Prophetic Word – Walking In Effectual Warfare Prayer In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Monday night’s worship service, was truly awesome, as the Lord came through out the service, speaking to us about many things…including things regarding our hearts.  We are including the main prophetic word that He gave at the end of the service below. As has been for many weeks & months now, it is important that you receive everything that was given through the entire service, as what He says below will make much more sense. The combination of the prophetic words through out the worship service, as well as the message He gave me to share, provide a much clearer picture of His heart. Please prayerfully receive His powerful & illuminating words:


The Lord says: “it is My desire for My people to arise in this hour…it is My desire for My people to do the work that I have called them to do. It is time that My people truly hear My voice & come unto Me. For I truly do love you with an everlasting love, but sadly, so many of My people do not do the same to Me. Oh yes, when things go well for you, you show me some love…when blessing or favor is manifest unto you, you do show Me some evidence, but when things do not go the way you want, your love fades and only a superficial token evidence of love can be seen. I do not say this to hurt you…I only share this because I truly do want to bless you. I need you to see that there is more going on then what you see or understand. This night I have given you my words concerning effectual prayer…I have done this so you can see why your prayers have not been answered, as you have desired. For truly, as you will take hold of what My servant has been led of me to share, you will see a difference in the way things are. But I warn you in advance, this prayer strategy is not so you can pray covetously. I give you this weapon, so you can make a difference in My kingdom. For it is My kingdom that must come…it is My will that must be done! As you will enter into this place of divine power, i will lead you in the way that you are to go. For this prayer strategy has been there all along, but few have recognized it & implemented it into their lives. But, now I have given you this weapon…take hold of it & begin to use it! Do not be like King Joash, who couldn’t see the importance of what I said to him through the prophet. Do not think out of a mind of foolishness, that this will not work! For I tell you it does work & those who have taken this strategy unto themselves & implemented it in their lives knows it works. My people, you are living in uncharted territory…what you did in the past may not work as it used to. Because of the ramping up of the enemy’s plans, as he is using more & more people in his efforts, even many of My people are being caught up in his tactics & being vessels of unrighteousness. I know this may seem hard to believe, but it is true, nonetheless. Did I not say that good & pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity? Did I not say that you were all to come into the unity of the faith & knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ? But instead of this really happening, many are turned against their brothers. For even churches that say they are Mine are doing horrible things, that they should not! Some stand against the present tyranny, while others embrace it & bow to the mandates of the evil one. I have already told you that many of My people only tend to receive words from Me, if they speak of Me “blessing” them or giving them “victory”. But, I have a remnant that truly hear My voice…for My voice has told you about these people! They claim to love Me, but their heart response, they reject My words that call for repentance…they reject My words that tell them the true condition of their hearts! My heart is saddened by them, for many have been close to Me in the past, but now they have gone off the narrow way I had them on & are following the wide way of this world. But I am calling those who will hear My voice to rise out of this tendency, for there is still time to do so…but the door for their repentance is closing & the longer they wait, the more difficult it will be for them to go through that narrow path. My people must choose the way that they will go! Those who have decided to follow me will take hold of their prayer live with renewed vigor, as I work through them to cast down the powers of darkness. Those who will listen to My voice, will hear Me as I lead them in paths that will vanquish the enemy. But to do this, My people must be willing to let go of preconceived ideals that inwardly to them this prayer strategy seems foolish & embrace My plan for this hour & do the exploits that I told you that would come. My people tell Me that they want to do exploits, so I am showing you how these exploits are begun. They begin by your prayers becoming weapons of war. The exploits begin as you will declare what I will show you & break the rock in pieces. For as you will take hold of what I am giving you, you will see quick results of your actions…for your actions will have My power. And if your actions have My power, they will have My results. So many of My people do not realize that much of what they have seen as far as “failed prayer”, is really basically the same as what happened with King Joash. For he stuck the ground 3 times with his arrow & stopped. Had he continued to pound the ground, he would of seen total victory. My people need to take hold of My prayers & stand strong. My people need to recognize that their actions or lack, thereof DO have consequences. My people need to understand that it is the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous that avails much. This can only be realized as My people will persevere & not relent. It is time that My people be as that widow I told my disciples about…she was set in her mind & would not relent…she had a goal to achieve & would not cave in or give up. My people need to be like her. For I gave this parable to show My people the way it is suppose to be. Will you now take hold of My words & walk with me? For unless you do this, you are not truly walking with Me, but on a path of your own choosing & THAT could take you of my path, unto the wide way that leads to where you should not want to go! I love you, My people…it IS My true desire that you become like Me. You cannot do that by walking out your own ways…you must do as I tell you, if you want to see results. Just remember, this prayer strategy is not to be used for a cloak of covetousness to get what you want or to get your way…it is to for My kingdom to come…it is to for My will to be done, or earth as it is in Heaven. As you will seek Me in that secret place, I will instruct you & give you spiritual guidance as to how you are to implement effective prayers. What I shared this day has only been to open your eyes to what has been lacking & to show the path that you are to follow. Those who will take hold of what I say this day & implement it, will see results. For I will show through your prayers that I have chosen the base things of the world & the things that are despised & the things that are not, to bring to nothing the things that are. This IS the hour for change to come. Change to your prayers…change to your lives…change to your community…change to your world. For I will equip you to do great things…all you have to do is take hold of what I say & run with it…as you will do this, you will see My results & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


Dear Family Of God…please be sure to take in the entire worship service, as each service is a divine expression of His message for this hour. If you only receive His words above, you will be only hearing a portion of His heart. The love & depth He has shared is greatly understood by hearing all that He has said through out the entire service.

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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