Prophetic Word – Being True Worshipers Of God In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Tonight’s worship service was amazing! Each week, I am in awe to all that the Lord is revealing & bringing forth to His people! Tonight, as we were setting things up for begin the Live Stream, I opened the web browser to the YouTube site & had the same problem, as last week. I spent around 20 minutes trying to get past the security login screen, to no avail. As the clock was nearly at 7pm & the time to begin was approaching, I asked the Lord for His help & He told me to clear the browser cache & restart the browser. As I obeyed His voice & did what He said, I was finally able to get past the security login screen, so we could start the service. We rejoice for His victory! The entire service was incredible, as the Lord ministered in & out of several of the songs…even giving hints as to what was coming later on in the service. If at all possible, be sure to take in the service when you can, as the content is very important to us all. Until then, please prayerfully receive the imperative prophetic word He gave for us at the end of the service:


The Lord says: “I come to you in a time where it is expedient that you hear My voice & be led of Me. For as the world reels to & fro with earthquakes…as the earth does roar with volcanic activity, I am calling on My people to arise & begin to roar, as well. For it is time that My people take heed to all the things that I have been instructing them. It is time that My people take hold of Me as never before. Do you think that all that is going on around you, is a joke? Do you think that all that is going on around you, is not real? Do you think that what you are hearing & seeing ares not birth pangs to My second coming? For truly I tell you, that this is the last hour…this is the time of the end! And what My people do from here on will demonstrate how long that the end will take. For there is a remnant who truly love Me & have given Me their lives. There is a people that are truly called by My name. So many say they are called by My name, but in truth, this is just empty words. For My voice has cried out across the land & many that say they are Mine, do not hear Me. They say they do, but in truth, they are only putting on a show. For the true worshipers of God will worship Me in spirit & truth. There is no more time to play religious games…there is no more time for a compromised & complacent people to continue to deceive themselves…it is time for those who say they are Mine to truly demonstrate this reality to Me & ultimately to the world. For I am seeking such that will worship Me. Many say they do this, but really they only worship Me when they get their own ways. So many cannot see that this is the way things really are. So many are so caught up in their own lives, they cannot see things as they really are. For many, the only time they really come to Me, is because of their needs. And that statement is one that goes very deep in to Me. For I am seeking those who will worship Me in spirit & truth. Why do so many only come to Me when they need something from Me? Why do My people not come to Me, just to spent time with Me? Look those who have dogs as pets. Have I not shown you the behavior they have, as they worship you? Have I not shown you, how you are supposed to be, unto Me, by them? For truly, pet dogs, show a behavior that I have instilled in them, to show My people the true dedication & worship, that I truly deserve. How I long for My people to just come & sit at My feet! How I long for My people to just come & lay on My lap! How I long for My people to come & show Me their dedication, as a pet dog does, to his master! How is it, My people say that they are SO spiritual, when they cannot discern that which is natural? For truly I wait for My people to just come & spend time with Me, just because they love Me. Do you not know that this is the enemy’s work, to keep you far from Me? Do you not know that, as a defeated foe, he is successfully conqueror-ed My people, who are suppose to be ‘more than conquerors’? I told you that you are more than conquerors through ME, who loves YOU. Do you not see how you are to be a conqueror? For you cannot conquer anything apart from Me, but still, you continue in your lives, doing just that! I came that you might have life & have it more abundantly…do you have this abundant life manifested in you? It is time that My people truly see things as they really are, so they be all that I have called them to be. My abundant like will not manifest in your lives, until your lives are truly surrendered to manifest ME. I truly love you with an everlasting love. Do you know this deep within you? I need you to see things from a level way deeper than just your carnal needs. Because so many cannot get past this very thing…they are limited in their lives, because their life in Me is so limited. How can you prosper & be in health, when your soul is not prospering? Can you not see this? How can you continue doing the same things, over & over, expecting different results? You need to understand the truth is doing this! I come to you in this hour, because it is needful for you to recognize the reality that you are living in. I come to you in this hour, to help you see as I see. I come to you in this hour to help you to be free. Did I not say, you shall know the truth & the truth shall make you free? Then how come so many of My people are not free? How come so many of My people are not healed? How come so many of My people are not walking out the lives that I have prepared for them? Could it be that my people are not seeing these things because they are not truly aware of what I have said to them? Could it be that my people continue to fumble about in their lives, because they refuse to come close to Me, as I desire, so that they lives will truly be a manifestation of My glory? So many say they want to be carriers of My glory, but so few will ever do what it takes to be them. Do you not know that even I buffeted Myself when I walked on the earth? Do you not know that I fasted & prayed, denying Myself, so I could receive from My Heavenly Father? Did I not say that after I would be taken away, that My servants would fast & pray? Where are My people today? Where are those who will deny themselves, take up their cross & follow Me? Do you know that taking up the cross means more than persecution? Do you know that taking up the cross means denying self? Where are My people, in doing this? Look at your world, as it is today…do you think it may be time for you to start fasting & praying, so that change will come? I am seeking those who will worship Me in spirit & truth. You cannot be in that number, if you are not doing this. Does it seem like I pass you by in life, as others are recognized & rewarded? Could it be they are denying themselves, when you are not? It is time for My people to be shaken free from the falsehood of their shallow walk with Me. It is time that My people become true worshipers of God…I am seeking such to worship Me! Hear Me My people & be willing to do as I say. Behold, I am calling My remnant into a time of fasting & prayer…the time is now! For it is imperative that My people begin to do so, immediately! There is so much at stake right now. There is no time for playing games. It is time for My people to be mobilized into their places, as the army of God. So few are ready right now…so few have taken the time to prepare themselves for what is about to come. I need My people to see the importance of this hour & to do as I say. Greater darkness is just ahead & I need My light bringers to arise & shine! So many are about to be challenged in their faith, as they never have before. I need those who say they are Mine to guard their hearts with all diligence! My people must come close to Me & worship Me in this hour. It is time to put away childish things…it is time for my people to become mature in me. Do not let this word slip from you, for in doing so, you will truly be sorry. Now is the time for My people to mean business with Me, as never before. Are you a true worshiper of the Lord your God? You will show the real answer by the response from your heart unto Me at this hour. I love you, My people & only desire good things for you. The problem is, most of My people want things that I do not consider good. Come unto me & do as I say & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


Dear Family Of God…please be sure to take in last night’s worship service, as His words above will make much more sense, as you understand the full content of what He has shared through the song service & preaching of His word. Each service is a divine expression of His message for this hour & to only receive this part above, is only a small portion of His heart. The love & depth He has shared can only be better understood by hearing all that He has said.

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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