want revival…revival only comes thru repentance. Sadly, many we will think that it is “someone else who needs to fast, not me, my life is already perfect before Him”.

It is such thinking that has allowed many things to transpire over time & now as we will open our eyes & begin to see as He sees, we will come to the realization of what He has told us for a very long time. We ARE the light of the world…the world can only walk in the light that we give them & thus, we can see why the world is the way it is today, because just like the pharisees, we cannot see the darkness that exists within us. Let us open our hearts unto Him & truly let Him show us if there be any wicked thing in us, so we can walk in His way, everlasting.

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church