Prophetic Word – In A Time Of Thanksgiving

Dear Family Of God,

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday, let us remember all that the Lord has done in our lives…over all the years…within our hearts…in our families & in all things. As I was praying this morning in my 3am-6am prayer window, the Lord gave me a word to share with His people. Please prayerfully receive His encouraging & liberating words of love:


The Lord says: “I come to My people in this hour to bring encouragement..I come to My people in hour to give you hope. I come to My people in this hour to remind you that no matter how things may seem around you…no matter how things appear in the natural…no matter how dark you may feel things have become…this is the day for you to remember to give thanks for all things. It is not My desire for you to be centered on your apparent hardships or struggles. It is not My desire for you to be fixated on current events. For all that you see around you is for a sign & for a reminder of WHO you ARE…& WHO’s you ARE…for I am the Lord & I change NOT!

As I see My people divided…as I see My people drawing farther & farther away from what I have told you, I now come to remind you that THIS is not where I have called you to BE. For I have called you a people of power…I have called you a people of hope. I have called you a people of faith! Even as I told you weeks ago…you cannot sow fear & expect for faith to be reaped…you must have a changed heart! So, in this day which is celebrated, in giving “thanks” for your lives & all of what that represents, I ask you to stop right where you are & remember to give thanks unto Me. For you need to realize the power that I have made available to those who will do so.

For I desire you to give thanks for all things…not just the things that you think you are to give thanks for. For I tell you now, that no matter what happens, BE THANKFUL…even in the things that appear to be bad. For I say this to help you, so you can see. Yes, you may be experiencing some bad times…but BE thankful…for things could be much more worse! That is why I have told you to be thankful for such things as you have! So, rejoice in this day that is before you & know in your hearts that “it is well”. I say these things because I desire for you to be strong in this hour. As you will be thankful for all things, you will arise in a power that the enemy wants to hide from you.

For he knows the power of thanksgiving…he knows that those who are truly thankful have power & authority, because his tactics cannot touch them. Even so, I desire you to stand in this hour, in all that I have given you over the past many weeks. For My desire is only for your good. For I know what is truly good & what is not. Sadly, so many of My people seem to think they know better than Me! But, those who have truly humbled their hearts before Me, they know of what I speak, for they know deep within the truth that they have established within them. For they stand in adversity, no matter how bad things may get & they walk & are not weary…they run & not faint!

For their hearts are set on higher things than what man would have them to be set on. I desire this for ALL of My people…for I desire My people to stand in this hour as My Mighty Army! Can you imagine a mighty army of warriors ALL giving thanks for all that is in their lives, in this hour? Can you imagine the power & authority that would be released through them? Even so, I want you to see yourselves just as THAT! For as you will set your hearts THIS day to truly be thankful for such things as you have & not allow the enemy to enter into to deceive you into “fretting & grief”, you will breakthrough into a realm of liberty & freedom that I have long awaited to come.

It is time to stand in that place of Thanksgiving, My people…it is time for you to see yourselves, as I desire to see you. For I see those whose hearts cry out to Me for help…I see those who desperately desire Me to intervene in their lives & situations. And I tell you now that as they will take their places & begin to let go of all the hurt…as they will let go of all the grief & sadness…& CHOOSE to be thankful in the midst of adversity…they will SEE change come! For the change will come deep within them & MY power will be released…MY anointing will flow forth & MY freedom & liberty will shine forth from them & no man will be able to take it from them!

Hear Me this hour, My people & know that in this time of Thanksgiving, I have set a special “feast” for My people to partake of. No, not a feast of literal meat, as at your dinner tables…but a feast of freedom & liberty as My people will take their places in Me – thankful for their lives…thankful for their families…thankful for all that they have! For in doing so, you will be sowing for your future & what you sow THIS day you will soon reap in the time ahead. So, be willing to take My words this day deep within you & respond to Me, from the love that I have shed forth on all of you…for I truly love you with an everlasting love. Do this My people & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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