Prophetic Words & Exhortations From Monday Night’s Powerful Worship Service July 5, 2021

Dear Family Of God,

As we shared in a previous email, for reasons still unknown, YouTube cut off & censored our Live Stream. The Lord told me to share the prophetic words He gave & also the prophetic exhortations that also came all throughout the service, so I have taken my time to transcribe those parts for each of you. Please prayerfully receive all that He has given:


The Lord says My people. They come to Me & they draw near with their lips but their hearts are far from Me. And I say unto you, My people the time for playing games is over the time for playing church is over. You must decide. Yes. You must decide. Are you going to rise up in Me? Are you going to begin to do the exploits that I’ve called to do? Or are you going to stay where you are & fall behind? The choice is yours, My people & it grieves Me to see so many that just continue to hold on & continue to stay back…continue to not do what I’ve called in the do. But tonight is your night, says God, for as you will yield your heart and open to Me, as I speak & I blow through afresh from My word. You shall be changed, forevermore , says the Lord”.


Hallelujah. Thank you Lord. Thank you, Lord. Yes. God we want we want true revival God. And we know true revival comes only by repentant hearts. God, we look & see. We look & see how things are Lord. And We’re not going to say, oh, that’s something that someone else, cause that not me. No, no, no. We we, we take our place and we say, we ARE responsible. We HAVE caused this Darkness out there. For Lord, Your word has said, and we shall not come against your word, Lord, and we thank you. And we praise you. Lord for giving us more time, more time. Lord, to do what you want us to do, deep within our hearts. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Tonight, God is calling us. This is an altar call. This is an altar call service tonight! Tonight, God is going to God is going to do some work. Oh yes. He’s going to go…you know, you gonna go to the dentist & you get a deep cleaning, you know? And I’m telling you if you’ve ever had a deep cleaning & then you go home & you’re spitting out blood for sometimes days and this is what happens when you get deeply cleaned.

God’s going to spill, is going to cause blood to spill. Yes, the blood of Jesus is going to be applied & there’s going to be repentance, there’s going to be turning over & opening up and showing for things that you’ve never seen and never known, but yet continue to go as if all was well. But tonight we’re going to receive the word of the Lord. And we’re going to go deep into him & we’ll allow Him to change us, as never before. Because He loves us. He loves us so very much & His grace is sufficient for us. Yes. And we take that Grace for granted and we say, oh, thank you for the grace of Jesus. Thank you for the blood of Jesus. Thank you for the faith in Christ that we have through his blood, but we do not take it seriously. And you say, how can I say that? Well, I can say that because, you look outside, you look at the world…you look at what’s going on in this nation & you can say, oops, that’s right!. How can I…if you look outside & you see all this going on in the nation, you look at the news to see all the corruption. You look at the news and see all the evil. Look at the news and say all the, ‘oh my God’, such demonic activity going everywhere and the church just plays patty-cake with the devil & says “I love you, Jesus”. It’s time that we take hold of God as never before. You see, He’s given us…such goodness…such kindness, such wonderful grace & He’s faithful to the end.

But there’s coming a day & He’s going to talk about that tonight. There is coming a day to where we’re going to give an account. Yes. And I’m talking about coming up, you know, quickly this year, we’re going to be giving some account. So we need to open our hearts, take God in. Yes. All with his goodness. You see, He’s just like a doctor. They just don’t cut you open and start cutting things out of you. No, no, they give you anesthetic, they make you all nice and feeling nice and good and wonderful. You see? And so we’re gonna go through that, anesthesia stage now and we’re gonna allow God to do, what he wants to do in each of our hearts Hallelujah…glory to his name.


“So many of My people, so many of My people cry for My rain to fall, they cry to be filled as vessels for My glory but they do not even realize what’s happening because, My glory comes…for I give abundantly, but lo, My people never get filled, My people never become those vessels of My glory…& why is that, you ask? Because your wine skins have cracks…your wine skins are ruined. And you think that what has passed is okay, because My blood has cleansed it, but yet your wine, skins still leaks because you haven’t gone back & made things right”.


God wants you to make things right, in your hearts and lives. Do not think, oh, He pours out his glory. He pours out his Spirit. He pours out his abundance, but we just can’t hold it. We can’t hold it because of the things still, in our lives that we haven’t gone back & made, right. This is serious. This is serious. If you ever wonder…people go to revivals & they feel His presence. They go into church services & they feel His presence & it feels so warm & like it’s like the warm of a fire. It’s like standing around a campground. Well, did it ever dawn on people that the reason you see and we can’t jump in to the fire because, our vessels have holes. You see. if our vessels were repaired & whole, we would overflow with the glory & fire of God & be consumed. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but it does in my spirit. It does in my heart because I, I’ve experienced it, I know what it’s like & God’s people need to come to that place to where, we do what we need to do. You see, Christianity today has been defiled and deceived because of false teachings & water down teachings. And God says, revival must come. God says the time would come that He would release. You see, there’s information coming out. You remember in Revelation when John saw & they said “write it not”…don’t write it down…don’t write it down! You see, there’s other places in the Old Testament, were they were not allowed to share what God showed, you see & those things I believe the Lord is showing…these things are now becoming revealed to His people, so the binders can come off & we can walk with Him as never before.

