Prophetic Word – Understanding True Sowing & Reaping In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Last night’s worship service was intensely powerful! We have been told that there was some static & low volume on the audio at different times. I checked the audio & could tell there was some static, but not too bad. We will have to find out what was causing this & fix it before next week. Anyway, the Lord came in many ways to minister to us throughout the service, with prophetic words, as well as prophetic exhortation. As we have said before, just like previous weeks, you really need to take in the entire service to get the greatest benefit from all the Lord imparted. We are sharing the main prophetic word below, which indeed is powerful, but a greater context & understanding will only come by receiving all that the Lord gave during worship, as well as the ministry of the word. With that in mind, please prayerfully receive His important words below:


The Lord says: “i come to My people this day, so that you can walk in My blessing. I need you to know that i love you with an everlasting love. I come to My people this day, so that you can rise up into My true sowing & reaping, for so many of My people are deluded by vain things, thinking I am speaking only about physical blessings in this world, when in reality, I am speaking about the true blessings that come out of a true heart. I need My people to understand that the time you are in, there must be a change of heart. For so many have not dealt with hidden things of the heart & these very things are holding back My blessings & favor from many. Do not think that just because you have come to Me that all is well within you…look at your lives & see what is the truth.

For truly, I see things as they really are. I see the strife & lack of true love that many of My people still hold on to. Many will not admit this, because they are hiding behind things they are not willing to let go of. I need My people to see that how they treat others, shows the true condition of their hearts. It is time to really look within & see the truth. Listen to the words that you speak. Do you speak out of a true heart of love, to minister My grace to those you speak to? For I hear your words…I see your hidden heart. I know all that is there. It is time that My people recognize that they can no longer hide behind vain hearts that show themselves outwardly, as loving & righteous, but inwardly, they have things hidden that I say must now go!

I already have told you that you are now in a time you have never been in before. Things cannot continue as they have in the past, if you want to see My hand in your lives. I am calling My people to a new day…a day where My people will truly walk with Me. For there are still many that will not truly embrace My words & apply them to their hearts. Oh, they say they do…but in action, they do not. Can you not see that your lives continue the way they are because you refuse to surrender things unto Me? Can you not see that as long as you continue to sow things as you desire, you will continue to see bad harvests? So many are still deluded by wrong teaching, that I will just drop My goodness from Heaven, no matter what they do! This type of thinking is why My people are so powerless this day. For I told you whatever a man sows, that shall he reap! All of My people are sowing…it’s just that so many are sowing things that I do not desire them to sow.

For you cannot sow strife, hatred & an unwillingness to love & expect Me to cause it to somehow miraculously turn into something good. You will reap what you sow! It is time that you change your hearts & become like Me. For I so loved the world that I gave My Only Begotten Son. I challenge each of you to do the same…show Me your love by giving me the things that I am looking for in your lives. For those things in you are only keeping you from your greatest time in Me. For those things that you continue to hold on to…unforgiveness & being critical of others & so many other things…are only holding you back from rising up in Me. There is so much strife within My people in this hour…it is time that you realize that this is a device of the enemy to keep you from your places in Me at this time. Can you not see how much variance & division has taken hold of My people over the past many months? I need you to know this & be willing to admit your part in it…for unless you do & repent, things will never change for the better…they will only get worse.

If you truly desire My blessing & favor on your lives, you will take hold of what I say & humble yourselves before Me…you will come to Me contrite & broken, desiring Me to heal you & make you what I have called you to be. Will you be willing to do this? Will you show Me your love, by doing those things that are pleasing in My sight? For truly you must know, that whatever your response to Me is regarding this is what is truly in your heart. For your heart cannot be hidden from Me. You know that I love you…for I have given you the best that I have. It is time that you do the same & give Me the things that I am looking for within you. Time is running out. Stop cleaving to teachings & words, as from Me that only speak blessing & smooth things! You need to see that your doing this shows Me where you true heart is…for you only want to receive, but never truly give. If you love Me, you will keep My commandments…My commandments are not grievous…for I only desire good things for you.

It is time for My people to shine as lights in that dark place…but this cannot happen, as long as darkness exists within the hearts of My people…for My people still fail to see the darkness that still exists within them. Look at your hearts, My people…allow Me to show you what is not right before Me. I will help you to release & cast off of you the things that are holding you back…for there are still many things there I have My finger on, but My people refuse to see this & walk on, thinking all is well within them. They falter & faint in their faith, because things do not go the way they thought. It time that My people see things as they truly are, so that this can change. I love you…I really do. Please hear Me this day & do as I desire & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


Dear Family Of God…please be sure to take in the entire worship service, as each service is a divine expression of His message for this hour. If you only receive His words above, you will be only hearing a portion of His heart. The love & depth He has shared is greatly understood by hearing all that He has said.

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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