Prophetic Word – Walking In His Will In This Hour

Dear Family Of God,

Monday night’s worship service was truly amazing! Again I was overwhelmed by how the Lord orchestrated His message through out the service. During our time of worship, the anointing was so intense that I literally went down to the floor…but for the sake of God’s people, I refrained from the full impact of being in His powerful presence & was able to “recover” after a short time. The Lord spoke to us many times through out the service. We are including the main prophetic word below, but as always, please take in the entire service, as you will want to receive everything that He was imparting. With that in mind, please prayerfully receive His transforming & liberating words:


The Lord says: “I come to My people at such a time as this, so that you will understand the times & the seasons you are in. For as you look at your world & the things that are there, many have abandoned My will for their lives & have taken on the will of SELF. I love you all with an everlasting love & it is My desire that you walk as I walk. It is My desire that you do as I do. For I did not come to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. Behold…now that you know this, I now send you! I send you forth to do MY will…for My will is to do the will of Him who sent Me.

I need My people to see that walking in your OWN “wills” is not you coming unto Me…just the contrary! For what did My disciples do after I told them to wait for the promise of the Father? Did they do My will & wait, or did they go & do the will of SELF? Even so, so many of My people believe they are doing My will by the many things THEY decide to do. But to many, these are the things of SELF…these are the things that THEY have decided to do. For truly I make you to know this…only that which is pleasing to Me will prosper.

Only that which glorifies My Father in Heaven is pleasing to Me. So many of My people are active in many things, but many of these things are not according to My will, but your own wills. I am looking for My people to see that what is important is not their own will, to do as they please…but to do the will of My Father, for this is well pleasing unto Him. Many seek to do My will, but so many fail to do so, because so much of their lives are consumed by many other things. It is My desire to CRAM you full of the knowledge & understanding of His will.

So you will be strengthened with all might, being fruitful in all things & ever increasing in His understanding & acknowledging His will in your lives. I tell you these things because time is fleeing…very soon things will not remain the same. For there is a change in the wind & many will not know how to recon with this change. For, to many, their lives take on direction & influence by the things that they ponder to do. So many do not realize that the things they have sown in the past, having not been remembered, or repented of, will soon arise & show forth the harvest within them. Many will see things come that they never thought would happen…this WILL happen!

That is why it is imperative that My people cleanse themselves of all the sins of their past & uproot the things the enemy desires to come forth, to alter them from My plans for their lives. I challenge you, My people to take hold of My words this day & to seek Me for the changes that need to be done. For I have desired for you to stand with Me in My Kingdom, in strength & power from on high. You can not do this as I please, as long as you have things that hold you back seeded & planted within you. So many things that My people allow to remain…things of pride…things of self…things of your own wills!

So many think that they are safe & all is well, because of the portion of their lives that they have surrendered, but I tell you now, that only that which is surrendered unto Me is truly safe! Do you think that the things you choose to do, contrary to My will ARE safe? Remember what I said about what your self life really is…for it exists for a short time like a mist or vapor, then is no longer there. I need My people to understand the gravity of these things. For I do have great things in-store for those who will seek Me with ALL their lives. Those that are doing this, are seeing My grace manifest within them & thru them.

Many experience the power of My presence, as they seek to please Me. With all that is going on around you in your natural world, don’t you think it is expedient that you seek Me with ALL you are? I ask you this because it seems many do not seem to think this is necessary. So many carry on with their lives, as if nothing needs to change. I tell you these things to instill the desire to come closer to Me, for only as you come closer to Me, will things ever change. Did you get that? In other words, if your lives are not changing for the better, could this mean that it is evidence that you are not coming closer to Me?

 For My will is the good road. My will, will take you where I need you to go. My will, will accomplish all I please within you & through you. It is My will you are to seek to fulfill…not your will! So many say they are Mine, but if you will truly see the truth, you will know that only that part which is truly surrendered unto My will, is truly Mine. So much within My people is still far from Me. So much in My people’s lives are still their OWN. I do not say this to hurt you…I say this to help you & to encourage you to let go of those things that I am wanting you to release unto Me.

Do you think that you can do better with them than Me? Look at your lives & see the truth of that statement! For truly, only that which is given unto Me, is what is prospering within you & in your lives. As you will see the truth of what I say & yield to Me your lives accordingly, you will take on My will for you & you will see a great difference. I love you & tell you these things so you will be free in Me. Seek Me in this & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the fullness of what He has shared…He said a LOT more during the entire service, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in the entire service to get the most impact of all that He shared! Monday Night’s Worship Services are live streamed @ 7pm CST, but if you are unable to join us live, they are recorded. You can always partake of each service at a later time by going here:

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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