Prophetic Word – Great Favor & Reversal Will Follow Those Who Seek True Repentance In This Hour

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

In my recent time with the Lord, He began to speak to me about the hour we are entering into. Please prayerfully receive His powerful, illuminating & transforming words of hope & love:


My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day, for today is a day of deliverance, that My people has never seen. For as you will hear My heart & respond to Me, you will see Me as you have never seen Me before. As you have believed “God is love”, this is true. And so many of My people have held to My love all of these years. However, many have also held to My love for selfish reasons & used it as a means to cover their sins. For as you have been with Me, so many held Me at arms length, refusing to come close as I desire, but keep hold of Me mainly for their own purposes.

Whereas many will call Me “Lord, Lord”, but will not do the things that I say. A breach exists in many of My people who only allow Me so close, so that they can hold to their own lives, to do those things that are pleasing in their sight, but not in Mine. I call you to open your hearts this day & truly receive Me, for I truly love you with an everlasting love & My love never changes, for I change not. And you shall know this as you will open your heart & lives unto Me & allow Me to take you where you really need to go -closer in Me, for this is My heart’s greatest desire.

However, for you to do this & come closer, many of you will need to see those things that do hinder them, so I can wash those things away. For truly there are many who refuse to confront the things they have done in times past & make them right. For truly I have told you to not be deceived, for I am not mocked…for whatever is sown, shall also be reaped. But so many of My people do not believe this, though it is My word. Many will say they believe this, but the truth is manifest by their actions…for if you truly love Me, you will do those things that are pleasing in My sight.

Many have lived years & years, never confronting the things that I see, which they have done, to make them right before Me, but have taken My great love & perverted it to cover their sin. Come let us reason together, for thoough your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow! You must be willing to allow Me to show you what I want you to see…so you will see as I see & know as I know. For you do not realize that so much is off track or damaged both in you & in others around you, because of those things you never made right before Me & lives have been damaged.

Lives have been altered due to your lack of responsibility to do your rightful part in what you have done. You can not just bury things under a rug, to make them disappear, for if you do, they still exist as seeds, that will later show forth their fruit. And this fruit I speak of, is fruit you would never ever want to see, if you knew what was really behind it. So, I come to you, My people to help you to see…that you will be sound spirit, soul & body before Me. For I desire to change so many things in your lives, but cannot because you have not done what I required for you to do before Me.

The time has come for you to hear My voice, as you have never heard it before. For as you will do this, as I now say & allow Me to speak to your heart of hearts, deep within you, you will see Me reveal things to you that you never considered before. You will attain an understanding & wisdom that will carry you forward in what I desire for you to do. For you will begin to see those things that I have long awaited for you to surrender unto Me. Those things that have hindered you from seeing My will unfold, so My glory would manifest within, around & through you, ahead.

For I have said, he that covers his sin shall not prosper. Few will take hold of this & will truly desire to know what I say. For to do so, requires that you will truly open your heart & come clean before Me. I want you to see what you have caused by you covering those sins…I want you to know who you have harmed & afflicted by them. For I said follow peace with all men & holiness, without which no one shall see the Lord. Looking diligently unless any fail of the grace of God, unless any root of bitterness springing up trouble you & by it many be defiled. Do you hear Me?

Those who will hear My voice & choose to repent, will begin to see great favor in their lives, for the chains of bondage will be removed & the attachments which the enemy has ensnared them with will be no more. Remember, who ever sins you remit, they are remitted unto them & who ever sins you retain, they are retained. This speaks of your own sins as well…you cannot leave them as they are…they must be repented of…things must be made right before man & Me. Know you not that those things that you have not repented for, the enemy uses to do his evil?

For what ever My people allow in their lives, the enemy will use to justify promoting evil in this world. This is why I told you that you ARE the light of this world…this is why the world can only walk in the light you give them. The enemy knows this & takes advantage of the sins of My people. Complacency & compromise has blinded My people, so they cannot see…they are unaware that those things they allow & those things that they have not truly repented of, are being used against them, because of the false light the enemy is able to shine upon this world through them.

But, as My people will begin to see this & respond unto Me with repentance, they will begin to see Me begin to reverse those things that they have allowed. Many things in their lives will begin to reverse & they will see My hand move on their behalf, as never before. Hear Me, My people & be willing to look deep within your hearts…allow Me to show you what I want you to see. Do not think that you can just gloss things over like a blanket & think you will not answer for this…for I tell you that you really should be seeing this reality already, as your lives show lack & need.

I want you to know the true freedom of My Spirit…I want you to know My liberty for yourselves personally. Not just “claiming” these things, with unrepentant, wavering hearts…but with hearts that are truly broken before Me & centered upon Me. For I will do a great work in those who will say yes to My voice right now…I will raise them up to do exploits in this last hour…for they will be made worthy by My blood…they will have nothing hidden from Me, to deter My plans for their lives. Heed My words, My people & obey & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear family of God, we are living in serious times! Our hearts cry out to the Lord to help us, as we look forward to doing what only He can do in the days ahead. These are serious things that so many of us have overlooked, not realizing that much of what we have been through…much that we have endured, is because we have held onto to things in our hearts, not realizing that these things are at fault for much of the things we have experienced.

The Lord only gives good things to His children, so we must understand that we have a responsibility to the Lord, to see things as He has said. We must respond to His voice & come clean before Him. This message goes way deeper than we can possibly grasp at this point, but I sense the Lord will illuminate us more, as times goes by. Let us each be willing to look deep into our hearts & allow Him to show us what He want us to do.

Our lives are diverse & different…we each must do this individually. We want Him to be pleased with us & all that is in our lives. We must go back & dig up any old roots that we left alone, so we can move forward in Him & see Him use us as never before in the time ahead. Let each of us be sure to take the time needed to let Him do a deep work in the time ahead…we have great days ahead of us…we want to be ready for Him!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church