Prophetic Word – Returning Unto God From Our Own Ways In This Hour – 1 Cor. 1

Dear Family Of God,

As you know, Monday night’s worship service was live streamed on Rumble, because we have been banned from YT for 7 days. We used our Rumble account with no problems. Tonight’s worship service went very well, as expected. The Lord came through out the service, as is His norm…He truly is bringing us closer to Him SO mightily! As always, we are including the main prophetic word He gave us near the end of the service below. The many things He released through out the entire service, as well as the words of wisdom that He dropped down into us were very powerful, so please be sure to take in the entire service. With that in mind, please prayerfully receive His powerful, loving & life changing words:


The Lords says: “for as I continue to take you forward IN My word, I AM establishing things on a different level. For SO many years, My people have taken My words & putting things together IN their OWN minds, to create a faith that establishes their OWN kingdoms WITHIN them, but rejects the truth of what I HAVE actually said. For this is the hour for My people to come forth & BE shown unto the world. The world is not looking for the kingdom that most of My people have created IN their lives, but they are looking for a kingdom that brings HOPE…they are looking for a kingdom that creates LIFE…they are looking for a kingdom that tears down the kingdoms that exist this day IN the world.

I tell you this, because if you will be honest with yourselves, you would know the truth that is within SO many that say they are Mine. For even in your beliefs, you hold to teachings of men that draw My people away from My true kingdom, into kingdoms of SELF. Many will deny this is true, but the proof is in their lives & cannot be denied before Me…for I see things as they really are! This is the hour for My people to put away their own ways & turn unto Me & My kingdom. This IS the hour for My people to rise up & show the world who I REALLY AM! So many of My people cry out to Me & ask Me why I am not doing things IN their lives as THEY desire Me to do…they do not realize that it IS their lives that are keeping Me from doing those things.

For I AM not come that you may have your SELF lives, but I AM come that you might have My life & have it more abundantly! It is sad that I must keep on repeating these truths unto you, but I do so because I love you with an everlasting love! Yes, there are those who truly seek Me…not for what they can receive from Me, but they seek Me, just for Me! So many are living their lives, thinking all is well, as they walk down the road of life, doing their own thing…not knowing that they are hiding the talent that I give them when I came into their hearts. I tell you, My people that it is time to wake up!

The time for slumber, in your OWN lives must stop! The time of SELF seeking & living the day IN your OWN life walk MUST come to an end. I continue to tell you that the ENTIRE creation IS travailing in birth, awaiting the manifestation of the Sons of God. But there is SO little response from SO many that do not enter into this time to ARISE. I want My people to see the way things truly are, so they can have a TRUE heart experience with Me. I am NOT talking about when you first asked ME into your lives…I am speaking about your continual life walk with Me.

So many do not even have a life walk WITH Me. Many will go to church one day, or possibly 2, then go back home & nothing really ever changes. Do you not know what the church gatherings are really for? They are to equip the saints to DO the work of the ministry! Yet, so many only see that going to “church” is like being part of a club, that you attend on certain dates, then continue on in your self life. Can you not see just how far SO many are from Me? Can you not discern that these things are truly not a Christ filled life, but a life filled with SELF? For I tell you in love, that My sacrifice was complete…I did My part & continue in it, as I intercede for each of you, continually at the throne of My Father.

If you could see Me doing this, you would know that My heart breaks for My people as I see them continue in their lives, almost as if I didn’t exist! For My Spirit grieves for My people to see the truth & to know the truth, for only the truth will set you free. I look on those who say they are Mine in this world & I tell you, a lot of the time, there is not much difference in them & those in the world. I am not talking about those who are truly evil…I am talking about those who are just living THEIR lives, not knowing Me. Many are “good” people…they do not steal, they do not do many things that the world does. The main thing they do not have is Me. But as I look at them, I do not see much of a difference in them & many who say they are Mine.

For many of those who say they are Mine, walk LIKE the world…they DO things like the world…they LOOK more & more like the world. I hope you are beginning to grasp the truth of the reality of the way things are. For, My people are not supposed to live their lives by seeing how close they can live LIKE the world & still stay “in Me”…My people are supposed to be separate, consecrated unto Me alone! But, many still think that being such is just for those in “ministry”! Do you not know that each of you ARE called to ministry? You say you are of “the called out ones” of Me! Can you not perceive that being IN Christ means, you have been called OUT of the world & INTO a kingdom walk in Me? I tell you these things because I deeply love you & want you to BE close to Me. I tell you these things because of the hour you are now in.

I need you to see this & respond unto Me out of your hearts. Do you not see how things have progressed in the world around you? You see the evils…you see the corruption…you see so many things, yet you still do not see how these things relate to your lives & how it is your lives that have perpetuated these things to escalate. I need My people to have a true “awakening”. I need My people to see things as they truly are. You cannot point your “finger” at the evil that exists in the world, without first pointing your “fingers”, doing a true heart searching with you so you can do what needs to be done to change the world.

You cry out to Me to fix things…you cry out to Me to bring revival…you cry out to Me to bring repentance to the world, yet you fail to seek repentance & revival first within you! I am bringing change to the way things are & those who are a part in accomplishing this in Me, will be greatly rewarded for their dedication & commitment. It is those who sit on the side lines whining & crying about the way things are that grieves Me. For these are some of the ones who ARE actually perpetuating the problem!

I know this sounds like something that you think doesn’t relate to you, but such thoughts are evidence to the contrary. For those who truly love Me will seek Me with ALL their lives. Those who truly love Me, will seek to repent in EVERY area of their lives, just because they want to BE pleasing in My sight! I am not talking about a defeatist mentality…I am talking about hearts that are truly humble before Me. I am talking about hearts that have truly become broken & contrite in My sight. For these will be used mightily in the time ahead, for they are moved ONLY by Me.

I love you all, My people & it is My desire that you rise up into WHO I have called you to BE. I want your boast to be in Me & what I am doing in My kingdom. I do not want you boasting of the things YOU are doing in your self life. I need you to see what that actually is, for you to do it! The world is desperate in this hour. So many are looking for hope, yet there are so few that will even open up & be a beacon of hope to these people. The time has come for My people to be the testimony that they say they are. Not testifying of self…not testifying of all that they possess…but testifying of My grace & love to this lost & dying world.

Will you now take your place in Me, My people & BE My vessels in this hour? I look to each of you now & tell you that you must decide. I love you all & earnestly trust that you will truly do the right thing & surrender your lives unto Me. The time for action has come…time for My people to truly BE My people. Come unto Me & let Me raise you up OUT OF your self life & truly BE walking in eternal life IN Me. Come to Me now & let Me have My way…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the entirely of what He shared during this service…He said a LOT more, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in this entire service to get the most impact of all that He shared! This Monday Night’s Worship Service was live streamed @ 7pm CST on RUMBLE. If you were unable to join us live, you can partake of this service at a later time by going here:

We will upload this service on YouTube on Sunday, the 18th, once the YouTube “strike” has been removed. We will resume Monday night’s worship services back on YouTube on the 19th, as long as we don’t have any more censorship.

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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