Prophetic Word – Celebrating Christmas In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Instead of sending out a typical “Merry Christmas”message, the Lord has given me a encouraging word to share with His people at this time of celebration. May His loving & penetrating words impact each of our lives, as we seek Him in our celebrations this weekend!


The Lord says: “I come to My people as you celebrate My coming to this world, so long ago. I come with My heart & love for you all. For I came not only for you only, but for the entire creation. For My coming did not only alter things as they were…My coming also altered the things as they are today. For it is in My coming that I came & gave My all. I was born in a place, unfit for a King, but came to creation in a stable. I laid in the hay, wrapped in swaddling clothes, in a manger. Many do not realize the power & wisdom in what I just said!

For as I was wrapped in swaddling clothes, those clothes was actually grave cloths…for I was born to die for the sins of the world. I didn’t come to die just for you…I came for all creation! For My people do not understand the truth in all that I came to accomplish. For when I came, I submitted Myself unto those who I was put into their care…Mary & Joseph. I was subject to them all of those years, though I was the King of Kings & Lord of Lords! Even so, I did this to show My people the way they were to go…for My people are to follow Me!

And as I came for all creation, I came so that My people would have life & have it more abundantly. I need my people to recognize the reality of this, so they can enter into what I have done. For I left all that I had to be born in flesh. I let go of it all, so I could made in the form of man. I humbled myself & became obedient…even to the death of the cross. As My people celebrate this special time of year, I need you to understand the reason & purpose behind it. For this is a time of celebration, but it is also a time of entering into My love, in a greater way.

For as I already told you, this time of year, people are open to the Gospel more than any other time of the year. This is because of the sacredness of this hour, that even the entire creation bows to Me & what I came to do. Can you not sense My presence in everything around you as you go here or there in this time? For My Spirit is manifesting on a level that you have never seen before & those who will be open to Me & what I am doing will enter into that manifestation of My Spirit in a far greater way than just “enjoying” this Christmas celebration.

I am looking for My people to truly enter into the “joy to the world, for the Lord has come”…not just into the song…not just into the melody…but also into the Spirit that has birthed these things. For this is the time for you to arise as never before & to take your places. It is time to show the world that I AM come…it is time for you to show them that I AM…in YOU! Do not let this time of celebration pass without shining My light! Do not miss out on any opportunity to display My love to those around you…I need your love to manifest greatly!

I want My people to dig deep into their hearts & lives & to tap into My reservoir of glory that I have deposited within each of you. You may not even realize that it is there…but it is…for this has been given to you by Me, when I came into your heart of hearts. But, so many are not aware or even understanding this, because of the layers that have separated this glory from Me. Those are the layers that have covered the hearts. I know this is a time of hardship for many. I know that many have suffered much loss in this time…I know this well!

But, I also know the power of My love within you ALL! I know what My love is capable to doing in you & through you! I know this, because I experienced this Myself, as I walked the face of the Earth. For as I came, I sacrificed all that I had, to give to you, that which you could never receive on your own. I gave My all for you to LIVE! So, now I ask for you to do the same for Me. Will you give Me your ALL at this time of celebration? Will you show Me this by reaching out to someone who does not know Me…will you be willing to share My love with them?

For as so many are going to & fro in this hour, visiting, giving gifts & spending time with others, I ask that you will include Me in your celebrations. For what good is it that you celebrate My birth, if you do not celebrate the reason for MY birth? What good is it if you keep what I came to DO all to yourselves? For I came that man might have life & have it more abundantly. As I have given this very thing to you, I now need you to do the same for Me. I need you to take your places as My people & do what My people are suppose to do…not hide their talent!

My people tell Me that they are My sheep…My people look to Me lead them to lie down in green pastures. My people look to Me to lead them beside the still waters & yes, I am doing My part. Now, I need you to do your part. I need My sheep to see they are not really being My sheep…for My sheep have forgotten one very important thing. They have forgotten that sheep are to reproduce! This very thing is against nature! And in this case, against spiritual nature…for My people are only doing those things that are pleasing in their own sight!

I come to you with My everlasting love & look upon you…I desire for you to do those things that I created you to do. Will you take hold of Me & My words this day & truly do as I desire you this day? The world is looking for Me in this hour…most are not even aware of this…they just know they are looking for something. What they do not know is that they ALL have a God shaped hole in their being, that can never be filled by the things of this world. Though many will try, none are ever successful, because THAT just is not possible!

As you celebrate this Christmas season, please remember that I am the reason for the season! If you do not include Me in your celebration, you are not truly celebrating Me as you should. If you will see the truth, without Me, the celebrating is really nothing but carnality & worldliness & you know that is against My will…you know that this can never please Me! I ask you to stop & see things as they truly are & open your hearts anew. Look to Me to help you & begin to reach out to others with My love & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear Family Of God…in case you haven’t noticed, the anointing that God is pouring out has increased dramatically! I can see it easily in my life! Where the Lord “used” to give me His prophetic words maybe a few times each month, in recent months He has INCREASED to more than once a week! I am really excited, because I know we are TRULY in a powerful & special time! We need to take our places & do as He desires us to do…we must BE His sheep!

So many of His people have lived long & “grown” & are now at an age that “reproduction” is possible. It is time for those who say they are “mature” to rise up & pro-create, so new sheep can be BORN by the Spirit of Christ! I am using this metaphor to help people to understand that this very thing has hindered SO many of God’s people’s lives. I could go on & on, but you get to the point…it is time for God’s people to lead others to Christ!

May this Christmas season BE the very BEST time each of you have EVER experienced…please take hold of the Lord’s words & allow Him to move through each of you. Give HIM the greatest GIFT you can possibly give HIM…the gift of a soul led to Christ. For THIS IS what we are born to do & it should be second nature to us, but because of man’s watered down teaching, God’s people have been compromised & no longer “do” what sheep are born to do.

Merry Christmas!

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Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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