Prophetic Word – Truly Walking In God’s Glory In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Tonight’s worship service was intensely wonderful! The Lord shined His love to us & revealed many things that we knew not! Now, we can walk forward in expectation to see Him manifest His glory in our lives, as we do as He has said. As usual, receiving the entire service is really important to partake of all that He revealed, as there was several prophetic words throughout the service, plus prophetic exhortations, then the message He gave me to share & lastly, the wonderful word He gave at the end of the service, which we include here now:


The Lord says: I come to My people because I love them…for I love them with an everlasting love. And because of this great love, I must tell My people the truth, for My word IS truth. My people can only be sanctified by My truth, therefore My people must be willing to let go of their perception of truth as they have established it in their live & they must now take on the truth that I say, for My word has power…My word established the heavens…My word has created everything that there is! My word has the ability to take you from where you are & to place you in position to receive My glory.

For My glory has been given through My Son, as I have given Him His request, that the glory I gave Him, I would give you. And so it is My people, the time for My glory to be manifested in this last hour has come. I look for those who will be true carriers of My glory in this hour. For though there be many that desire Me to do this, there are few that have done as I pleased, so that this very thing can happen. I look upon My people & I see the desire is there…but there is no real submission to the things that must change, in order for My glory to be seen.

For truly I cannot shine My glory on you, if you have things that are hidden in your lives…for these things do hinder & keep My glory from coming. I look to the east, the west, the north & the south, for those who will be willing to tear down the hidden things. I look for those whose eyes will be opened to know the true state of the heart of man. For each of you must look at your hearts & be honest with Me…for the truth cannot be avoided. My glory will shine, as My people will truly take the veil off of their hearts. And this veil that I speak of, represents the things that My people refuse to look into.

These are the things that I am looking for within you. These are the things that I need for My people to let go of. For without this there can be no real manifestation of My glory in you. It is time that My people be willing to see things as they truly are. No longer can My people stay in the place they are in. For this is the hour of the demonstration of My glory to this lost & dying world, but so few are ready…so few are in position to see this happen. So few are truly broken & see their hearts as I see them. As long as My people will continue to hold onto their predetermined faith as they have established within themselves, this will hardly happen.

For I said you would know the truth, for the truth would set you free. This truth is not your truth…it is MY truth & My truth is unshakeable…My truth never changes…My truth never fails! But so many of My people do not seem to have this kind of faith, for when trials or tribulations do come…when situations & circumstances take hold of you, the faith you possess takes a back seat & fear sits up front & drives My people away from Me. No longer can My people stand in a faith that does this. No longer can My people try to hold onto to something that was built to satisfy the flesh. My people must now take hold of Me & My truth so they can see My glory come.

For when your hearts will truly turn unto Me, as I desire, there will be no stopping what I desire to do through you. For My people will stand in the truth of My word & their lives will begin to reflect My glory onto the lost & needy. It is time for My people to see as I see. It is time for My people to walk as I walk. It is time that My people take hold of the word of truth…not just the truth that suits you & your ways. For My ways are everlasting & My truth leads to freedom & splendor. My truth will take My people to heights they have never seen. My truth will reveal My glory & the carriers of My glory will shine as lights in a dark place.

It is time for my people to let go of all that does hinder them…it is time for my people to cast away all that does hinder My glory to come. For as My people will do as I say & stop hiding behind a faith that doesn’t please Me, but only SELF… THEN will My people know that I am the Lord God Almighty & My works shall show for themselves within them & through them. Hear Me, My people & be willing to do what I say. For I said that as you will submit unto Me & open your hearts fully unto Me, holding back nothing…then will I be able to change you into My image. Then will I be able to transform you & you will shine with the “kaw-bode”, the heavy glory & your lives will never be the same again.

Some have tasted of this very thing at times in the past…this was to SHOW you…but now My people must do what I just said so I can do what I need to do. This requires you being PASSIVE. That means that I work & you do nothing contrary to what I do. This can only happen as your hearts have truly turned unto Me. For when the heart truly turns to Me, the transformation can occur & My people will be changed from glory, to glory, even by My spirit, says the Lord. You are now in exciting times, My people…what you do in these times is up to you. You will either remain the same & go nowhere, or you will turn unto Me as I have spoken & see Me do exceedingly abundant above all you can ask or think, for My glory will shine through you. Choose My way & you that you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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