Revival-Fire Church Worship Live! 01-09-23-Returning Unto God From Our Own Ways In This Hour-2Cor.2

Dear Family Of God,

This Monday night’s worship service was WOW! Our time of worship was intense! The Lord came in such an anointed way…as the fire of God came down upon us. The Lord brought forth several prophetic words, as well as many words of wisdom throughout the service. Our time going over 2 Cor.2 was wonderful, as He revealed His truth to us on new levels then before! The main prophetic word that He gave for us to share towards the end of the service, as always we include below. With all of this in mind, please prayerfully receive His powerful & penetrating words of love:


The Lords says: “I come to My people to help them to walk CLOSER unto Me. For the hour for My people to RISE UP in Me has come. It is VITAL that My people take hold of My words this day & SEE the truth that is being revealed in this hour. For there are many things that are about to be REVEALED in so many ways & most of My people are not ready for this revealing WITHIN them. For I told you that 2023 was the year for My people to truly BE FREE & in this freedom that I am bringing, there will also be a revealing of the way things ARE.

For I have told you time & time again that My people are only walking in PARTIAL truth, so in reality they are only walking in PARTIAL freedom. The time has come for My people to arise from THEIR places that they EXIST in & to come unto Me & BE as I say. For as I have taken you thru My words in 2 Cor.2, I have revealed several truths that My people NEED to receive & to walk in, for as you will look at your lives, you will see that many are FAR from walking in what I have said. I need My people to RECOGNIZE this so they can ARISE up out of the complacency & compromise that still exists within them.

Many cannot fathom why I continue to say this, yet I have told you things this very night to OPEN the eyes of your understanding so you can see as I see & walk as I walk. For I ask you, is the odor of My intimate knowledge being MANIFESTED thru you where ever you go? This needs to be APPARENT to you, for it IS an indicator of what is really WITHIN you! I told you that those who truly are CLOSE to Me will continually actively SPEAK, as being in front of Me, IN MY presence! This statement will show you the truth that exists within your lives, for as you will SEE yourselves in TRUTH, you will know what needs to be done.

Do you not know that you ARE in MY presence at all times? I never will leave you or forsake you, yet you knowing this, do not seem to understand that since I am with you at all times, how come you are not with ME at all times? I need you to see the truth in the way things are. For I am looking for a people that are CLOSE to Me. A people that HEARS My voice at all times & STAYS UNDER Me & OBEYS what I say. So many think they are doing this, yet in their lives they will say they are being LED of God, but rarely are truly led by what I say to them. Mostly they are led of SELF to do only those things that are convenient to them.

I share these things because I love you will an everlasting love & I desire for you to be close to Me. So many say they desire to BE close to Me, yet few will rarely do what is necessary for this to be a REALITY in their lives. I am not a God of your choosing, that you “call up” when you need Me. I am THE God who created ALL things & you are Mine, for you were bought with a price! So many claim My victory in their lives, yet do not truly see the basis for My victory to MANIFEST. For I said that I lead you in triumph, yet so many do not SEE that the reality in this is, that I conquered your SELF LIFE on the cross & I now lead you as a prisoner.

Many cannot grasp this reality, yet some do & these walk in My power & great authority. Paul was such a one, who wrote these words you received this night. He knew what it meant to walk in my triumph, for he was My captive & he DECLARED this many times in epistles. I need My people to see the truth in their lives, that you ARE NOT your own, for you were bought with a price. How can you enter into My victory & authority when you refuse to submit to My triumphing over you? These things are not that difficult to understand…they are just not what many want to receive because it goes against their own self made belief systems that man has instilled within My people. In 2023 I am going to bring FREEDOM to those who truly desire to BE free IN Me.

For true freedom, is not to be free to do as YOU please…true freedom is to be free to do as I please! As you will recognize the truth here, you will arise into a new paradigm that will enable you to do exceedingly greater than ever before. Because, before you were LIMITED by self, but as you will come out of that pseudo mindset & enter into the mindset of ME, you will arise to a greater walk than ever before. There is much that is about to be revealed in this year & many of My servants are now HEARING more of what I am saying, for they are now hearing a DIFFERENT part then before. For so long, most of My servants have only spoken one part or a few parts. But now many are RISING UP into hearing a MORE balanced truth of the way things truly are.

And in this they will instruct My people to rise up out of where they have been & to enter into that place that I have prepared for them. 2023 will be the year that My people enter into TRUE freedom & much of this freedom will come because they are entering into the MASSIVE revealing that is about to come. For in 2023 I desire My people to SEE! For so long most of My people have only seen in shortsightedness or with “blinders” on, but now I am causing My people to WIDEN their vision to see things MORE closely to the way things REALLY are. This is going to cause many ANXIETY, because their faith walk is being challenged in ways they have REFUSED to address.

And because of this there will be a true PURGING within My people, for they will HAVE to make decisions that they have never considered before, but this will be NEEDFUL & NECESSARY in the time ahead. Come to Me, My people & allow Me to show you a BETTER way. For so long many of you have walked a life that was very MINIMAL in the reality of “Me within you”. Oh, yes, many will say that I am in them, but I am going to show the truth in this reality as times goes forward & the truth will cause many to have to REEVALUATE their “faith walk”, because the time has come for My people to SHINE in this world! Look to Me to lead & guide you.

For this to be a CONSTANT, you will need to stay closely ATTUNED to My voice. In order to do this, you will need to shut off the DISTRACTIONS. You will need to purposely seek & find me IN your lives, because of all that has TAKEN you away from My closeness. I desire a people that will walk close to My heart…not desiring to please self, but who truly desires to please only Me! As you will look within your hearts you will HEAR what I am saying & then you can do YOUR part to come closer to Me. Hear My words this day & walk in them, seeking that true closeness with Me & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the entirety of what He shared during this service…He said a LOT more, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in this entire service to get the most impact of all that He shared! This Monday Night’s Worship Service was live streamed @ 7pm CST on YouTube & will be uploaded to RUMBLE later. If you were unable to join us live, you can partake of this service at a later time by going here:

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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