Prophetic Word – Being Powerhouses of God In His Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Tonight we had extreme difficulty with the Live Stream. When we opened the browser page to our YouTube channel to start the Live Stream, it said we had to “give brief security check, to make sure it was us…even though the computer was already logged into YouTube. In case you had not heard, Zukerberg’s platforms had been breached by a hacker site & 1.5 billion user’s data has been stolen including email addresses & phone numbers. I spent an hour tying to get through this security check, to no avail. We reluctantly decided to just record the service & up load it later. Now that we are “home”, I opened the browser on the RFC laptop we live stream from & the YouTube page opened & was NOW & ready to live stream. Anyway, this is REALLY bizarre! So, we have uploaded the service to YouTube & it should be available to view soon, after it processes.

As I shared during the service, the other day we were listening to preacher talk about when Daniel was fasting & Michael came after 21 days & spoke to him. Right then the Lord revealed a horrible, but unbelievably powerful truth to me. As I pondered what He said, He gave these words to me:

BEGIN PROPHETIC WORD “Look at all of My servants through out the Old Testament. Do you see all of the things that i accomplished through them? I did miracles & deliverances. I showed powerful demonstrations of My authority & My glory through them. My word is full of this truth. I say this because what was written in My word, is for My people today. I have given My word of old, as examples & admonitions for My people today. But so many of My people do not even know what I am trying to convey to them right now. Some how, the great majority of those who say they are Mine, do not see very much at all. But, because I love you with an everlasting love, I will explain this to you so you may have a change in heart. It is imperative that you do, or else what you see happening all around you, will continue to get worse & it is you who will usher in the end. For I have already said, that it is My desire to give you more time, but I will not give you more time, so you can continue being the same way. I will not give you more time, so things will just stay the same. I will only give you more time, if you are going to repent of the things that I speak of & you begin to do the things that I say”.

He then had me read Rev. 3:14-22 during the service.       

“My people need to understand things as they really are! I keep saying this, over & over, because My people are just not getting it…it is just not penetrating into My people to do the things that I desire. My people take My words & let them slip away, as within them, they justify themselves, that by My grace, all is well within them. This is why things are so going bad all around you. This is why you see things escalating in a bad way…its because My people have been deceived into a false mindset, that everything is right within them! Where are the people of My power? Where are My powerhouses who will shine My glory to this lost & dying world? My people need to understand something that i started to share, but had My servant hold back, because it was not yet time. My people need to know about all of those servants of old, who I did so many awesome things through. My word is full of their exploits! I did all of those things through them, but today I am unable to do much at all through most of my people today. For I am about to tell you something important & if you will receive it deeply within your hearts & spirits, it will change you, as you have never been changed before. So, open your hearts to Me & allow Me to take you deep into My truth, for if you will know the truth, the truth will set you free. So many of you are deceived into thinking that they are already free, but this is only true on a very limited level. But once I tell you what you need to hear, you will not be able to evade it…you will not be able to resist it. For to do so would be a denying of Me & of My words! For this i say, because the time is now serious & there is no more time to waste! The time has come for those who say they are Mine, to truly be Mine. There is no more time for empty words that tickle men’s ears & make them comfortable. Did I not say, that I did not come to send peace on earth? Did I not say that I came not to send peace, but a sword? For I came to set a man at variance with his father & the daughter against her mother & daughter in law against her mother-in-law. I said a man’s foes shall be of his own household! I say this because so many continue to hold onto things as they have been, instead of hearing my words & doing as I say. For as you will receive these things, you will realize that things must change. You cannot continue any longer as you have. It is time that you hear Me & do as I say. Now, I am going to tell you what i have been preparing you to receive over this time for this hour. As I have brought you through this night, to see all that I have done through all of My servants of old in the Old Testament, that brings Me to telling you why I shared this. For the truth is right there before your eyes, but few, if any have seen it. But I have revealed it to My servant to share with you, because he is listening…he is seeking to do what pleases Me. So, now I will share what you need to hear. Please open your hearts & allow Me to take this truth deep within you, so that I can accomplish what I please & My word will prosper in the thing that I sent it to do. For the truth is…all of those servants in the old testament…all of my people that I used to do exploits…all of them had two things in common…they all chose to obey me over man. They all were fixed to do what I wanted them to do & this is why I was able to use them as I did. But today, many will say that they want to please Me…many will declare this, but the actions of their lives betray their words. And what hurts Me…yes, I said that. Do you not remember that I am touched by the feeling of your infirmities, your weaknesses? For I have not even told you what you need to hear yet. I have a bombshell to release to you & so I am taking time to prepare you, so you can better receive my words that are about to come. I need you to see this, because the staggering reality is overlooked by most all of those who say they are Mine. My people do not know just how compromised & complacent they really are. I know I keep saying this, but there is a good reason. It is because, each time I say this, there honestly is no real or major change in what My people will do. I tell you this, because once I share what i am about to share, there will be no going back. There will be no thinking all is right within you, or all is right in your world. For as I tell you the truth, you will have to make a decision…you will either become broken, contrite & humbled before Me or you will continue on the same path you have been on & continue to walk out a deceived, compromised, complacent walk, that is not real, but is pseudo, it is false! You will either turn fully unto Me & begin to walk as I walk. You will either hear what I say & do as I tell you to do…or you will find yourself stuck in having a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof. I say this in hopes that you will do the right thing & come close to Me! Now, are you ready to receive the truth? Are ready to let go of the way things have been & now truly be the powerhouses that I have called you to be? 

Hear the truth, My people & now begin to walk in it. For all that I have said this night, was to lead up to this very thing. All of My servants of old had one other thing in common that you need to understand. None of them had the baptism of the Holy Spirit like the millions of My people do today! Each & every one of these Old Testament servants accomplished all they did, as I used them, yet they did not have what SO many of My people have this day! As you will allow this reality & truth to enter into you & impact you, you will never be the same again. For I have said all of this, so you could see the true condition of My church, My Ekklesia…My Called Out Ones! I have said all of this, so My people would no longer be in the dark, as to the way things really ARE. Now My people must take responsibility for what I have given them. For you all have received power, the power of My Holy Spirit upon you! You must now do your part to do the things that I have called you to do. There can be no more excuses…no more complacency…no more compromise. Look at all I did in the book of Acts! You will either rise up in Me & do as I did through them or you will continue forward in what will come, by your not doing so in this hour. Do as I now say & truly come beforeMme & allow Me to take hold of you & make you into My powerhouses in this hour & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord’.


Dear Family Of God…it is time that we take our places as His powerhouses in this hour. He is waiting on us!

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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