Prophetic Word – The Time For Revival Has Come…Repent…For Judgment Begins At The House Of God

Dear Family Of God,

Tonight’s worship service was INTENSELY powerful! The Lord came throughout the service with such “seriousness”. There was a lot of prophetic exhortation & prophetic words released, but we only feel impressed to share the main prophetic word that came at the end. It was well worth the wait! Please prayerfully & seriously receive His powerful & challenging words:


The Lord says: I speak unto My people as One who truly cares for you & loves you. I only desire good things for My children. It is My desire that you walk with Me…it is My desire that you BE seated in Heavenly places in Christ…not just positionally, but in REALITY. For though many of you KNOW this is My will for you, FEW will really enter into that place & BE with Me. So many of My people have been deceived…so many of My people have listened to teachings of men, which subvert souls into complacency & compromise. I keep saying this because, until I see a REAL change in My people, I will continue to declare it…it is time that you return unto Me! You started strong, leaving the things of this world & ran hard after Me, but over time, the enemy came & was able to seduce you & deceive you to slowly depart from the very things I had lifted you out from. I look down & see a people who look more like the world, than they do like Me. Where are the TRUE Imitators of God? Where are the ones who listen closely to My voice & do the things that I say? For so many of My people ask Me, where are the answers they keep seeking Me for. Many of My people continue walking forward in the same things they had, seeing no fruit in their lives & then they wonder why!

When will My people return unto Me & heed the things that I say? For truly I have given so many of you directives for your lives, but somehow, most of what I command you is somehow received as something that you perceived you would just “pray about” doing. I have even told many to move! But, somehow My commands have become something that YOU decide to reject & cast aside! Is it any wonder, My people, that you find yourselves in places in your lives, that you never thought you would see? For you look for Me to bless you…you look for Me to heal you…you look for Me to do so many things for you, yet, it never comes into your mind that perhaps the reason these things are able to affect your lives is because you still have not gone back & done what I commanded you to do!  How is it that I have become more of a guidance counselor, than I have your Lord & Master?

So many of My people cannot see just how far from Me they really are. I am calling for My people to realize just how dark things have become around you, so you may finally figure out that the world is a reflection of what is inside of YOU! It is time for you to wake up in this midnight hour & do what you need to do…really, what you MUST do to set yourselves a right in Me! For truly I tell you that My repentance SHALL be seen across the land. Yes, repentance will increase more & more over the next weeks & months. For there will be many who will heed My words & break themselves free from those things that do limit them & they will see My hand upon them, as I walk through them & use them to change the world. But, for others, who do not of their own accord humble themselves & seek Me for repentance, many of these will come to repentance, but not through the means that I desire…these will repent as My judgement comes upon them for not heeding My words in a timely fashion. Those who refuse to trim their lamps & put their lives in order, they will see more & more loss in their lives, until they realize that they ARE Prodigals…then they will repent of their deeds & run back unto Me.

The time is growing short, My people…the time to respond unto Me is narrowing…the door is starting to close & very soon My people will see things happening in their own lives that will cause them to know that I am not a man that I should lie, but My words will come to pass, as I have declared them. Do not think that I do not love you…for it is My very love for you that is causing these things to come to pass! For as many as I love, I rebuke, chasten & scourge every son that I receive…be zealous therefore & repent! And do not think within yourself that this is word is NOT for you, for that is exactly what the enemy wants you to think! He wants you to continue on the path you are on, so he can take you off the cliff! Stop listening to his deceptive & alluring words & remember the promises you made to Me. Give your hearts back truly to Me & allow Me to fill you with all of My goodness. For the distractions that the enemy has placed in front of you, is only a means to keep you from coming closer unto Me. So many of My people excuse the things they do, thinking that their lives ARE their own…so many of My people are somehow convinced that I did not actually purchase you with My blood I shed on the Cross! Somehow My people have received into their hearts & spirits a ‘gospel’ that is not even of Me. Rends your hearts, My people & begin again to do the first works you once did when you did truly walk with Me.

I am looking to & fro across the face of the Earth, looking for those who will hear My voice & respond unto Me. The time for revival has come, My people…the time for you to take your places at My side & walk in Me. It is time for the world to see the exploits that I have promised would come! Will you come along in this hour & ride with Me? Shake yourselves & make things right! Deep within your hearts, you know what you are to do…you just refuse to go to that place & do what I told you to do. I love you My people…please heed My voice & do the things you know I told you to do & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”


Dear Family…all I can say is Whoa…& WOW! The Lord has had me carry this word for around 2 weeks & it has weighed heavily on my heart. It is time that we begin to be “serious” in our walk with God! If you have not done so, be sure to take in this entire service…there is SO much there…So much that just can’t be expressed here. You have to experience it, to truly know & receive it. We are in a very serious time. God said things will heat up this Summer in many ways. The weeks & months ahead are going to be powerful, in so many ways.

Please take this word deep within your heart & allow the Lord to speak to you. He has much to reveal to each of our hearts…His people have been asleep for way too long! Things really must change, or we may find ourselves in a very difficult place…one that He really doesn’t want us to go through. While we still have time, we must seek Him & allow Him to speak unto our hearts & let Him tell us the things we have missed…the things we have neglected…the things we have refused, when He has told us before. The time for repentance has come…revival is begun…judgement begins at the house of God!

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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