Prophetic Word – Truly Being The Light Of The World In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Tonight’s worship service was unbelievable! The lord graced us with such a wonderful time as we celebrated the coming Christmas weekend. He revealed so much during that time…throughout the time of worship, but especially during the preaching of his word & the prophetic word he gave us at the end. It is vital that god’s people take in everything that he said in this service. The prophetic word we include below gives a portion, but not the full picture. With that in mind, please prayerfully receive his incredible & illuminating words of love for us:


The Lord says: “I come to My people for a reason. I come to My people to let them know the hour they are now in. For this very month is the season that man opens their hearts more than any other time of the year. Though My Son was not born at this date, still the world, as it exists today celebrates the birth of My Son, who I sent to be the Savior of the world. The birth of My Son is the reason for the season. I come to My people to let them know that this season they have an easy opportunity of demonstrating My love, than any other time of the year. How many of My people will be willing to take their places & tell the world of what i have done? How many of My people will take the veil off of their own lives & take on the true faith that does what I have said.

For as long as you continue in your faith, which is pseudo…which is false, having only a form of godliness, you will continue to stand in the devil’s deception. For it is he that has blinded the minds of My people, so they do not believe as I have said, but has twisted My faith & turned it around so My people would live & do as they perceive their faith to be. And because of this, My Gospel has been hidden within many. Because of this, My message of truth & life has not only been kept from the lost & hurting, the real truth is being hidden from the very ones that say they love Me! For I came to show you the way that you should go…you are to follow Me!

For I sent My son to be the light of the world & as long as He was in the world, He was the light of the world. Now, it is you, My people who are the light of the world. I have told you many times before…the world can only walk in the light that you give them! How long will it take until you truly see this & recognize the problem is NOT the world? The problem is the light that the world has been shined by many of My people! As long as My people will continue to shift the blame for the increasing darkness that is engulfing the world on other things, the world will continue to get darker. Only as My people will take responsibility for their own faith…only as My people will take responsibility for their own lives, will they be able to see the truth & the truth will set them free.

Every week I come to you, bringing you truth & holding out My hand for My people to take hold of Me, but most still cleave unto their own faith, thinking all is well. I need My people to see that this cannot continue…for if it does, you will see more & more go on around you…you will also see more & more go on within your own lives. For My people cannot continue this way, without repercussions. It is foolishness to even think so! I need My people to come back to Me, as I desire…not in the minor ways they think impress Me…not in the rituals & habits that man has instilled within you…but in the ways that please Me & Me alone!

For if you will receive it, those who think that these rituals & habits are all that they need to do, I now ask you…do you want to be a Martha or a Mary in My sight? For I am seeking the Mary’s who will sit at My feet & listen to My words…I am seeking the Mary’s who obey My voice & do as I say. Good works are just that…they are good works. I am looking for the goodness of your lives, that will do as I say & please Me. I have told you before…My heart beats for souls. How many of My people have truly received this reality in their lives? So many will say they want to be close to My heart, yet very few of them will ever beat with My heart…they are too busy doing their own thing, according to their own faith.

They are not really to please Me, but only in a measure…in that which is convenient to them. It is time that My people start to truly see things as they really are! It is time that My people take hold of My word & it be real in their lives. Not just the parts that they want to keep…but all that I have given you for this time & age you are in. You are in this Christmas season on earth & the world is open to this time every year…but this year is much more special than any year before…because of ALL that is going on all around the world…people have lost hope…all over the world, people have given up on life. Many are beginning to listen to Apollyon & are even taking their own lives. It is time that My people shine the light of the glorious gospel of Christ!

It is time to take My light out from underneath the bushel of your own carnal lives & start placing it on the candlestick, far above that which you have walked in. For it is time for My people to be that city that is set on the Mountain of God. It is time for My people to be fixed there, shining My grace, love & truth to this lost & dying world. It is imperative that you do this…it is absolutely mandatory! Because if you do not obey Me & continue on in life, as usual, you will soon reap with you have sown. This breaks My heart to say this! For My people fail to see that judgment must begin at the House of God. My people do not have the luxury of living their own lives anymore. It is time for My people to be just that…MY people…those who I have saved by My glorious life & light!

Those who have taken up the Cross in life, but now have let it go, for they no longer carry My word with them as they are called to do. My people need to see the seriousness of this hour & stop looking for & holding to words from servants of God who only say smooth things. Hear me, My people…for I need you to hear this & know the truth in this. Many of these servants are sharing what I have said will come…but the problem is, they are mostly only saying the good parts of what I will do…they say little or nothing about what is needed for these things to come forth.

Always remember that you can only know in part & prophesy in part. I am giving you the part that they are not knowing, or at least, they are not sharing. What is involved with that, is between Me & them. I am telling you the fuller truth of these things, so you can navigate in this present world in victory. Victory & blessing is not going to just fall in your laps! Remember My words…stop being deceived, for I am not mocked…whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap! How can you reap what you have not sowed? How can you expect something that you had no part in? This is foolishness! This is pseudo…this is false!

It is time for My people to take a stand in life & begin to take hold of Me & My words as never before. Time is running out & I desire My people to stand on the RIGHT side in this time. I desire My people to see My goodness & all that is about to come. You can do this, as you take your places & be My lights in this hour. It is time for My people to stop shining their own faith based compromised light…it is time for My people to truly be the light of the world. Hear me My people & take My words to heart. For I am giving you ample space to do this, but I must tell you that time is running out. For each of you have an allotment of time to respond unto Me & to do what I say.

Some are already out of time & now reaping what they have sown…this breaks my heart, but these are things that My people have set in motion through the things they have sown in their lives…you all will give account for the things that are done in your lives. I do not say this frighten you, though some need fear to be instilled within them. What ever happened to the fear & trembling? It is time for My people to walk in a healthy fear of the Lord again…it is time for revival to come. Revival comes only through repentance. Hear My word, My people & begin to do as I say. Come to Me & truly come clean in your hearts. Start to see things as I see them & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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