We’re in an exciting time, but we have got to do our part. We can’t just say, ‘oh God do it to me’. Well, He, He’s trying, He’s trying, but we’re in the way. You see? We’re not helping Him. That’s why He gave scriptures like “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”. That means that we must go from deep within and caused His righteousness, His salvation to burst forth, from within our innermost being. We have an effort & we have a place. It’s not just something you know, “Burger King”, you know, give me my order. Hello. Give me a break. Giving God orders?… tisk, tisk, tisk not good…not good. You see, we sing these songs & the songs are wonderful & they are powerful, but if they are not really meant from the innermost being, it’s just mouthing words, like that vision I told you about last week of the clapping hands & the tapping feet, you see all the people gave, we’re giving over a little bit just to worship, you know, their mouths & lips were going & their feet & their hands…but the heart, He said was far from Him. Oh, God…we just come before you Lord…help us Lord, to break through to that innermost place. Lord, that you desire to be that you desire to dwell changes, Father to be the light that shines in the dark place.


“Come to Me, yes My people, it is time for you to be…what I desire you to know, so you can walk close with Me. The hour is getting later & you are not where you should be…I’m calling each of you, to surrender your hearts & lives to Me. For the hour of My coming, is not that far away. Don’t let complacency & compromise, make you think that you can come to Me another day. Give your all, yes, give it all to Me…don’t hold back, I see it, i know it…you keep hiding it, yes from Me. I want that thing, yes that thing…that you won’t even confront…no, no, no…you keep holding it back & say, i cannot do it…you must let go! Don’t you know, when you do, how free you’ll be…in Me!”

The Lord says, you see, as we ended that song, He spoke a question to me. The Lord said:

“Am I your Lord or are you just mouthing words? Am I your Lord? Why do you call me Lord, Lord & do not the things that I say. I asked you out of love…for I love you. I gave My all…I came bled and died for you…that you could live in Me. So I ask you the question, am I truly your Lord? Are you truly living your life, that pleases, Me & doing those things that I have told you to do? Or are you doing your own thing? Are you living your own life & giving Me lip service? I don’t say this in harshness. I don’t say this in, in, in anything other than love. Because I care so much for you and I want you to be with Me. I want you to know Me as you’ve never known Me before.

For as you sing, I’m high & lifted up & My glory fills the temple, you do not realize I’m speaking about your temple here (pointing to our bodies). Your temple here, when you lift Me high, you lift Me up in yourself, in your own life in your obedience, to me…I will feel your temple. I will. And this is an answer to many that have said, why God, why am I not seeing the fullness that You have spoken up? And this is just one step to understanding because there’s much, much more to come. My people need to see, as I see, My people need to know, as I know. For I see it all, for yet My people hide behind the veneers & placation’s that give an appearance, but the true heart is far from Me. And I call this day & this hour. Yes, even this night, wherever you are on Earth. This is your hour. This is your time…to make things right with Me. To truly Surrender, to truly give, to truly turn over your heart and life, your obedience to what I say.

Hear me my children. This is this is not something that take lightly. For I’m not slack concerning My promise as some men count slackness. I am long-suffering not willing, any should perish but that all should come to repentance but know there will be many, that will not come to repentance. And when (we as children of earth), when you see the scripture, you always point at someone else. “They won’t repent”. But I tell you my children. When I spoke it, I started with you…My church. For I told you & I told you & I told you & you need not…better not, let it slip. Judgment begins at the house of God. Yes, My judgment is coming on all the evil that’s out there & it is going to pass through My church first. You need to be aware of this…you need to know. The time is come & much is about to happen. Come to me. Give me your all…release those things that you’re holding back, while you still can, says the Lord”.


When we sang this song, the Lord sang it…He was singing it to us! This is what He sang, He said:

“My people, I love you, when you praise Me & you adore Me. Glorify My name, in all the Earth. Glorify My name, Glorify My name, Glorify My name in all the Earth…that’s what you’re here for…glorify My name, glorify My name, glorify My name in all the Earth”.

Yes. That’s His song to us. That’s His cry, that’s His heart. And as we will begin to…you see over the years, I’ve prayed & I prayed & I said Lord I want to be close, so close to you, I hear your heartbeat. You see? And this is this is hearing His heartbeat, the very expression of His Spirit coming forth, in everything,

We want to get deeper into the things of God, we want to, it’s not we don’t we’re not looking for book knowledge, we’re not looking for wisdom of men. We want true revelation. We want that which is life-giving. We want that which will change us & alter us forever. You know, it’s nice to have a good word where you think that was nice & you go home & you could move on with your life. But when we come before God and He speaks to us a word of power and authority & it’s like a battering ram that just like (crashing noise) the walls of Jericho, there’s walls within our lives that must come down, So, He keeps going around and around those walls…until they will come down.

You know, that’s that’s quite a statement, you know…I’ve been a Christian since 1976, August 16th, I gave my life to Jesus. And throughout that time I’ve heard over & over again over the years, you know, you hear people talking about the going around the mountain again, you see, they’re experiencing the same problem, you see? It’s like a repetition. It just keeps going around, going around. Here they go through the whole cycle and then it starts over again and so many of God’s people are living that way today. So many are stuck in a rut, the stuck in a cycle and they don’t know what to do to get out of it.


Dear Family of God, as powerful as all these words are, they alone cannot adequately express the power, authority & spirit that the Lord released during this service. If you really want to be impacted, please be sure to take in the entire service for yourselves & allow the Lord to release the fullness of these words, as they came that night by clicking this link:

We were not able to finish the message that night, but we will come together next Monday & surely the Lord will enable us to finish this message “Responding To The Bridegroom’s Midnight Cry”. He gave us a LOT that still needs to be unpacked to give to His people. We hope you are able to join us then…if not, be sure to take in the worship service as soon as you can!

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Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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