Prophetic Word – Becoming A Habitation Of God In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Even though the enemy messed with our audio for a few minutes at the beginning of Monday night’s worship service, last night was incredible! As we started the service, the Lord prompted me to check the audio input into the live stream & I saw no audio going out. Thank the Lord for showing me this…I was quickly able to resolve the issue & get the audio back! As usual, the entire time of worship & message was weaved together, to springboard into the prophetic word that the Lord gave at the end, so we really do recommend that you take in the entire service to receive the full benefit of what the Lord is saying. We share the main word given at the end of the service below, but without the knowledge of the full service, you may not get the full impact of what He is saying to His people. Anyway, please prayerfully receive His powerful & sobering words:


The Lord says: “I come to you to help you to your places in Me. I come with My everlasting love for you & say…It is time that My people begin to see the things that I see…My people MUST do this! For FEW of My people are even aware of the things that are actively going on within them. Oh, yes…many see the problems they are experiencing…many see the troubles…many see the adversity that has taken hold in their lives, but FEW have seen that these things are happening because My Word will NOT return unto Me void. It MUST accomplish what I please & I WILL prosper in the thing that I sent it to do. For I have sent My Word this day to open your eyes to the way things really are. I come to you as a loving Heavenly Father, to awaken you from your slumber. For SO many of MY people do not know what is happening. Oh, yes, many understand things that are going on in the political arena & this IS important on THAT level, but I speak on a level that FAR exceeds the political spectrum. For I speak of My people’s places. I speak of My people’s reality in Me. For many see their lives as well-pleasing to Me, but they do not even give Me much of their time! Their time is consumed by SO many things…but I am mostly not one of them. Do you not know that I have made you Kings & Priests unto Me? Do you not understand the importance of this reality? For I have taken you & cleansed you by the Blood of My Son & set you on course to rule in My Kingdom. Many of you have done well for a season, but now at the time that I need My people most, most of My people have been compromised into doing other things…so many other things that take the priority & preeminence in their lives. So much so, that FEW are able to see the need to STAND in this hour & to DO the things that I need them to do. For most everyone is consumed by their own lives…most are controlled by the things that they keep in front of them. Most are “busy” doing everything but seeking Me & doing the things that I say. For truly, this is the end-time & even though many of My people are aware of this, most still live on, doing the same things as before, not realizing the great destruction they are doing to themselves, as well as the ones around them. For I have given you power & authority to do exploits in this hour. I have cried out for My people to take their places, by My side. But FEW have answered My cry…few really have even considered what I have spoken to them. Even amidst many of My “prophetic ones”, there is more of a adherence to the things that allure the flesh…speaking only of My blessing & goodness. So many declaring the wonderful things that I am doing in my people, when I am shouting something that is completely different. For truly My blessing & goodness IS upon My people. Truly the wonderful things that I am doing in MY people IS a reality, BUT no one is telling how this blessing & goodness…no one is saying how these wonderful things I am doing MUST come. For truly, obedience unto Me is what brings My blessing. Truly walking in My will in this hour, is what will bring these wonderful things! But, no one seems to want anything to do with THAT part of this! Everyone wants it all, without doing what it takes to get there. I love My people with an everlasting love…I truly, do. I tell you right now, that it is imperative that My people take hold of My words right now. For if you resist what I say or just move on & go back to doing your own things, you will not realize the error of your way until it is too late. I do not want this to happen…that is why I am come to you this day. I desire My people to have a habitation of My Spirit. Not just a visitation! So many of My people do not even have much of a visitation, when I desire to inhabit My people! How is it that My people cannot see in their lives, the need of being a habitation of God by My Spirit? How do you think you will be able to do exploits in this hour, without this? I need My people to have eyes that see & ears that hear. For truly few that say they do, really do. Why do I say this? Because the proof is in each life that is before Me. The truth is in what the priorities of My people really are. For if My people will be truly honest, before Me & to themselves, there are FEW that can actually say I am their priority. Just look at your lives. Look at where all of your time goes. How much of THAT time do you actually spend with Me? How much of that time do you truly spend seeking My face? How much of that time do you allow Me to come & make My abode within you? The real answers are right before Me…for I see them, in spirit & in truth. I need My people to come unto Me so I can clear out all of those things that are not real priorities. Yes, I realize that there ARE real priorities in your lives…I am not talking about those, though many allow even these to devour too much of their time. I am speaking about the things that the flesh pulls on you to take your time away. I am speaking about those things that keep your attentions on anything but Me. For even in the political spectrum, many are fixated, thinking that these things are of MORE importance, not realizing that this time with Me, could do FAR more than anything you think you are doing by dedicating all of this time in those arenas. It is time for My people to take hold of the things that I have for them. For I have called you to be seated in Heavenly places in Christ, so that My exploits will be done, on Earth, as they are IN Heaven. For it is THERE that I have given you this power. It is THERE that I will give you ALL the wisdom that you have need of. It is THERE that I will cause My victory to go forth across the land! Will you now take your places & do the things that I have for you to do? I await each of you, in that secret place…that place that I have long awaited, to truly call My home…My habitation. Hear Me, My people…it is time to take your places…it is time to do as I now say. For those who will truly honor Me with their lives now, will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


We are now in a time where we MUST take hold of God as never before…what has been in the past MUST change! God desires that we become a habitation of God in the Spirit. We cannot do this the way things have been & the way things are. Things must change! If we do not take hold of His words this day & truthfully apply them to our hearts, we will surely be sorry down the road. What we call “being a Christian” is for the most part a falsehood. If we will truly see things God’s way, we will know the truth & the truth shall set us free. Please seek the Lord as never before…time is running out. He is waiting for us. We must do our part to become the habitation of God in this hour!

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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