Prophetic Word – June 21, 2021 “Entering Into The Revelation Of The Mystery”

Dear Family Of God,

The Lord told us to share with you the prophetic word the He gave for His people last night during Monday Night’s Worship Service. Please prayerfully receive His powerful, loving & liberating words:


“The Lord says: It is time, My people…it is time. For My cry has gone out across the land. Yes, the cry that the Bridegroom cometh! Yet FEW have heard My cry…few have truly responded to Me from their hearts. For with all that is being seen around you…all that is being revealed & exposed, still My people hold fast to their own ways…they refuse to let go of the things that I desire them to release unto Me. You are at MidNight, My people…there is no more time for you to slumber & sleep…you MUST wake up…you MUST arise & shine! For truly, truly I say unto you, My people…I do love you with an everlasting love & I have done everything I can to make My glory known thru you. It is now time for you to respond unto Me…it is time that you surrender those things that you know I am looking upon. I can no longer be your “hobby”…I must now become your life!

Yes, it is time for you to trim your lamps, so that My glory can shine thru. It is time that you let go of “life” as you have made it & put away your childish things…it is time for you to be mature in Me. It is time for you to take hold of what I have given for you. You cannot hold onto the things of this world & expect Me to hand you the things of My Kingdom…you cannot serve God & Mammon. You must choose. For I am looking to & fro across the face of the Earth, looking for those who will answer My call…who will respond to My cry & with true humility & contriteness, allow Me to do a real work within them. For time is short & I must do a quick work in My people…there is no time to waste!

 In the days & weeks ahead, I will ask you to let go of things…I will give you My soft promptings. It will be up to you, to respond to these…it is up to you, to do your part! You must trim your lamps now…you must put your lives in proper order. For so many of My people do not realize the many things they allow, which keep them from much of My goodness & life. Many struggle just to survive, by appropriating My “mercy”, living off of the crumbs that fall from their Master’s table, when I have prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies. How long will you live like this…how long until you see the wrong you are committing & return unto Me? For truly many of My people are become as “prodigals”…thinking they are living their lives, doing what they think is for them. They continue to struggle & experience many things that I do not want for them…all because they forget they need to come to themselves, humble their hearts & return unto Me.

For truly I say unto you, My people, it is in that place of humility that you will find your answers…& when you come to that place, you will realize that you have been going the wrong way…you have been going your way. It is time for you to begin going My way, says the Lord…for it is time that I anoint your heads with oil, so that your cup runs over, with My goodness. My goodness if evident to those who walk in humility & contriteness. My goodness overtakes them, for their desire is to please only Me. So, many are missing out on the best parts of their lives, because they fail to go back & do what I want them to do. I have told each of you these things before, but because of false doctrine, many toss My directives aside, thinking their way is better. No longer will those things you have allowed be effectual, as they have in the past…for even as the prodigal son was forced to eat scraps meant for swine, even so will those of My people begin to see in their lives, until they will come to themselves, pick themselves up out of the mire & run back to Me.

For I am there waiting for you & My glory is with Me. I will put the BEST Robe on you, so you will be able to accomplish all that I desire. I will put My ring on your finger, signifying My power & authority in your lives. I will put shoes on your feet, so you will be able to tread on all of your enemies. I will kill for you the fatted calf, yes, My plenty will flow unto you, as you will come unto Me & repentantly give your hearts & lives truly unto Me. For the hour of My soon coming draws near…I need My people to be ready. For the close creation comes to My return, the more I desire My people to SHINE My glory & power to this world. This is the time that many have cried out for, but so few are truly realizing the closeness of the hour. You must realize that the enemy has caused many of My people to lose hope…to lose faith…to only halfheartedly trust Me for My promises. You must realize this is only happening because you have taken your eyes off of Me & My promises & have set them on the things that you see around you. Shake yourselves…shake yourselves, says God…& rise up to this hour, so I may flow thru you.

There is MUCH I desire to do through each of you, but you must do your part…you must be willing to seek Me…you must be willing to let go of those things you know are in the way. You can no longer think I will wink at them…for doing so will only cause you grief & heartache, as things spiral down around you. The time for My people to take their places has begun. You must now enter into the revelation of My Mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory! Allow Me to take My place within you…you will never be the same again…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


The Lord is moving powerfully during the Monday Night Worship services! He actually flows within & throughout the entire service, so God’s people would greatly benefit by experiencing the entire service as a whole – not just in “reading” this word, by itself, as He reveals a lot more…SO much more throughout the whole service. Taking in this word alone does not do justice to what He shares within the entire service!

The Monday Night Worship Services are live @ 7pm CST, but they are also recorded, so anyone can take in each service at any time:

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God bless each of you!
Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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