Prophetic Word – Being Carriers Of God’s Presence In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Monday Night’s Worship Service was incredible, as the Lord revealed SO much through the worship song service! Just as He has been doing, He ministered greatly about the songs of praise & worship, as we sang unto Him. He hinted to His message for this hour & pulled us in deep to His heart! We are sending out the prophetic word He gave at the end of the service, but as you can imagine, the words below are only a portion of what He ministered & without receiving the whole service, you will only be getting a part of it. Please be sure to take in the entire service, if you have not already done so, as everything will make more sense, as you will have a more complete picture of His heart for us & for what He is wanting for us. Please prayerfully receive His powerfully illuminating words:


The Lord says: “I come to My people with words out from My everlasting love for them. I come to tell you that you are in a time where you really must shake yourselves & be free from all false teachings & mindsets that are keeping you from coming closer to Me. For it is imperative that My people see this. For even many of My servants are speaking only words of blessing & that great things coming upon My people, but few ever say what is needed for these things to come to My people. So many of My people have been led by a broad & wide way to believe that i am just going to drop these blessings from Heaven. So many of My people have the mindset that these things are just going to happen to them & for them. But I ask you this…does a crop bring forth fruit, except the laborers plant the seeds & tend to the crops? For My words says whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap! Why do My people continue being fixed on & seeking smooth words that appease the flesh & tickle the ears? Have I not said that the way to life was narrow & that affliction, tribulation & troubles would be the evidence? So, why do so many of My people moan & complain, when I am taking them unto Me on the narrow path? You cannot stay in this complacent & compromised state any longer…you must mean business with Me! So many of My people cry out to Me regarding their situations & I watch their faith wain, because they do not see what they expect to happen. I need you to see that you are in a great time of trouble! And in this time, you must see things differently. You must let go of what you have been listening to…a way of ease…a way of blessing…a way of smooth words. For these smooth words are not making you stronger…they are making you weaker. For without adversity, you grow weak! What happens to your muscles if you do not use them? They will atrophy! Even so, so many of many of my people have become atrophied in their walk with Me & because things have not gone the way they have desired, instead of coming closer to Me, many have drawn further away. Oh, you still perform your basic spiritual lifestyle, but that will not help you recover…there needs to be a change of heart for things to really change. Last week, I told you that it was time for My people to fast & pray, but so many have not heeded My words…so many have let My words slip! For even My prophetic voices who know My words must go out into the world, have not done so! Over the past several weeks I have told you that My people’s response to My words, would show the true condition of their hearts & lo, so many have truly showed Me what is really within them…for their lack of response to do what I have said is their evidence. Instead of shouting My words from the rooftops, many of My people have sat on them & done nothing. Can you not see the condition of your hearts? You think all is right within you, but your heart response show Me just the opposite! How can My people continue like this, thinking all is well, when in reality your lives are far from Me! I desire my people to change & be like Me. I desire my people to come to the place that they will hear My voice & do what I say. For many truly are not doing so. Truly many are only doing those things that are pleasing in their own sight. I DO desire to bring blessing to My people. I DO desire to bring victory into your lives…but My blessing & victory are not to be squandered & wasted. My blessing is so you can be a blessing to others! But so many of My people mostly only think about themselves & their needs. I have called you to be carriers of My presence, but so many are far from being this. Do you not understand the truth & reality of what this means? You think that you spend time in My presence, when you come to me in prayer…but really all you are mostly doing is giving Me your needs list. I need My people to know the truth, for the truth will set you free. Being in My presence is not what you think it is. I have shown you in my word how My presence causes the hills to melt like wax & the earth to shake! Do you not understand the reality in this? The hills can also refer to high places of pride. Even so, those who truly come into My presence, their pride & selfish ways will melt before Me. How can you say you have been in My presence, when you continue to walk in selfish ways? How can you lie to yourselves & those around you & say this is not true? To be carriers of My presence is far from what you think! For when you are a carrier of My presence, you will carry My presence where ever you go! Yes, you can be in a store & minister My grace to those around you & My presence will fill that place! But, as long as My people are fixated on their own things…as long as My people are still serving self, you cannot be carriers of My presence. I am calling My people to repent in this hour, so you can be the carriers of My presence & glory! I am calling My people to turn from their wicked ways & to seek My face. For as you will truly seek My face, you will know My presence…you will know Me as you have never known Me. So many say they know Me, but really most who say they know Me, only have known Me at times in their lives. They have had times of breakthrough & come close to Me, but later on, their lives began to be drawn unto My blessings & farther away from My presence. Where are the carriers of My presence today? If you will hear My voice, harder not your hearts…for this is the only way you can enter into to the strait & narrow gate. You can no longer live the way you have been living…old things must pass away, all things must become new. If you love Me, you will keep My commandments…this is why I said that your response to My words would be shown by what you have done with My words. Do not let My words slip again…do not let the enemy to entice you with his vain ideals & mindsets that dwell on the nature blessings of this world. For I have commanded you to seek first the kingdom of God & My righteousness & all of these other things would be added unto you. Yes, the problem is, so many seek the things & not what it takes to receive these things. This is why My church is in such a despicable condition today! I love you, My people & really do not like having to tell you these things, but because of My love, I must…for I need you in this hour, but you are not ready for what I need you to do. It is time for you to shake yourselves free, return unto Me & do as I say & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


Dear Family Of God…please be sure to take in the entire worship service, as each service is a divine expression of His message for this hour. If you only receive His words above, you will be only hearing a portion of His heart. The love & depth He has shared is greatly understood by hearing all that He has said.

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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