Prophetic Word – Walking In His Eternal Life In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Monday night’s worship service was incredible! Again, I was amazed at everything that the Lord brought forth throughout our time of worship service, during the preaching of His word & of course, in the main prophetic word which we include below. His word’s below are powerful & sobering, but please be sure to take in the entire service when you can so you will get the full impact of what He is saying:


The Lord says: “My children, I come to you this day to help you to walk close to me. I love you with an everlasting love & it is important that you take hold of My words this day. For this is the day that you truly see Me & the eternal life that I have already purchased for you & IS IN you NOW. For so many do not know the truth of all that they already possess within them. They are so confused by man & also the things of this world. It is My desire that you know Me & My Father as we have told you…for this knowledge We speak of IS eternal life.

And as you will truly come close to Us, as We have said, you will understand the fullness & reality of THIS life that I came to earth to bring. Your life on this earth is not so you can live the way you want, taking My blessing & promises for yourselves…your life here is for you to come closer to Me, so I can use you to show ME to the world. Those who truly know Me, already know this. Those who truly are intimate with Me, know the importance of this IN their lives, for they know that I came to seek & to save that which was lost.

Now, those who have received My life, no longer live for themselves…they now live for Me. And their lives are evidence of this reality. Many say this in words, but they do not prove this by their deeds. So many take hold of Me, for their own pleasure, seeking that which I can give them. Because I love you, I will tell you what this really is…it IS idolatry! For I already have commanded you to protect yourselves, watch & guard yourselves from idols. Yet, so many of My people do not realize that much of their lives are consumed by things that take them away from Me.

Can you not see that this IS idolatry? I want you to remember that I warned you of sins…sins unto death & sins not unto death. Do My people even realize why I have said these things? Because so many that say they are Mine, practice things in their lives that do not include Me. If I am not a part of something, then that something has taken you away from Me! Never forget that My sheep hear My voice! And I know those who are truly Mine…for they always follow Me…they are on My road…they accompany Me in the journey of their lives…not the other way around.

So many want Me to follow them on their road, protecting, blessing, providing for them, not realizing that I answer your prayers according to My will. I answer prayers that fall down unto my will…not your will! As I prayed to My father on the night I was betrayed, I asked Him to enable you so you MIGHT know Him. Do you not know that this speaks of YOU making YOUR choice? My Father is not going to force anyone to know Him intimately…you really should consider what that would really imply! For He has given each of you the choice to come close & to know Him intimately.

Sadly, so many of My people show Me their choice, by the way they utilize their lives. So many put Me to the side & do what they want…so many only come to Me when THEY want. So many do not see the importance of coming close to Me, even in this hour on the earth! I need My people to understand that there is a real battle going on…and believe it or not, what is being seen in the natural, is not the true battle…the true battle is what is happening within those who say they are Mine! For the enemy is working hard to take hold of My people & to keep them distracted by whatever thing he can.

So many are being “touched” by him, in so many ways…most of which My people hardly ever see! Just as I took My disciples aside with Me to the garden of Gethsemane, even so, I am calling My people to now come aside with Me. I need you to see the true reality of your lives, as I see them. You will mostly not see them, without you coming aside with Me, because of the enemy’s hold & touch in what he has “attached” himself to in your lives. So many do not see how strong this is working within them. Many think they are in control of things, but do not realize that it is the other way around, because the proof is in the time not spent with Me!

It is time to fight the good fight of faith! For this is beautiful in My sight…this is virtuous in My sight…this is valuable in My sight. Not only to Me, but even more so IN you! It is time that you seize eternal life, as I have provided it to you…that is where the fight comes in. For the enemy is working hard to keep My people from entering into that place that I desire them to be…that place of intimacy. If he can keep the distractions coming…the problems arising…the situations increasing, he can keep many from seeing what is really happening within them.  It is important that you take what I say seriously & not allow the enemy to tell you that you are “ok”.

For I am telling you the truth. I am telling you what you need to hear…I am telling you to come close to Me. You must see that it is true intimacy with Me that IS eternal life…to know My Father & Me, Jesus Christ, who He has sent. The hour is coming & now is that many will show their true heart & continue on that road…the road that is following along with Me, or the road that goes off on their own, to continue doing their own thing. Come to me My people & allow Me to open your eyes & show you. I will help you to see things as they truly are. Come unto me & I promise yo, you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the fullness of what He has shared…He said a LOT more during the entire service, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in the entire service to get the most impact of all that He shared! Monday Night’s Worship Services are live streamed @ 7pm CST, but if you are unable to join us live, they are recorded. You can always partake of each service at a later time by going here:

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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