Prophetic Word – Truly Being His World Changers

Dear Family Of God,

Again, tonight’s worship service was incredible! The intensity of the Lord was unbelievable. We did have some attacks during the beginning of the worship time, but the enemy was not successful. The Lord showed His power & authority, as we pushed through the attack & it was a wonderful time. Both the message preached, as well as the prophetic word the Lord gave, were tremendous! The Lord moved through out our time of worship & drew us deeper into Him as we sought His Face. We are sending out the prophetic word portion, for all to receive, but we also encourage each of you to go back & take in the entire worship service when you can, if you have not already done so. We say this because this word alone doesn’t reveal the impact & reality that He illuminated during the preaching of His word. We really need to receive both to truly understand what He is saying & wanting of us at this time. Please prayerfully receive His powerful, loving & impactful words:


The Lord says: “I come to My people, I come at this time…for THIS time is very critical in all creation. I need you to know that I love you with an everlasting love. The time for My people to arise & shine has NEVER been more expedient than now. For truly I say unto you this day, you MUST take hold of MY words & implement them into your lives. My words MUST be established within your reality. Many say they ARE a reality within you, but I must tell many of you…your actions & your words betray that statement! For how can you say My words dwell within you, when you are doing things contrary to those very words? My people need to SEE that they have been deceived into serving the enemy of their souls.

My people need to SEE that the light that I have given them has been diluted & minimized, so that what the world DOES see, is something they do not desire to receive. My people are supposed to BE the Salt of the Earth…My people are supposed to BE My light in this world. But, for MANY, My TRUE light has been replaced by a watered-down mixture, that appeases the soul & flesh. I have CALLED My people to BE world changers & THIS IS the reality. But, sadly this reality for the most part, the change that most of My people have brought to the world, is one that is NOT of Me. For I desire righteousness to be established in the nations. I desire for My glory to be SEEN everywhere you go.

How long before My people will realize this reality & make the CHANGES that are needed within them? I have called you to be PEACEMAKERS, but instead, many of you are pointing fingers. I have called you to be the REPAIRERS OF THE Breach, but instead, many of you run to create strife & offense. Do you not understand that these are the weapons of the evil one? Do you not understand that for you to do these things, you are serving him? I need My people to SEE things as they truly ARE. Stop listening to the evil reports the enemy is blasting thru the MSM. Stop allowing all the FEAR & trauma from entering into your hearts. Never forget that from the abundance within the heart, the mouth speaks! How can you judge others, when you have not first judged yourselves? How can you run unto mischief, when I have called you to bring peace? Many of My people have been deceived into thinking that they are serving Me, by doing these things. Remember, I told you that the time would come, that men will kill you & THINK they are doing Me service!

Pointing the finger, judging others, when you are not their judge…running unto mischief is NOT of Me, but of the evil one. It is time for My people to give an account for these things & repent. There can be NO justification for doing these things. For you are NOT God, who knows all things & tries the hearts! I come to you, to seek & to save that which IS lost…for if you continue the way you are going, you will surely doom yourselves. It is time for My people to humble themselves & turn from their wicked ways…it is time for My people to return unto Me. For in the time ahead, I will give you opportunity to see for yourselves, the things that are STILL within you…the things you do not see right now. But, as you will look to Me, with humble hearts…as you will seek Me, out of a contrite heart, you will find ME…& you will let go of those things that the enemy has bewitched into believing & into doing. For I told you to BE doers of the word, not hearers only. For you can say you hear My word all you want…but the proof of your hearing is in your DOING!

You cannot continue this way much longer…for the great falling away has increased & now even My prophetic voices are listening to spirits that are NOT of Me. For they are saying things that are contrary to My word. For even My servant Moses showed My prophetic voices, the pattern to follow. For as I was going to destroy My very people for their gross sin, Moses stood up for them & convinced Me to let them live. Moses knew they were guilty…Moses knew that I was right in what I wanted to do, but because of My Spirit within him, he took the place of the peacemaker…he stood in the place of being the repairer of the breach. Moses’s good heart turned My wrath from destroying them.

How is it, that prophetic voices are saying there are OF Me, when they do not DO what I have told them to do? For I told you that God IS love. I told you that men would know you are MY disciples, by your loving one another. I need you to STOP doing the opposite thing! I need you to show this world My love, as the demonstration of your heart. Not judging & condemning, for things you do not even really know about. Never forget that you only know in part & prophesy in part. You cannot judge from the PART that you know…for I know GREATER than you & I say for you to STOP IT! You are only making things worse, because the world is watching…the world is SEEING the things that you are doing. Very soon I will do exploits thru My people, for the time has come for My people to arise & shine. Only those who turn their lives around & start doing as I say will be in that number.

I need you to SHINE MY LOVE at this time…not stand with your fingers pointing judgment! If you really love ME, you will keep My commandments…you will repent of your evil ways & return unto Me. For I am your Father in Heaven & I await for My prodigals to return. I love you SO much…it deeply grieves Me to see you doing the things that you do. Stop allowing the MSM to affect your heart. Stop letting the fear come in, for it is affecting your walk with Me. For as you will be willing to see these things & REALLY know they are true, you will be able to return unto Me. I will take hold of you as never before…old things will pass away, behold, all things will become new. As you will return unto Me, I will use you for My glory greatly in the time ahead & you will definitely not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear Family, the message & prophetic word were SO powerful, the Lord had us do something we rarely ever do. He had us sing a powerful worship song “Return Unto The Lord”, after sharing the message preached & prophetic word. This is SO significant because His loving heart is deeply desiring for His people to truly return unto Him. So many think their lives are righteous before Him & they are doing what they should be doing, but tonight He revealed SO much about what is REALLY going on in His people’s hearts & lives. It is surely time for His people to realize what He is saying & truly return unto Him. Please be sure to take in tonight’s service, ASAP, as the prophetic word above is really just a springboard from the message He had me give out AFTER the preaching of His word. We really need to take both, to get the impact of what He is saying. Receiving both will really change your lives!

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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