Prophetic Word – Walking Righteously In This Hour Without Offense

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

Tonight’s worship service was again intensely powerful! Our time of worship was awesome, as the Lord came prophetically several times. The message was SO revealing as to the true condition of the Church of Christ. We are sharing the word He gave at the end below, but as always please be sure to partake of the entire service, to get the greatest impact & deep cleaning He brought forth to us at this time! Please prayerfully receive His penetrating & humbling words:


The Lord says: “I come to you because of My great love for you all. I come to you to help you to walk with Me. I come to you to help you to see as I see & to walk as I walk. So many have heard the words I have spoken thru My servant & because it was not what they wanted to hear, they have rejected My truth & have taken offense, instead of humbling themselves unto Me. For I come to you by way of an everlasting love…a love that sees all & knows all. I come to you & speak the truth to you in love. But because what I say isn’t what you want to hear, you have found fault with My words…you have taken offense to the things I say.

Many will even go to great lengths to justify their own mindsets to rebel against what I say. How can you say that you love Me, but you refuse to do the things that I say? How can My people stay in a faith that is not of Me, but of the evil one! Never forget that he comes as an angel of light & deceives My people with smooth words that tickle the ears. So many of My people still hold to things that I have said not to. How can My people stay where they are & believe that their lives as right in Me? For offense has taken hold of My people…more & more as time has gone by.

Things that have been said…things that have been done…My people have allowed the enemy to pierce thru My love & compromised them into striving & arguments within their being, that destroys My love in their hearts. So many of My people are not aware of these things that have been going on in them for many, many years! But like a cancer that continues to grow, these offenses grow larger & stronger, so that My people are not even aware of them because they are so prevalent.

I said it must be that offenses will come & woe unto whom the offense comes thru, but what you do NOT know is that most offenses are only perceived by the one offended, because of hurts & trauma in their lives. Things do not go as they desire…things are perceived differently than what is real. As the enemy tricks them into taken offense in things, where no offense was ever intended or even thought of. My people need to understand that there is a difference in someone purposely doing or saying something to create offense & someone just perceive something said or done as an offense. My people need to understand the reality of what is happening…for offense is a demonic spirit.

Offense is of the enemy. Offense is not to be part of My people’s lives. For I have told you that you are to love one another. I have told you that you are to forget those things that are behind & reach forth unto those things that are before you…which are the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. So many of My people think that are doing this, but in reality, many still hold on to hurts & wrongs that I said to let go of & to walk with Me! How can My people think they are right before Me, when their lives prove just they opposite? I need you to know that offense destroys faith! I need you to know that offense separates you from Me!

I need you to know that to continue in this evil, will do you no good…on the contrary…it will only cause harm & remove you farther from Me! How often I could of taken offense in the things that I suffered…for I truly suffered many things! But so many of My people get offended by such trivial things & think that they have been severely wronged! I am calling My people to walk as I walked & do as I did. For when I was being nailed to the cross, I said “Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”. I could of taken offense, because I was innocent, but instead, I took the higher ground of love & I loved until the very end of My life on this planet!

I need My people to take hold of My words & take hold of My life & be like Me! You are entering into the time of & revival & trouble…I need you to be a part of what I am doing, NOT what the devil is doing! You cannot say you want revival, when in your heart you hold grudges & offenses. This is a contradiction! Can you not see that this very thought is of the evil one? Can you not tell that to entertain such things shows that you are not right with Me? I said to love one another. I said you could show Me your true love for Me, as you would love one another.

It is time that you stop allowing the demon of “Scandalon” in your lives! It is time that you reject every part of it & let go of the things that hold you back. So many want My healing…so many want Me to bless their lives, but so few do not even realize that Scandalon has been robbing them of the very things they are wanting in their lives! I need My people to come to themselves & see the error of their ways & return unto Me. There can be no offense in your hearts, if you truly love Me. I told you this in My word…it is time that you receive it & walk in it!

For the time is coming I will send forth My angels to gather all offense & iniquity out of my kingdom & these will be cast into my furnace of fire & there will be weeping & gnashing of teeth! My people need to recognize the truth that I am imparting this day…for so many of My people say they are Mine, but their lives show the opposite. It is time for My people to remove all offense, grudges & unforgiveness from their lives while they still can. I am coming for a people that shine as Me. The great majority of those who say they are Mine, do not shine at all…their light is compromised by hurts, grudges, unforgiveness & offense, both towards Me & also others.

So many do not even realize this exists, but I see it & know it well. And because I love you with an everlasting love I tell you the truth, so you can repent & be like Me. I need you to see that you have not truly been seeing clearly…you have only been seeing thru the smoke of pride & arrogance. You have only been seeing thru the arguments & strife you have allowed in your hearts. I told you not to judge others, but to judge yourselves, but you still continue to go the opposite of that I have said. When will you see the error of your ways, repent & turn back to Me? You need to see the truth…for only the truth will set you free!

You cannot hold on to the compromised “truth” that you have within you…it is pseudo…it is false…it is not of Me, but of the evil one. Stop listening to voices that tell you anything against another. Stop giving heed to arguments in your mind that cause you to find fault with those around you. You need to see that doing these things is not pleasing to Me…it is pleasing to the enemy of your soul! I need you to see just how far My people have fallen away from Me & then to repent of their evil ways. I need My people to walk in love & forgiveness, just as I have done for you. Only as you will do this can I work in your lives, the way that I desire. So many are wanting Me to work in them, but they fail to do the things that are necessary for Me to do so.

You cannot hold onto false things or things that offend & think that My blessing will come forth…that is insanity. And that is what the devil wants…he wants you unable to walk as I have declared. He wants you to walk as him, for he comes only to steal, kill & destroy…but I have come that you might have life & more abundantly! You can only walk in My abundant life, by walking in love. You cannot walk in grudge, offenses & unforgiveness & think that I will bless you. Please stop believing in insane things & start believing the truth of My word. For I have called you unto the truth…you cannot do this & stay where you are…you must come back to Me! Hear My heart to you, My people do as I say…know that I love you & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


The Lord’s words above do not reveal the fullness of what He has shared…He said a LOT more during the entire service, especially in the message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in the entire service to get the most impact of all that He shared! Monday Night’s Worship Services are live streamed @ 7pm CST, but if you are unable to join us live, they are recorded. You can always partake of each service at a later time by going here:

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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