Happy Independence Day!

Dear Family Of God,

As the people of the USA celebrate “4th of July”, we recognize what the Patriots accomplished, freeing themselves from the tyranny that existed prior to signing the “Declaration Of Independence” in 1776. Today with all this is going on in our nation, as well as all over the world, we can see that in essence, history is repeating itself, just as has happened all through out Bible history. After 246 years, this nation is again at a precipice & we must take spiritual action in this hour. As I was communing with the Lord on Sunday afternoon, He told me to send out this email & then He gave me these words:


“As the USA celebrates 4th of July, 2022, My people are to celebrate their spiritual declaration. I call My people to take hold of their “Declaration Of Dependence” on Me in this hour”. For this is the time for those who are called by My name to rise up & to take their places. As I have prepared many of you…as I have worked deep within each of you, I now call you to rise up. For the time of My anointing to be released in & thru My people has come & those who will truly seek Me…those who will truly humble their hearts & lives will see ACTION arise in them in this hour.

This time is not for the weak of heart…this is time for action! For the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, but the violent take it by force. I am not speaking a physical violence…I speak of a violence that takes down the powers of darkness. The violence I speak of is what My people have been called to do…rise up & do exploits in My name. But these exploits are not the things that you take to yourselves to do…these exploits are the things that I put into your spirit to do…for as you will be led of Me, I will show you the difference of working thru self & working thru Me.

I am calling My people into action…action thru the Spirit of God! I am calling My people into power…power that only comes thru Me. I am calling My people into doing exploits…exploits that only I can accomplish thru them. As you will have an ear to hear…as you will have a heart that responds…as you will have an obedience that accomplishes My will, you will see Me work thru you & the world will begin to take notice. For as you have in times past sat in silence & inactivity, you will now arise with My tongue & be vocal & speak My words to this lost & dying world.

As you will hear Me calling into you, being instant in season, out of season, you will take on authority that you have never seen. I am calling My people to take their places & those who truly love Me will find themselves seeking Me, as never before. And as you do this, you will come to the place of My heart & you will enter into a realm that has been waiting for you for a long time. For the time has come for you to enter into the realm of God. The time has come for you to enter into the authority of God & walk as I walked on the Earth…it is time for you to follow Me.

So enter into this time of declaration of your dependence on Me, as you never have before. For surely as you will be faithful to do this & allow Me to work in your hearts, you will understand what it truly means when I say that I love you with an everlasting love. For as you take your places within Me, you will embrace My heart of love & you will walk in My power & authority, you never could before. Why do I say this? Because I must have you prepared to walk in these things. Walking in these things require the balance of My love to keep things in proper spiritual alignment.

For as you come forward into Me & receive the things I have prepared for you, you will enter into & have a stronger understanding & know why these things are so. For just as My servants asked Me, if I wanted them to call down fire from Heaven to consume those people, even so I told them they didn’t know of what spirit they were of! For God is love, so for My power to work in this hour, My servants must walk in love in a measure that will keep them truly balanced. For this is not yet the time for destruction…this is the time for revival to come, as it never has before!

So as you will take hold of these words & allow Me to guide you into them, you will see a performance thereof & My hand will be revealed within & thru you in this coming time. So be encouraged & know that all things truly do work together for your good. And many of My people will understand this truth increasingly in the time ahead. Do not allow the enemy to deceive you or trick you into going the opposite way. Stand your ground in Me…standing on the truth of My word, for as you will do these things, I promise that you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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