Prophetic Word – Those Who Are Saved Will Reach Out To This Lost & Dying World

Dear Family Of God,

Again, tonight’s Monday night worship service was SO awesome! The freedom & liberty that the Lord released was astonishing. Our time of worship was glorious! The Lord had me release a very powerful message, which springs into what He spoke for us all prophetically, at the end of the service. We encourage each of you to be sure to go back & receive all that was released. The depth of the prophetic word below will be greatly increased if you will hear the ministered word along with it. Please prayerfully & obediently receive His hugely powerful & penetrating words:


The Lord says: “I long for My people to BE as I AM, for I care for the lost & the dying…I care for those who have not heard of My love…I care that SO many of My people do little to nothing to build My Kingdom. I love you all with an everlasting love…when will you love Me as I have loved you? For I have told you in My word that faith without works is dead & many of My people DO have faith…Many of My people DO have works…in this I am pleased, but the time has come for My people to stretch out their tent posts…the time has come for My people to do more…for the harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are FEW. So many of My people do not consider that they are not doing what I have called them to do…& that is to proclaim My love & salvation to this lost & dying world. So many only think that this is the pastor’s job…or some minister’s job…when I have said it is ALL of your jobs! Sheep begat sheep, My people…how is it that you do not understand this? For yes, many of My servants DO their jobs in what I have called them to do & they are proclaiming My Kingdom. Do not forget that the church is ONE body, composed of many parts. Do not forget that each part is to supply to the effectual increase to the body. Remember that the time of harvest is near. Remember your places & be a part that brings forth MY harvest. For as I look to & fro across the earth, I see most of MY people working for a harvest, but this harvest I speak of is not for Me, but for themselves. For I see things as they really are…I do not see many of My people seeking to save souls…I see My people seeking only things for their own lives. It is time for My people to wake up to reality & realize that this is NOT the way it is supposed to be! For My salvation is effectual to those who have truly entered into it…for their lives are a demonstration of My salvation. For those who ARE saved, will reach out to save others! How can you say you are saved, but do nothing to increase My Kingdom? Do you not know that faith without works is dead? Do you not realize that the lack of response from your inner man, to see the need of this world for My love & My salvation, is a serious thing? For many take the grace of their Lord in vain, not doing the things that I desire…but only those things that are pleasing unto them. If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. My commandments are not grievous, but to those who do not keep them as I desire, may think so. This is because My church is slowly falling away from Me & only seeking for themselves.

It grieves Me, that so many of My people have fallen from their first love! Remember from where you are fallen & return unto to Me & do the first works. For time is running out & only those who truly seek Me, will find Me. You cannot just seek Me when you have need. You cannot just seek Me when it pleases you to do so. If you really love Me, you will keep My commandments. Can you not see the condition of your hearts, as the world grows darker & darker? I need My people to snap free from the fear that is gripping this world & for them to arise & shine in faith! For My people will BE a people of faith. My people will BE a people of power…My people will DO exploits unto Me, for I will use them in this hour & MANY will come to Me by them. Do not let this hour slip away from you. Do not think that you are alright & this is for someone else. This is for ALL of My people…for there is none that cannot do MORE for Me! This is why the time for repentance has come, for so many think that all is well in their lives & they are serving Me, as I desire. But I am shining LIGHT on this false reality & showing it for what it truly is…for it is PSEUDO…it is deceived…it is compromised…it is complacent. I am looking for those who will hear My voice & arise in Me. I am waiting for those who say they love Me, to show Me by their fruit! I am searching for a people who will walk as I walk & do as I do. I am looking for the people of God, who’s love is a demonstration by their lives. So many of My people think that they are wise in their lives, but to them I say this…he who wins souls is wise! My people MUST see that if they are not seeking to save that which is lost, they are only SELF-seeking. My people must realize that the faith that is of Me, is not dormant, but is powerful…it is effectual to the saving of their souls. For the soul that has been saved will be a vessel that seeks to save others! How long will My people listen to preachers & teachers that only say good things to tickle their ears? How long will My people heap to themselves teaching & doctrine that only embellishes the flesh? How long unto My people will start to realize that these things have kept My people back from doing the things that truly please Me? Yes, there are many ways that please Me, but none is more important than reaching out to the unsaved. For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance…I came to seek & to save that which is lost. My people continue to look at what is going on in the world & instead of rising up in faith & warring in Me. My people are pulling themselves aside & doing less & less for Me, for fear is gripping the hearts of many of My people. Many do not realize this…many think they are doing just fine, but I see things as they really are…I am seeing more of a people who’s faith is, without works & is dead. It is time to arise from the dead, My people & begin to live in Me! It is time for you to take your places & do as I desire. For those who will not fully cleave to My words this day, DO show the true condition of their hearts, for their hearts show what they are looking for…they are looking for soft words that appease their lives & make them feel they are fine. It is time for MY people to know the truth, for the truth shall set them free.  Only as you will see the true condition of your hearts will you be able to avail yourselves & do as I desire you to do. It is time for My people to be close to Me & in your prayers will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear Family, the Lord’s words cannot be refuted…we are naked & undone before Him. It is time that we take our places…it is time that we humble ourselves at His feet. It is time that we do what pleases Him. It is time that we start to be His church…we must begin to seek & to save that which is lost! In the days, weeks & months ahead, the Lord will honor our prayers as we pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers to His Harvest…we MUST stop seeking the harvest that is for our selves & begin to operate in the Harvest for His Kingdom.

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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