Revival-Fire Church Worship Live! 01-23-23-Returning Unto God From Our Own Ways In This Hour-2Cor.4

Dear Family Of God,

This Monday night’s worship service incredible, but we did have some technical “attacks” happen. At the very beginning of the service, the Lord brought forth a beautiful prophetic song, but somehow there was an audio problem & it took many minutes to resolve, so we are unable to share that word, as it wasn’t recorded. The enemy really doesn’t like the impact we are making on his kingdom & we continue to fight the good fight of faith against the powers of darkness. We are also still dealing with an “echo” effect happening with the audio, which seems to happen at various times. The audio in the church building has no issues, so it seems to be something going wrong in the live stream equipment. I will be trouble-shooting this again this week, so please pray the Lord shows us what it is so we can fix it! Even with the issues along the way, the worship service was wonderful. The anointing of God was SO intense, He struck me several times during worship, as well as a few times towards the end of the service. He is awesome! Anyway, there are a lot of prophetic words & words of wisdom that came forth, so be sure to take it all in when you can. The main prophetic word towards the end of the service was really important! With all of this in mind, please prayerfully receive His powerful & penetrating words of love:


The Lord says: “I come to My people in this hour to help them to SEE things as they truly are. For as you HAVE been looking, you HAVE been seeing things as they REALLY are, more & more. And I tell you that THIS is just the beginning, for the time ahead, so much IS going to be revealed & many of My people will not know how to take what they ARE seeing & hearing in this hour. For so many have been CAPTIVE by well meaning teachings & doctrines, as I have said, which has limited My people & even CAUSED them to be “handicapped’. Handicapped, you say? I tell you that many of My people cannot even GRASP what that means.

For so many CANNOT see past there OWN mindsets to understand the truth that is WITHIN them. So many still hold on to their SELF life “faith”, that limits them IN Me. So many are still CLINGING to things that have little or nothing to do with My kingdom…for most of the things in their lives have only to do with SELF. I tell you these things because I love you with an everlasting love & I desire you to BE like Me. For I am calling My people unto Me to see Me as I AM, so they can see THEMSELVES become like Me. For even in this night, as you have gone thru My word I have shown you the way things are SUPPOSED to be.

So many cannot fathom the DEPTH of what has been revealed in this night, for THEIR mind’s eye stays FIXED on that which is temporary. So many do not see that the things that are temporary REALLY have no context in the lives of My people. For this PRESENT life, is not the life I have for you…for the life I have for you is ETERNAL. And those who recognize this & have entered INTO doing their part in activating My word within them KNOW what it means when I say this is NOT the life I desire you to live. For to live IS Christ, to die IS gain. But I am not literally speaking of you killing yourselves…I speak as a METAPHOR to help you to see that you must do your part to DIE TO SELF.

For truly, you cannot enter into My kingdom as I desire unless you WILL do this. For My kingdom will NOT be compromised with the things of the flesh. I have called you to walk IN the spirit, so you must walk as I have told you…not the way that YOU desire. In the time ahead I will make more & more things apparent to My people…those who will be WILLING to see things as they truly ARE. Some will NOT enter into this, by their own choice, because they cannot SEE the truth in what I am saying. Sadly, these will fall back into things NOT of Me & they will reap their reward. But I am calling My people OUT OF darkness, INTO My marvelous light.

Light CANNOT exist in darkness. Light DISPELS darkness. For where ever darkness IS, when light comes, darkness FLEES! I need My people to SEE how simple these things REALLY are, for in such a simple statement, you CAN see the reality of the way things are. For if you go into a dark room & TURN ON the light, the darkness FLEES! I am calling My people to SHINE in this hour, more than EVER before. I need you to see that just because you are walking in a MEASURE of light, that does not mean that you do not need MORE! For even as I have told you the story of how my servant LOOKED at the living room carpet & JUDGING by the light that was ALREADY shining.

He didn’t SEE the need to vacuum, yet I told him to OPEN the curtains, so he could TRULY see. That day CHANGED his life, for he BEGAN to see things as they TRULY are! I tell you these things because I am BRINGING My people INTO understanding that the light that presently EXISTS within them does NOT mean they do not need MORE light. I need My people to understand that because of what the enemy has done WITHIN My people over the past 20+ years, My people have descended INTO a darkness they have NOT even recognized. So many believe that this is not true, but I tell you that it IS!

I need My people to KNOW this IS a reality within them & THEN take the steps forward that are necessary to EFFECT the changes I desire within them. In the coming days, many will have the OPPORTUNITY to see things in a CLEARER light than ever before & they WILL rise up OUT OF that darkness, INTO My marvelous light, for My glory WILL manifest WITHIN them & they WILL display the truth of Me WITHIN them to this lost & dying world. For IN this manifestation many will SEE the truth of what has existed WITHIN them & they WILL take part in the changes that are NECESSARY to walk with Me as never before.

As My people WILL begin to see the reality of what it means to be Mine, they WILL understand that just as I came not to BE served, but TO serve, even so will these BEGIN to rise up IN Me & DO as I have done. As My people take hold of THEIR PART of BEING servants, I will arise WITHIN them & they WILL become My demonstration TO this world. I am looking for those who WILL hear My voice in this hour & DO as I DESIRE. For as you see the PRESSURES in life…as you go THRU adversity & problems, will these keep you FROM entering INTO this place with Me or will you SEE the truth & KNOW that these things are only allowed for the INTENT of helping you to BECOME more like Me.

I am NOT looking for men-pleasers. I am NOT looking for those who want their “ears tickled” or their “flesh appeased”. I am looking for those who TRULY love Me & will lay down their lives, AT My word. I am looking for those who WILL raise up My banner of righteousness & WAR against the powers of darkness! Will you take hold of Me & My words in this hour & BE My weapons of war against the powers of darkness? I await the RESPONSE of your hears as you walk forward with Me in this hour. Come to Me as I desire & you will NOT be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the entirety of what He shared during this service…He said a LOT more, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in this entire service to get the most impact of all that He shared! This Monday Night’s Worship Service was live streamed @ 7pm CST on YouTube & will be uploaded to RUMBLE later. If you were unable to join us live, you can partake of this service at a later time by going here:

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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