Prophetic Word – Returning Unto God From Our Own Ways In This Hour – Romans 15

Dear Family Of God,

This week’s Monday Night Worship service was POWERFUL! The Lord began the service with a powerful prophetic song challenging His people to truly come to Him! There was such AUTHORITY released through out the entire service. The Lord brought forth a LOT of clarity to SO many things, revealing the truth of our hearts…thru many of the night’s songs of worship! And the prophetic word He shared near the end, which we include below was truly SOBERING! The Lord is STRONGLY bringing clarity to the way things truly are, so if possible, please be sure to take in everything the Lord gave us. With this in mind, please prayerfully & humbly receive His powerful & penetrating words of truth:


The Lords says: “as the world falls deeper & deeper into chaos & confusion, I am calling My people closer to Me. Many think they ARE already close to Me, but I tell you that if that is true, why are YOU not not seeking to help those of the body, as I have commanded you to do? I speak this to open your eyes to the way things are. So many are so busy in their own lives, they do not see or care about the things of others. They are consumed by self & have missed the mark of the prize of My high calling in Christ Jesus. For you know I have told you to love one another, yet, I look down & see just the opposite!

I look into the hearts of My people & I see more hatred of others, than I see love. Many will not believe this is true, but the proof is in the works of your lives. How can you say you love your brothers, when you do nothing to show love? Love is an action…love in a deed…love is not merely words! So few are hearing My voice in this hour. So many are only hearing what they will open their spiritual ears to hear & most of this relates only to SELF. I look down & see so many of My people still holding onto the scriptures of their choosing, yet never seeing or embracing the reality that doing this IS being disobedient to Me!

How can you hold to only the words that bless you, but ignore the words that command you to bless others? I need you to see the true condition of your hearts…not holding to a false image that paints you AS being perfect, having no need to repent. Do you not know that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you are to whom you obey…whether unto sin into death or of obedience into righteousness. I need you to see POSITIONALLY, as I have given you the scriptures. I need you to see that it is THRU your sin you enter INTO death…it is your obedience that you enter INTO righteousness.

I need you to stop pretending that your lives are just as I desire them to be, for as I look, I see just the opposite. For you show Me the truth that exists in your hearts by how you treat others. You show Me just how much My words have impacted you, to become like Me. Sadly, so many are still only SELF seeking & do not see that they are still being used as TOOLS of the enemy. I call My people to come unto Me & truly begin to embrace the words of My mouth. For you need to understand that what you have been doing is standing before Me, wanting to hear from Me, yet, you do not hear ALL of the words that I say.

It’s almost as if you have put your hand over My mouth to keep Me from telling you things that you do not want to hear. For unless it is something that will tickle your flesh or promise you blessing & favor, so much of what I say is ignored. I told you that My word must be balanced in your lives, yet as I look at you, I see so many that are truly unbalanced & then they wonder why things are not going well for them. I keep hearing My people cry out for help, yet they ignore the help that I try to give them, because it does not line up with what they want to hear.

Isn’t that something…a people that tends to be deaf to the words of the one they say they love! I call upon My people in this hour & declare that change must come! Change must come to the body of Christ…good change…change that may not be what many want to see, but still it is the ONLY change that will cause My people to return unto Me. My people believe that it is the goodness of God that leads them to repentance, yet so few are repenting! I AM a good God…I AM a God that comes to help. But I cannot bring help that will only ENABLE you to continue on the path that you are presently on.

My goodness leads you to REPENTANCE. Somehow many of My people do not even understand what this means! So many think this means that I will bless disobedience. So many think this means I will bless SIN. So many think that I will just pour out blessing upon them because I AM love. But how many believe that who I love, I rebuke & chasten those to whom I have received into Sonship? How many believe that the actions of their lives truly do have consequences? Why do My people continue to do things that bring problems upon them, not realizing that they are only reaping what they have sown?

How is it that so many of My people do not realize the importance of them being sober & vigilant? How can you forget that your adversary the devil roams about seeking whom he may devour? I told you to redeem the time for the days were evil, yet so many continue to walk forward not even thinking before they take a step! It is time for the people of God to truly become the people of God! It is time for My people to put away childish things & walk with Me. It is time for My people to rise up & mature & be the Sons & Daughters of the Living God.

So many claim to BE this, yet how many of these lives are demonstrating to this lost & dying world the very things that they claim to be? I need My people to wake up & recognize that they have been lulled to sleep by complacency & compromise. I need My people to see that they are truly just like the frog on top of the stove, being warmed into sleep & approaching his death. The time you are now in is a very serious time. I need you to SEE this…I need you to KNOW this. I keep waiting for the people of God to wake up & come close to Me, yet only a small remnant are truly answering My call. Behold…I now send forth a wake up call to the people of God.

For now I will require you to be accountable for your actions. Time is accelerating & many things ARE going to happen quickly. I need you to do YOUR part to cast off the works of darkness & rise up IN the armor of light. Your lives must now take on a new dimension…that dimension where I exist in. For I have called you to be seated with Me in heavenly places, yet so few are truly there seated with Me. I need you to see that as things are WITHIN you, you are not able to truly be seated there, because the things of this world cannot exist IN heavenly places. So much is still in the heart of My people.

So many believe that they ARE right with me, yet they rise up & attack others with a heart full of hatred, not knowing that God IS LOVE! How can such a people believe they are My people, yet walk in such hatred! I tell you now, so you will truly understand that such a heart claiming they are Mine, are really only a counterfeit, compromised by the devil. It is time that My people understand this & begin to cleanse their hearts & lives of these things & truly return unto Me. So many think this does not relate to them, yet I see things as they truly ARE & I am calling ALL to repent.

Come unto Me, My people…show Me YOUR love…the love that I AM …the love that I have given. For if you do NOT demonstrate My love, who’s love are you demonstrating? Could it be that you are controlled by SELF love & cannot SEE the truth that exists within your heart? I challenge you to come before Me, with a truly open heart & see the reality that exists there. For if you would do so, your self love would be devastated & My love would arise within you & you would truly become like Me. Please surrender your lives unto Me & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the fullness of what He has shared…He said a LOT more during the entire service, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in the entire service to get the most impact of all that He shared! Monday Night’s Worship Services are live streamed @ 7pm CST, but if you are unable to join us live, they are recorded. You can always partake of each service at a later time by going here:

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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