Prophetic Word – “I Am Calling My People To Come To Accountability Before Me & Reckon Your Lives”

Dear Family Of God,

Last nite at the end of the Monday Night Worship service, the Lord gave a VERY powerful & sobering word to His people. Please prayerfully & sincerely receive His impacting & illuminating words:


The Lord says: “Know that I love you with an everlasting love…know that It is time, My people…it is time! For My people must NOW truly BE the Sons of God. My people MUST NOW do their part & work out your own salvation with fear & trembling. Cast out of you that false reality of Me being there only when you need Me & realize that I am looking for those who will answer Me when I need you! I am calling My people to come to accountability before Me & reckon your lives. For time will show you, who is really Mine & who are really playing their own games. Look to Me & I will show you great & mighty things that you know not. For My word is alive & powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing & diving asunder of soul & spirit & is a discerner of the thoughts & intents of your hearts. As you will truly listen to My words & apply them to your hearts, you will understand these things greatly, on a level you never thought before. For I will open up your understanding to know the height, the depth & the width of what I am wanting for you & you will never be the same again. Look unto Me, My people & see the things that I have prepared for you. For many of you, the things you have your eyes fixed on are not of Me, but you are just following your own will, thinking you are pleasing unto Me. But the days ahead will show those who are truly Mine, for I will expose much at this time. I am calling My people to recon themselves righteously before Me. This Must be done out of a heart that is TRULY surrendered…a heart that is truly submitted unto Me. You can no longer live as you have lived…you must now make the decision…will you truly follow Me & My word, or will you continue on your own road, thinking all is right with you? I tell you, My people, that very soon you will know what is of Me & what is of SELF. For the days ahead will illuminate the truth in this. You must be willing to see things MY way…you must be willing to take your eyes off of what you are doing & know deep within that your lives are serving the flesh. For the little spirituality that you think you possess is really of no consequence & the enemy of your souls loves the way that you serve him…for he is a liar & has captivated many of My people & kept them from following Me. So many are following their own hearts…so many are following their own whims. So many are living a falsehood, ‘of being Mine’, when in reality they are only being themselves. The whole of Creation is watching My church…they are waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. For even nature is being affected by the reality of what My people are doing in this world…for the decay of righteousness is touching things so greatly that the earth is trembling & erupting greatly. The Earth is groaning for My people to turn themselves, BE converted & begin to BE the Sons of God.

How long, My people, how long will you slumber before you realize the greatness of your folly? How long will you continue to wink at your lives & refuse to see things as they really are? When will My people truly humble themselves & pray, seek My Face & turn from their wicked ways? You cry out for Me to ‘fix this nation’…you groan to Me about the ‘hardships you are enduring’…you complain to Me about how your lives are no longer ‘in ease’, as before. I tell you, My people…it is time for My people to wake up…it is time for My people to stop their foolishness…it is time for My people to SEE where they truly are & what is REALLY IN them & fall to their faces before Me, broken & contrite, for only then can I help you…only then can I restore you. Only then can I raise you up to your places, so the world can SEE you are My people in deed & in truth. For as long as you continue in your compromised & complacent ways, you will never see the way things truly are. For even now, as I am saying this to you, MANY of you do not see these words applying to your lives, but many of you are already seeing these words for people you KNOW. You are pointing the finger out, not realizing that 3 fingers are pointing back to YOU! What will it take to get a hold of you? What will it take to make you understand? What will it take to shake you free from the lies & deception that has griped so many of you? You have stretched out the tent posts of your lives, to do things as you see fit, not really embracing what I want for you, because you always look for the ‘easy way’. Sometimes the right way must be fought for…sometimes the right way will require sacrifice & hardship. Sometimes My way will require you to think things differently, for My ways are not your ways, neither My thoughts, your thoughts. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways & my thoughts than your thoughts. Only as you will take hold of Me & My words, will you be able to comprehend the truth of where you ARE. You must be willing to let go of the way you think they should be…you must be willing to walk with Me. For I am waiting for My people to come to Me in brokenness & humility. I am waiting for you to come to Me in contriteness & surrender. I have SO much for you, but you cannot fathom what I have now, because of your compromised condition. I need you to come to your selves & return unto Me, so I can put My ring on your finger, My sandals on your feet & My robe upon your bodies. Many of you think you already possess these, but I tell you, what you possess is mostly only a counterfeit to keep you away from your true reality in Me. For My people are to shine as lights in this world…not hiding in the shadows, waiting for Me to rescue them. I am looking for those who say they truly love Me. I love you SO much, I gave My all for you. What will you do for Me? Come unto Me & give Me your all & watch what I will do with you…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear Family, it is time that God’s people take their places…& that place begins on our “heart knees”..not speaking of literally kneeling, for many already do this, but their heart is far from God. God is looking for those who will SHOW Him their true love, by an active repentance…by an active surrender…by an active realization that His is OUR lives!

What will our response to Him be? Will we finally see things His way? Or continue in the deception, that has been established within us by false teaching of men, which minimize our faith & keep us compromised, & complacent, where we are mostly only serving ourselves, giving God only a small portion of us, thinking things are right within us.

We are living in serious times! Our response MUST be what He is looking for. We don’t want to be on the wrong side of things, as we walk ahead. Please seek the Lord, as never before. He is waiting for us to do our part…He has already done His. He is waiting for His people to truly BE the Sons of God. Let us shed off our ways & begin to shine thru Him!

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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