Prophetic Word – Walking In True Faith In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Last night’s worship service was WOW! This is the longest service we have had since we moved from CA, over 15 years ago. The Lord came in incredible ways, mostly in prophetic songs within the time of worship & also a very powerful word, which we are sharing below. As has been for months, you really need to take in the entire service, to get the full input of all the Lord revealed. What the Lord shares below is powerful, but without the rest of the service, it is far from complete, in understanding & detail. With that in mind, please receive the Lord’s loving & life changing words:


The Lord says: “I come to those who seek Me, as a Father who seeks His children. Do you know that I do truly seek you? Do you truly know that I look steadfastly for you to come unto Me & surrender your all? For surely as I have looked, surely I have seen…but few are truly seeking Me, as I am seeking them! For I am looking for those who will follow Me no matter what is happening around them. I am seeking those who will not be compromised by what others say or do. I am seeking those who walk in true faith. Not the faith that man has taught you, but the faith that is of Me. For ‘I am that I am & I change not’!

But, so many of My people, who say they love Me, are changing more & more, but NOT into who I have created them to be. But fear & for looking at those things coming on the earth, many have taken on a faith that has given up…many have taken on a faith that says ‘the end has come’ & ‘there will be no great revival’. For truly many now believe that the tribulation has come & they no longer hold to all that I say, but have taken on a faith that is based on the fear of this world. For I have called My people to be world changers, but instead, many of My people have been changed BY the world.

It is time that My people take a step back & look at what I say & then look at their lives. For truly the faith that is of Me is real & for today. The faith that is of Me, will take you through whatever may come your way. I never promised you an easy road…I told you just the opposite! It is man that has been tricked by the evil one to hold to things that cause my people to fail. You must endure the hardships that come your way…you must stand on My word to be with you & take you through all that comes your way! I will never leave you, forsake you or fail you. Sadly, when you believe this, it is always the other way around!

For I have told you that great revival would come & it IS coming…it has already started! For while you look at your world & see chaos & confusion, I need you to see what I am doing behind the scenes. For the great protests & awakening that is taking place all over the world, is a sign to YOU, that revival has come. For this is the natural manifestation of what I am doing in the spiritual realm. But as long as you keep your attentions on the negative, instead of the positive, you may not see this or know this even exists within you. Do you not know that, his servant you are, who you yield yourselves to obey, whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

By taking the fear “faith” of this world, you have made yourselves instruments of unrighteousness. By doing so, you ARE fighting against Me! I command you to stop this & start being instruments of righteousness! Start walking in the faith that I have created…the faith that holds on to My promises until the last breath! How can you not see that running in fear that “the end is here”, you cannot see that you are fighting with the devil? You are serving him…not me! You may think you are serving Me, but your stance & your understanding & what you are doing is not of Me. How long until My people will stop listening to the evil one & doing his work?

How long until My people will stand against this evil & instead take hold of My words. For you must fight the good fight of faith…you must hold to what My word says. You must do those things that are pleasing in My sight. You think that you have received the early & the latter rain together already? This has not fully happened! For I tell you that in the time ahead, what you now seem to have, is nothing compared to what I am about to do. For I said My people are to shine as lights in a dark place. Do you see this happening yet? No! But the day comes, that My people will shake themselves free from all that does hinder them & will align their lives to Me & My word & then great revival will come.

Then will My people take their places & be who I have called them to be. My people need to stop hiding behind fantasies, that say it is all over & the world is going to start crashing down. I didn’t say this was happening yet. You have seen what I am about to do. It is time to repent of this foolish thinking & mindsets & start returning unto Me & My words. Stop being part of the problem…start being part of the answer. For I have come that you might have life & have it more abundantly, but few have truly seen this reality in their lives, as I have declared. Most who say they have, are lying…for their lives show no real evidence that this is true.

Those who are truly walking in My Zoe life are world changers! Those who walk in My true life bring other unto Christ. Where are my world changers today? Where can I find them, for I have looked & looked & few have I truly found! The truth is, that most of My world changers have already returned unto Me. Most of those who pleased Me, I have already received unto Myself. Now I am looking for those who will take their places & show the world that I AM & that My life is for them. Do not think that I do not love you…for I truly, truly do…My love for you is everlasting. I need My people to receive My words & do as I say…for time is running out for you to do so.

For this I say to encourage you & to help you in the days ahead. You really need to start seeking My face & hearing My voice, so you can obey what I show you & tell you to do. For many are making their own decisions based on what they perceive to be “right”. Many are now seeing the fruit of this & have suffered much loss. I do not want this to continue. It is time to start sowing what I say to do. It is time to start sowing what pleases me. It is time for My people to stop being AS the world & to start being AS Me. I came to this world, not to destroy the world, but through Me the world might be saved.

How is it that few truly see this & have implemented THAT reality into their lives? The great majority of My people have their lives only set on what will benefit THEM personally. I need My people to see that this IS covetousness. For I said to not look on only your own things, but to also look upon the things of others. My people really do not even help each other, as I have told them to do. Their lives are mostly just about SELF. I need My people to come back to reality…for heaven & earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away! Stop looking on the things that are temporary & start looking on the things that are eternal.

There is no reward for looking on temporary things. But saving souls IS eternal & the fruit that you will store up will yield GREATLY on your behalf…for I came to seek & to save that which is lost. You need to truly see the real condition of your hearts…for if you do not do so, you will regret not obeying Me. Stop letting the enemy control your lives & start living for Me. You are My lighthouses of the world…you are the candles on the candlesticks. If you do not start shining My light, you will soon reap the consequences, as you find out who you really ARE serving.

I love you, more than you can fathom…you do not know what I do for you, in spite of all that you carelessly do against Me & My words. But my grace is still there & you still have time to repent. Please rend your hearts & return unto Me & the faith that I have given for you. Those who will do so, will shine in this last hour. Those who will obey Me will rejoice in the day of My coming. Seek Me & take you places in Me…begin to walk in My true faith in this hour & I promise you that you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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