Prophetic Word – Standing Fast In Christ’s Liberty In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Tonight’s worship service was so awesome, on so many levels! Sadly, the enemy attacked the Live Stream & we had severe video problems, where the video would freeze, etc. Well, at least the audio didn’t freeze! Anyway, we are pretty sure that YT censored the service towards the end, as the live stream ended at 2 hrs, 22 minutes & 27 seconds…when actually the service wasn’t over for around 20 minutes later. We shared some things, that most likely caused YT to shut it off. An even stranger thing was, the laptop we use for the alive stream, also records the service as it is uploaded live & the recorded service was also cut off for some peculiar reason, we have not yet figured out. The laptop recording went 7 minutes longer, but then it stopped, as well. We think that the program we use to upload the live stream may have stopped recording because YT cut off the feed on their end, but we are not sure about this yet. With that said, what was cut off was when I read the prophetic word at the end & also the time of prayer. But, at least we can share that prophetic word here, because it was typed out before the service, as for each service.

The content of the service is still important & can be listened to, without problem…it’s just the video is frozen a lot. With that in mind, please do be sure to listen to the entire service, as there was a LOT of things that came from in inspiration, encouragement, prophetic, etc. which God’s people need to hear. Please prayerfully receive the following word from the Lord:


The Lord says: “I come to My people, as a Father that really cares for you…for I truly do love you with an everlasting love. I come to My people to sound the alarm & to wake up those whose hearts who are truly led of Me. For so many will say they are led of Me, but their actions show the real truth. Look at your world & see how you really are led! For so many are led to do things that I have called abomination, yet in your own eyes, you have sanctioned your deeds, as if I wanted you to do them. I look at man’s hearts from the outside, but also from within…for I am with you & I am also within you. But so many of My people do not do the same with Me. For I cannot dwell with you, if you are being led by fear. I cannot dwell in a place that is compromised & complacent, because of the fear of man. I have called My people to walk in liberty, but liberty is not to do as you desire…true liberty is to do as I desire.

You are in a time that requires you to take notice of these things & recognize that your liberties are being eroded by the fear of man. I told you to stand fast in the liberty that i have made you free. So how come so many have allowed the enemy to come like a flood & take your liberties from you? I have instilled My truths into you over the past many weeks, in hopes that you would take hold of them & see the error of your ways. For so many are being led to do things that I do not want them to do. How can you listen to man’s fears, when I have told you to stand fast in Me! I need you to know, your response to each of these things in life, is a clear indication of where your faith truly is. Do not think you can live this way & expect that all will be well. For I have told you that whatever you sow, you shall reap. How come so many fail to see this as real? How can so many fantasize that their actions will have no due reward?

Listen to the words I shared through My servant. Do you not know that if man tells you “flu season is coming” & to stock up on cold & flu remedies, you are literally sowing for sickness to come to you? How is it, My people can be so blind that they cannot see this? Stop being entangled in man’s yokes of bondage & start being led of Me! Can you not see that man is trying to put people under slavery? So, if you give in to what you are told, you are not being led of Me! It is time that My people begin to take action…but not as man would say, but as I say…for it is time for My people to take action by faith that is of Me. For I have told you, according to your faith, it will be unto you. You need to recognize this…things will be according to your faith actions. Just as the blind men walked in faith, though blind, their actions took them to the place that they were healed & then could see! My people need to understand that they are bringing condemnation upon themselves. For only as you walk submitted to My spirit. If you are led by self, or by man, you are not submitted unto Me. I need you to see this, because if you will see it, the truth will set you free. If you take action, according to fear, you will reap the reward of what fear will bring. So many do this & think nothing of it!

How can My people think they can sow into fear & expect faith to be reaped? This just will not happen! For what ever a man sows, that shall he also reap! If man tells you to do something, because they say something is going to happen & you do it…you have sowed something that will in time be reaped, unless you have a changed heart & repent before Me & seek Me to tear down what you have sowed. My people have been led to do so many things that I never told them to do & then when things go wrong in their lives, they wonder why I allowed this to happen, not realizing it was them that caused it! I need my people to see the time they are truly in, for this is the time leading to the end of all things. You cannot continue as you have, expecting things to be ok…for those things that are not of Me, are enmity against Me. How can you think that you are pleasing to Me, when the things that you do, are just the opposite? I desire to dwell in you at all times…but I cannot do this, as long as you will continue to do the things that pleases the enemy.

I want you to be free from the bondage of man & to walk humbly before Me in faith. So many complain to Me regarding the things they are going through, not realizing they are only reaping what they sowed. Besides this, never forget that i have told you that to be an heir in My kingdom, I said you will suffer with Me. You cannot thrive in Me, expecting things always to be without hardship. There is a difference in suffering in Me & suffering because of bad things you have sown. I need you to see this, so you can have a changed mindset. I do not desire My people to be carnally minded, for you must know that to BE so IS death. I want My people to be spiritually minded, so they can walk in life & peace.  You must take hold of what I say this day & walk with Me, for if you will do so, you surely will not be disappointed, says the lord!” END PROPHETIC WORD

Dear Family Of God…if you haven’t done so, please be sure to go back & take in the entire worship service last night, as each service is a divine expression of His message for this hour. If you choose only to receive His words above, you will be only hearing a portion of His heart. The love & depth of all He shared during the service & through the ministry of His Word will be greatly understood by hearing all that He has said.

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

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