Prophetic Word – The Time For My People To Reckon Unto Me Is Come

Dear Family Of God,

Tonight’s worship service was wonderful & intense. The Lord came in many exciting ways, as we worshipped Him in Spirit & in truth. He took us into a deep understanding of the reality of the Lord’s Supper. If you were not able to join us, be sure to go & receive all that He did during that time…it will be well worth it! Here are His words He gave near the end of the service. Please prayerfully receive them & allow Him to do a work within you:


The Lord says: “The time has come for My people to truly Be the Sons of God. Not in a mere recollection or reasoning by your understanding, for much of your own understanding is far from Mine. For I see My people as they REALLY are. I see how compromised My people are…I see how complacent My people are. So many do not realize this, for many of My people are deceived by the watered down teachings of man. I came to give you LIFE, but so many of My people only take the scraps that fall from their Master’s table. The reason this is, is because My people have refused to be truly seated at My Table. Oh, yes, many LONG to be close to Me, as I desire, but so few will do what it really takes to come to that place. So many of My people do not realize that they are only living their lives, to please them…not seeing that I am being greatly ignored by them…for the lives of My people reveal the true demonstration of the way things are.

Most of My people are consumed with their own situations…most of My people are only interested in the things of their lives, as THEY desire. So FEW really have come to Me & given Me their all. I love My people with an everlasting love…nothing will ever stop that…but because of the lack of response of so many, it is now necessary for Me to come to you…as a Father that loves His children. For who the Lord loves, He chastens every son He receives. My people say they believe this, but how will it be, when I come to you in chastisement & correction? For I have told you that judgement begins at the House of God…you all know this is My word, but I see such a lack of response, even as things in the world unravel. So many of My people just continue in their own lives, doing their own thing, thinking all is well in the world.

Just because judgement has not arrived in your home, does not mean it is not going to come. You need to be thankful that it hasn’t arrived yet, for in this you still have time to come to yourselves & realize the time you are in. So many of My people are hiding behind false teachings, not knowing that only the lives that are truly hidden IN Me, are safe. How can you cleave to scriptures that say one thing, but then live your lives, against the very things they say? For you cannot single out the words that are pleasing to you…you must take My whole counsel for your lives…you must live a life that truly pleases Me. For I have called you into Fellowship with My Son, but many of you do not realize what this fellowship really means. You desire to be partakers of My divine nature, but you refuse to do what I said to make this a reality. You cannot pick & choose My words to live by…you must live by them all. Never forget…man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word that proceeds out of the mouth of God! Oh, My people can you see the complacency & compromise, even as I reveal it to you, by these words? Do not think you can hide behind vain things. I told you, he that practices righteousness is righteous. You cannot merely hide behind My words, that because I am righteous, you are righteous…unless you are doing those very things that are righteous. Do you think you can live your life how you please & somehow BE righteous, just because I said you are righteous by My Son’s blood? A life that is not truly surrendered to Me, is not a life I can bless.

Do you not understand that BEING My son & daughters means MORE than you realize? For the very word “child” doesn’t just mean child…it actually also means SERVANT. Yes, children are raised by their fathers & they DO SERVE as they grow. My people need to open up their understanding to see things as they truly are. For I do not see many of My children serving Me…they are mostly serving themselves. I know this is difficult to fathom & receive, but it is the truth which My people need to reckon with. How long will it take for My people to realize that you have fallen into the Laodicean age? How long will it take for you to come to yourselves, repent & return unto Me? For I wait for you, from a heart full of love…I long for you to take your places at My side & to walk like Me. Do you not know that a child is suppose to grow up, having learned the things that the father desires the child to know & to be? As long as My people continue in their present state, not willing to see as I see, things will continue to go the wrong way. Only as My people will truly have a true reckoning, will you be able to come up out of the wilderness you are in. Look at what happened to My people, as they wandered in the wilderness. They all died off, except for Joshua & Caleb, because of the hardness of their hearts. Who will you be like…the ones that died in the wilderness…or like Joshua & Caleb?

I want you to be like Joshua & Caleb…for Joshua said, as for me & my house, we shall serve the LORD! Hear Me My people…it is time for you to BE the people of God. It is time for you to shake yourselves free from your slumber. For those who are asleep spiritually are of no affect to the powers of darkness. The enemy loves the condition of SO many of My people, for he is doing exploits all over the world, while My people slumber & sleep. It is high time to wake up, My people. Arise, shine, for your light has come…the glory of the Lord is risen upon you, but you are not even aware of it. Because your lives are SO concentrated on your own things…you cannot see all that is truly taking place around you. I need you to open your hearts & truly receive what I say…for if you will truly respond unto Me, repent & take your places, you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear family, our time of taking communion this service was incredible. As I ate the bread, I literally felt what Jesus went through, as I chewed the small piece of bread. I began to weep, as I could not hold it back. We really need to take what the Lord shared this night seriously. We are in a very good place, if we will do this. But if we neglect His words, we will suffer many things, by not properly responding to His voice. In the days ahead we will all have opportunity to “recon” our lives unto Him, in many ways. May we each choose to do as He wills, so we will see the things that He desires to do within & out of each of us.

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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